Hurricane Michael leaves neighborhood underwater

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New video out of Mexico Beach, Florida, shows a glimpse of the damage from Hurricane Michael.

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  1. Ta ha

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    I know how to stop the hurricanes.

  2. Ta ha

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  4. Andreas Schmidt

    Andreas SchmidtVor 8 Tage

    The arrogance of men is thinking nature is in our control and not the other way around.

  5. Sensei Kurt

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    How much CO2 is currently in our Atmosphere? a) 10% b) 16% c) 21% d) 78% e) None of the above - After you pick an answer look up and see if you are right!

  6. computerlover1991

    computerlover1991Vor 28 Tage

    I'm from southern California. Eventually we will get hurricanes like this. They are creeping northward on the Pacific coast.

  7. AbsintheMoon XIII

    AbsintheMoon XIIIVor Monat

    As a survivor of this storm I will tell you it is absolute chaos here. There are roughly between 10,000 and 15,000 people without homes right now. FEMA has not delivered any trailers yet and it has been raining. Every time it rains, there are thousands of people in my city sitting in a tent getting soaked. Many are still without power and water. Children walk to school only to return to a wet tent or to houses deemed unlivable. Most of the schools are destroyed. Looters run rampant and people with damaged homes have to sleep with one eye open. After the storm it was 90+ degrees and there was no relief. In Florida it is humid and everything outside is extremely damp by morning causing black mold to spread like crazy. If there is anyone out there that can help, please do! My people need homes. This area is already over 75% under the poverty line to begin with and now its even worse. We need the FEMA trailers badly. Children need a safe place to sleep at night. Parents should not have to stay up all night with a shot gun watching over their sleeping family in a tent.

  8. Pat Earl

    Pat EarlVor Monat

    Why relive this....cant get thru it

  9. vMoonStar

    vMoonStarVor Monat

    Which hurricane is stronger? Katrina? Micheal? I think both was very strong. Like if you agree if you think that they were both very strong hurricanes.Comment your own opinion! 😁

  10. David Vaughan

    David VaughanVor Monat

    Natl hurricane center screwed this hurricane prediction up! I think they didnt want this storm to officially become a cat 5 storm because they predicted 125wind storm, this storm had over 155mph winds, PERIOD HURRICANE CENTER, CALL IT A GUST BUT OUR WIND anemonator broke at 170, it was supposed to measure 200mph, it was purchased originally for mt washington and my work there, but just watched a 2 day out prediction of 120mph storm! WAY OFF!

  11. Will White

    Will WhiteVor Monat

    We rode out the hurricane and we got power just like 3 days ago

  12. SJ336

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    00:05:10 maybe put up a neon sign "GO BACK!!!"

  13. Alexander Harnar

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    In the modern world where: Stress, Anxiety, Fear, & Sadness consumes our lives...In a world where dust and ashes fill the air and a world where a river of blood flows through the streets (refers to Hurricane’s and Gun Violence)......2018.........In the most darkest, most pitch black, era in my black soaked heart 🖤....... I see a beautiful universe.... and brilliant people rising from this abyss.....I see the lives for which I laid down my life peaceful, useful, prosperous, and joyful. I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts, and in the hearts of their descendants our generations . It is a far far better thing that I do than I have ever done....It is a far far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known....This is for all you people out their either struggled and heartbroken out their...stay will get better....Peace ✌️

  14. Noble Sir Knight

    Noble Sir KnightVor Monat

    I was ten when this storm happened. I am forty seven now but i can still remember the sound of the wind like lost souls howling. Praise Jesus H Christ.

  15. GooglR Ratings

    GooglR RatingsVor Monat

    I thought in America everything is "Military Garade" I guess this doesnt apply to their cheap houses build of twigs and paper.

  16. Joe Masello

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    I had been free rv camping in the Apalachicola national Forest and left at the first mention of the storm coming my way. I knew it would be powerful because of the extremely warm water.

  17. FaceAche

    FaceAcheVor Monat

    And thats why you dont fucking build houses on the fucking beach! Cunts had it coming😒

  18. BROTHER OF 12

    BROTHER OF 12Vor Monat

    cooper hear him say tell us right now what are you seeing around you?? please cnn cancel him and pull your own plug it’s embarrassing how your broadcasting everything so dumb

  19. Serenity Fears

    Serenity FearsVor Monat

    not cool

  20. Tristen Summers

    Tristen SummersVor Monat

    that is so sad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Mary Smith

    Mary SmithVor Monat

    i feel so sorry for you all.Also praying for you guys.And god bless the usa.

  22. Ladarius Middleton

    Ladarius MiddletonVor Monat

    That did whole lot of damage

  23. Ladarius Middleton

    Ladarius MiddletonVor Monat

    This is actually really sad though

  24. Erastus Okotie

    Erastus OkotieVor Monat

    The UNIVERSE has found someone guilty... it's a wakeup call from NATURE/ God

  25. Thomas D

    Thomas DVor Monat

    Michael was the third strongest storm ever, 29 dead. Catastrophic flooding overnight in Texas maybe a 12 missing or dead, Puerto Rico 3000 plus dead? How? Florida looks like a bomb blew it up. 3000 plus dead in PR, I’m questioning that number!

  26. World House

    World HouseVor Monat

    You didn't think it was going to be that bad? SMH

  27. Milani Jackson

    Milani JacksonVor Monat

    L feel bad🐱🐨🐴🐒🐘

  28. Tighty Whitey

    Tighty WhiteyVor Monat

    Something bad happened to Florida. Lets change our profile pictures to say #FloridaStrong

  29. Felicia Marie

    Felicia MarieVor Monat

    It was only a category 2 and then the morning it was supposed to make landfall it increased to a cat 4, by then most people were too scared to leave the protection of their home. think , driving on the roads in 70-140 mph winds would be terrifying, trees could fall and leave you blocked on the road... IN A CAT 4 HURRICANE. Some people don’t have the means to leave (such as a car or money for gas and a place to sleep).. so you can’t place blame on the people who stayed behind. Very sad all we can do is hope that anyone who had to stay is okay now and offer help for the families who have suffered a loss, whether it’s a member of their family or their home. Hurricanes bring about a lot of construction and insurance jobs, if you want to travel to the area to help these families look into who you want to work with first! I made this mistake after Hurricane Irma last year and worked for horrible greedy people.

  30. youlittlerocket

    youlittlerocketVor Monat

    What even is this channel?

  31. Madgamingmobile

    MadgamingmobileVor Monat

    Who else who lives in Florida here’s this a lot,”we can rebuild you house but not your life”

  32. Ry Kon

    Ry KonVor Monat

    That lady seems smart

  33. E G

    E GVor Monat

    Fear is the only way the Media gets our attention, just help don't stare at it, help because you can and out of compassion and because is a privilege be of service of someone in need

  34. Get Real

    Get RealVor Monat

    Beautiful,Warm, & Sunny in Tucson Arizona as always 😎

  35. Jessebro Jessebro

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    • ᠌ ᠌ • ⎳ ᠌ ▬

  36. Fred Washington

    Fred WashingtonVor Monat

    Great for the death biz. I bet there will be a lot of stinky bloated bods for the burner.

  37. Kai C

    Kai CVor Monat

    prAYERS prayer hopefully ereryone evacuated

  38. Shadey 808

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  39. Bryce Salte

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    How dare you not blame President Trump for the rain!! You’ve been Explicitly told to blame him for everything!! As a Trump supporter I demand that you stick with the program! If you refuse to blame President Trump for the hurricane I will tattletale to your boss Satan and inform him that you are no longer cooperating with the program!!!

  40. Johny Boy

    Johny BoyVor Monat

    Should've built a wall there instead...

  41. Daniella Thomas

    Daniella ThomasVor Monat

    Man made weather

  42. melmiti

    melmitiVor Monat

    You laugh at Maria's in Puerto Rico... Now you know... Mr President... Now you know...

  43. meat6tick24

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    Fake news

  44. Ali Mohammond

    Ali MohammondVor Monat

    insurance company all ready denying claims ,just like last time!

  45. Western V

    Western VVor Monat

    How can I trust cnn ever again

  46. Chris Ashcroft

    Chris AshcroftVor Monat

    Those who choose to ride out the storm, despite numerous warnings, should be forced to pay cash for their rescue.

  47. The Faded

    The FadedVor Monat

    Alright no one gonna say anything about when they ask her what would you usually see here, she like,"beautiful houses, then beautiful (starts laughing)",like she queefed, pushed one out the back door, or it use to be ugly low key than the muthaphuka,?lol, in all seriousness though my prayers go out to the people, especially the elderly and kids!

  48. A Estrada

    A EstradaVor Monat

    They will rebuild until the next one comes, and then repeat. Yes it’s sad, but think a little where you build homes.

  49. Chai Michael

    Chai MichaelVor Monat

    we need to hide from the hurricane in a safe place it's pretty dangerous

  50. allison chang

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    God help them. So sad..