Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Lawmakers often reshape voting districts to shift the balance of political power. That's unfair to voters, even those of us with questionable judgment.
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  1. t o

    t oVor 16 Stunden

    So Mulaney was right

  2. Amanda Zayas

    Amanda ZayasVor 5 Tage

    This taught me more than my AP Gov teacher did

  3. SeraphinaAizen1

    SeraphinaAizen1Vor 8 Tage

    Everything I hear about the Republican party convinced me that they're a collection of cartoon villains, who are so TRANSPARENTLY evil and immoral that I have no idea how they can be considered a serious political party over there.

  4. Ottyguy

    OttyguyVor 9 Tage

    Damn, how'd he know i was cracking and packing

  5. Simon Dewitt

    Simon DewittVor 9 Tage

    Why do we even need the house of representatives? Back in 1776 it made sense, but I have a device in my hand that can contact everyone else in the world. Who else represents the people better than the people. Hold open meetings via Skype or whatever and then have the people vote on the topic.

  6. eric h

    eric hVor 11 Tage

    a good use for computerization - also get money out of politics

  7. Jack Hughes

    Jack HughesVor 14 Tage

    A good way to at least START would be elect members to the house proportionately e.g. lets take Missouri's 8 congressional districts, each party chooses 8 potential representatives who campaign across the state. Come election day the republicans take 5/8 of the vote, the state party gets to choose 5 representatives, the democrats 3. I appreciate the criticism is that this doesn't allow for the voter to choose their representative directly but for the majority of US history neither did the electoral college in the beginning (not until the advent of pledged electors) but it would be a way to sidestep the issue of gerrymandering which is important. That being said I think the problem is that ultimately the US is broken, the original 13 states had a combined population of a quarter of modern day New York city, NOT the state, the city. The distance between the electorate and their representatives, along with the increasing centralization of government is growing to the point where the system just doesn't work anymore. This exacerbates the fact that generally speaking America is not one country (culturally) but at least 5, maybe even 6.

  8. Shuaguin

    ShuaguinVor 15 Tage

    To tell the truth this a political tool used in many country. Redrawing administral et voting districts is an old trick. In my country though it need strong majority in the assembly and will have to under the scrutiny of the opposition. Some party may then come en board in exchange for distric arrangement in their favor. With data collection this may become more and more an tendencie.

  9. Jarid Gaming

    Jarid GamingVor 15 Tage

    America is a fake Democracy

  10. Jean Petit-Frere

    Jean Petit-FrereVor 18 Tage

    I think he met his quota for dick jokes

  11. Andethidial

    AndethidialVor 18 Tage

    14:20 im sorry I don't get it. Why is it better to racially devide people in districts?

  12. Andethidial

    AndethidialVor 10 Tage

    +Ryan Massie thats part of the problem. Even you think that race is related to their interests and needs? With good intention and meaning or not...that is racism

  13. Ryan Massie

    Ryan MassieVor 10 Tage

    It's bad when your suppressing a races vote but it was done there to make sure they would have a representative which has the same interest (basicly the same race) to promote policy which they think are good rather than having to juggle Hispanic and African American intrests in two combined districts.

  14. joseph barovich

    joseph barovichVor 18 Tage

    @ 14:05 gerrymandering is ok as long as its racist.

  15. AllThatFall ShallRiseAgain

    AllThatFall ShallRiseAgainVor 25 Tage

    So Republicans do believe in science, as long as gerrymandering is considered a science.

  16. Mediatech492

    Mediatech492Vor 29 Tage

    He's right.

  17. Ari The supernatural gay

    Ari The supernatural gayVor Monat

    We had to learn about gerrymandering in my civics class, but I’m probably the only person who actually payed attention because we were only required to write the definition and move on. My dad was surprised when I brought it up saying “ isn’t this illegal, it sounds illegal”. When I talked about it someone literally said “ that isn’t a thing, shut up.” That was the only other kid to get an A on the quiz

  18. GSDGD

    GSDGDVor Monat

    two words: Rotten Boroughs.

  19. Poldovico

    PoldovicoVor Monat

    The US should try representative democracy sometime, or as I like to call it, democracy.

  20. Derp.

    Derp.Vor Monat

    Um.... Cities are more Democratic. Rural areas are more Republican. Cities also have more population which is where you get the high percentage. This is so easily explainable

  21. Ryan Massie

    Ryan MassieVor 20 Tage

    But every district needs to have a similar population so there would be more districts in the cities compiared to rural areas to account for more people living there, look at NYC compared to upstate New York.

  22. Italian Memes

    Italian MemesVor Monat

    The biggest gangster is the US Government

  23. granskare

    granskareVor Monat

    it happens in Illinois. In Iowa they do a great job. In Ill, we had a district drawn on a thin line to Decatur from the Quad Cities.

  24. McNuggets

    McNuggetsVor Monat

    Roses are red, violets are blue... *Read more*

  25. date street flyers

    date street flyersVor Monat

    luv ya but... hey gerbil, we are a republic, glass cleaner... 🤣

  26. Doomdoom Tv

    Doomdoom TvVor Monat

    were in the endgame now

  27. Colbie Waller

    Colbie WallerVor Monat

    lmao republicans don't believe in science?

  28. Charles Grimm

    Charles GrimmVor Monat

    1:51 you bastard! I love strawberry and that is heaven!!! XD jk. Love your show John Oliver!!!

  29. Rhphoenix5 5

    Rhphoenix5 5Vor Monat

    Just do what we do. Representation by population. Easy fix.

  30. Robert Martin

    Robert MartinVor Monat

    When are we going to admit that Republicans are a bunch of spineless Benedict Arnold wannabe traitors and force the dissolution of the party? Seriously, these shitheads can't win, so they fuck with things until they can't lose. They're not patriots, they're fascist assholes that can't handle the idea that people are allowed to disagree with them, even in a Republic. What they want is a theocratic republic, which is basically the opposite of the system laid out in the Constitution they seem to have a permanent fucking chub for.

  31. Diane Benzler

    Diane BenzlerVor Monat

    I am not laughing about this. Valadeo and Nunes thought it was a great idea to gerrymander people like me out of their districts. Nunes won, nut not the other guy. I think the voter is getting tired of being treated this way. I am still a proud Democrat, and the Republicans can get over it!

  32. Stonehouse Guitars

    Stonehouse GuitarsVor Monat

    Get rid of the US Census, and you don’t have this problem.

  33. Nicholas Thompson

    Nicholas ThompsonVor 28 Tage

    Stonehouse Guitars Census is required every 10 years by U.S. Constitution

  34. André / Pyroghoul

    André / PyroghoulVor Monat

    1:55 *slowly raises hand, then lowers it again realising that request to "keep the chocolate relatively dense as well," went unheard.

  35. Evan Barnes

    Evan BarnesVor Monat

    At this point, the seemingly only goal of the Republican party is to erode or democracy and grab power by whatever means necessary. This is starting to feel like a coup, or a civil war that hasn't yet reached the point of open armed conflict. They don't have policies of their own that they think will be good for citizens in general; all of their efforts are aimed at benefiting themselves. And they deceive their supporters into voting for representatives who will only do them harm. For some damn reason, poor people in rural areas overwhelmingly support Republicans, even though they are the people for whom Republican policies are the most harmful. We need to wrest power from the hands of the Republicans. Honestly, with the way they deny climate change and work to repeal laws protecting the environment, Republicans pose an actual existential threat to humanity. Our world is ending because of climate change, and Republicans are trying to make it happen more quickly. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that many of them are evangelical Christians, ego think that the end of the world is a good thing because they believe it would mean they get to go to Super Happy Place and meet the Sky Wizard.

  36. Skeptical Chris

    Skeptical ChrisVor Monat

    14:00 funny seeing Oliver defend race based gerrymandering. Its almost like Latinos should be put together, because according to their skin colour, they must all think and vote the same way, and apparently according to him, so do blacks.

  37. Michael Van Heemst

    Michael Van HeemstVor Monat

    John Oliver makes my ears bleed

  38. Hemperor Kush

    Hemperor KushVor Monat

    No matter which way you slice it it's voter suppression to me. Ur not following the will of the people! The electoral college needs to be abolished as well as gerrymandering.

  39. Nicholas Thompson

    Nicholas ThompsonVor 28 Tage

    What would your solution be?

  40. Luna Lovegood

    Luna LovegoodVor Monat

    Gerrymandering is peak American Democracy --- nasty, underhanded moves that undermine our Democracy

  41. a cat named Beef

    a cat named BeefVor Monat

    Why don't they just abolish the Electoral College and let every single vote from every single person count? Then you wouldn't have to draw maps at all.

  42. Ryan Massie

    Ryan MassieVor 20 Tage

    This is for the house of representatives not presidential elections

  43. Benyamin Yisrael

    Benyamin YisraelVor Monat

    I take strong objection to the subtle inferences of sexually suggestive commentary not relevant to the topic. It is not funny, it is an attempt to desensitize the viewers to traditionally abominable behaviors. demoralizing our new generation and feeding a depraved segment of societies. This type of so-called comedy will be the downfall of nations.

  44. Home Grown

    Home GrownVor Monat

    Another idiot paid for Liberats!

  45. Sarah Cridelich

    Sarah CridelichVor Monat

    Alot of democrats live packed together in cities. That might explain part of the reason some states have so little areas in blue. My parents own over 30 acres. That chunk of land represents only 3 voters (my bro lives with them.) In a big city 30 acres could house thousands. I'm not saying gerrymandering should be allowed or that it isn't happening all over the country but just looking at the maps won't give a good idea of how fair the lines are drawn. We should have a truly politically independent (non-politician) draw the lines. Edit: I wrote that before I watched the end where they pretty much said the same thing.


    MIKEAUSTVor Monat

    In Australia we have compulsory voting. When we turn, 18 we are automatically enrolled to vote. We have a non political Electoral Commission that draws up the map on population numbers from the census. We have to vote for State and Federal elections and can choose to vote in Local Council elections. If we don't wish to vote we just pay a $20 fine.

  47. Ike Hennessy

    Ike HennessyVor Monat

    I love the grandma

  48. Bezelboot665

    Bezelboot665Vor Monat

    @17:53, This Britt makes me proud to be an American 👏👏👏👏❤🌈🦅🌝

  49. brian mcintyre

    brian mcintyreVor Monat

    What part of democracy does't America understand?

  50. Emily Hoang

    Emily HoangVor Monat

    everyone's racist grandma is so adorable

  51. TheGreatRakatan

    TheGreatRakatanVor Monat

    Of course both parties do it. If one didn't do it, the other would just steamroll them. That's why it should not be partisan at all.

  52. LeonhardKolb

    LeonhardKolbVor Monat

    All this talking about how the districts should be drawn and where people should live....just change the broken system and get a true democratic system where every vote directly goes to the party, like voting for a list of representatives per state instead of single districts.

  53. James Reynolds

    James ReynoldsVor Monat

    Mr. Oliver is doing a masterful job as public Political Science teacher...especially since conservative Republicans have managed to eradicate Political Science from almost all public school curriculums. Thank you John. And he's also doing a fair job of providing American and World History lessons for us all, too. Growing up in the '50s and '60s I came out of the best public education system EVER, replete with social studies, political science, and history classes...which you had to pass (i.e., study and understand) to make it to the next grade. Bringing back such more comprehensive classes as part of public education in America might just save us from the oligarchs who seem to run everything now.

  54. Stomp City

    Stomp CityVor Monat

    That should be illegal! Politicians shouldn't be permitted to draw districts...ever!

  55. natkatmac

    natkatmacVor Monat

    I never realized how fucked up this big ol' community was until the end bit.

  56. EloquentTroll

    EloquentTrollVor Monat

    The house of representatives needs to be a proportionally representative body, not a regional body.