DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

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  1. Lorena Maldonado Gomes

    Lorena Maldonado GomesVor 9 Stunden

    Yomsa bem que

  2. Angelina Fox Jolie

    Angelina Fox JolieVor 11 Stunden

    Best Rihanna

  3. TheCrazyGamer TR

    TheCrazyGamer TRVor 15 Stunden

    Finally found it

  4. Thomas Pradipta

    Thomas PradiptaVor 18 Stunden

    santana's original is better

  5. albuchi

    albuchiVor 18 Stunden

    Maria mariaaaa

  6. notdatpal

    notdatpalVor 19 Stunden

    I searched Wa Wa Wa song lmaoo

  7. Victor Wlisses

    Victor WlissesVor 22 Stunden


  8. Sentosa

    SentosaVor 23 Stunden

    Santana of the gods

  9. Kálmán Németh

    Kálmán NémethVor Tag

    Just love, how DJ Khaled is the least important part even of his own music

  10. نَوَرَيَ الُرَشِيَدِ ْعثُمٌانَ

    نَوَرَيَ الُرَشِيَدِ ْعثُمٌانَVor Tag

    ْعجْيَبّ لُكِنَ

  11. SinD row

    SinD rowVor Tag

    By this time was the fenty body lava released?? Cause her skin is glowing like she just applied it

  12. Walter Mercado

    Walter MercadoVor Tag

    i know he made the video but nobody wants to see him in the video.... echo " dj Khaled"

  13. Tacio Pereira

    Tacio PereiraVor Tag

    Musica- wild wild thoughts Eu - ua ua ua fotes

  14. Sashana Bartley

    Sashana BartleyVor Tag

    They slayed this song

  15. Smite sGEN

    Smite sGENVor Tag

    there goes my heart.

  16. Danny Hanley

    Danny HanleyVor Tag

    I can take it. No for real though of still listening to Rehanna though.2018 ✌ like to 2019.

  17. Sashana Bartley

    Sashana BartleyVor Tag

    Memba mi get it on the first day

  18. vitória lari

    vitória lariVor Tag

    Adoro essa musica

  19. The Minecraft Beatle

    The Minecraft BeatleVor Tag

    Oh maria maria🎶

  20. selky centeno

    selky centenoVor Tag

    Wild Thoughts 2019

  21. Eh Dois Trabai

    Eh Dois TrabaiVor Tag

    Does rihanna ever owns a bra?

  22. Josue Velez Huerta

    Josue Velez HuertaVor Tag

    This shit was hotter then a mutha fucka this summer : )

  23. Maria Sanz

    Maria SanzVor Tag

    I think Rihanna is lazy to speak English xD

  24. Gary Howell

    Gary HowellVor Tag

    Yep...she got the goods

  25. Singing With Anxiety

    Singing With AnxietyVor Tag

    *I know that no one will care but I covered "Stay" by Rihanna and few more songs. I hope you can check it out and let me know what you think :) and if you subscribe I would be one step closer to my dreams!*

  26. JU LR

    JU LRVor Tag


  27. Mimai Uehara

    Mimai UeharaVor Tag

    Me when I heard this song on the radio: “hmm who produced this song?” Radio: “WE DA BEST MUSIC!!!” Me:” op never mind “

  28. mundo do Trap

    mundo do TrapVor Tag


  29. Nuke Motley

    Nuke MotleyVor Tag

    can you please do more.songs pls i love you we will love it

  30. Ethaniel Clyne

    Ethaniel ClyneVor Tag

    So..... What does DJ Khaled do?

  31. Chris Minaj

    Chris MinajVor Tag

    I wonder how horny Rihanna was in this video

  32. Rashid Elshaheibi

    Rashid ElshaheibiVor Tag

    those tits

  33. 100001 girl

    100001 girlVor Tag

    Fenty right there

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    XXX Xnxxx sex sexy video sexy bhabhi devar sexVor Tag

    Another one DJ Khalid again took credit of Rihanna Likebif you agree

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    XXX Xnxxx sex sexy video sexy bhabhi devar sexVor Tag

    October?? Like If yes

  36. Sudenaz Kuvvetli

    Sudenaz KuvvetliVor Tag

    Rihanna made better this klip (khalid is like cant dance🤦🏻‍♀️

  37. Maria Puche

    Maria PucheVor Tag


  38. Amanda Garcia

    Amanda GarciaVor 2 Tage


  39. Lucky Charm

    Lucky CharmVor 2 Tage

    I always watched this vid many times but just now i obviously know she has no bra. Bad english sorry

  40. Miss Fe

    Miss FeVor 2 Tage

    Damn! I'm addicted to this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Geometry Dash PC 2.113Vor 2 Tage


  42. Bianca

    BiancaVor 2 Tage

    queria ter os peito durinho da Rihanna

  43. CherryPac

    CherryPacVor 2 Tage

    Khaled a foo.

  44. wofbark slime

    wofbark slimeVor 2 Tage

    October 2018??? Anybody?

  45. rpm Koekoek

    rpm KoekoekVor 2 Tage

    sexy lady

  46. Gabriel Guerrero

    Gabriel GuerreroVor 2 Tage

    Okay but Bryson went hard on this

  47. Junior Godinez

    Junior GodinezVor 2 Tage

    I LOVE Rihanna 😍




  49. Victor Monteiro

    Victor MonteiroVor 2 Tage

    Make a ft with jb Rihanna, But khalled need part too 💕💕

  50. JannahTulFirdaus Jannah

    JannahTulFirdaus JannahVor 2 Tage