Mike Pence Tries To Make Space Force Sound Less Dumb

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Vice President Mike Pence successfully gave a serious speech about Space Force while keeping a straight face.
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  1. Ind Pol Com

    Ind Pol ComVor Tag

    1:00 - 1:24 Trump at his dumbest ever !!!

  2. that1otherguy93

    that1otherguy93Vor Tag

    DE-tube mike pence halo theme . you're welcome

  3. toscodav

    toscodavVor Tag

    The military has been involved with space since the beginning. National defense is what drove the space program to begin with. Colbert and his idiot followers should maybe do some research before they talk out their assholes.

  4. Sir Francis Bombard

    Sir Francis BombardVor 2 Tage

    Hey, what would the world be doing if it wasn't bombing druggies? The economy is based on it.

  5. Jason Carter

    Jason CarterVor 3 Tage

    Omg is he still the president?

  6. Nikil Kumar

    Nikil KumarVor 3 Tage

    just saying, even Vishnu has only 2 hands (unless you count his several "incarnations")

  7. Paul Schrecengost

    Paul SchrecengostVor 5 Tage

    Space the empty area between his ears.Whats next a wall in space to keep the Mexican space force out?

  8. Aaron Turner

    Aaron TurnerVor 8 Tage

    0:25 Spaaaaaaaaaaaaace forrrrrrrrrrrrce

  9. Narisa L.

    Narisa L.Vor 21 Tag

    speaking of which mike pence kinda looks like buzz lightyear without his space helmet on

  10. William Ridge

    William RidgeVor 21 Tag

    Space Forcein about 20ot 30 year, when the technology catches with us . Not now, just because some imbacile watched some old Star wars movie. Wait at least until trump is dead and it his his grave, were he hurt anyone.

  11. Tim Van Lerberg

    Tim Van LerbergVor 23 Tage

    “Just because it came out of trumps mouth doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea”. -Neil deGrasse Tyson

  12. Edward Harshaw

    Edward HarshawVor 26 Tage

    I just LOVE how the FULLY DELUSIONAL dems/leftists/ liberals, those FULL BLOWN IDIOTS keep losing. What a bunch of babies still throwing their tantrums, PATHETIC

  13. Paul Schrecengost

    Paul SchrecengostVor 5 Tage

    Funny Ed Pathetic is the word your woman used to describe you in the bedroom.🖕Lol

  14. jziec

    jziecVor 29 Tage

    Wow, still farting out this unfunny crap.

  15. Peter Spalding

    Peter SpaldingVor Monat

    Even by TrumpWorld©️standards, this is a really terrible idea: the militarisation of space. You go, Agent Orange, you witless moron.

  16. PureUnwindASMR

    PureUnwindASMRVor Monat

    The question is : IS Pence Gay? Nothing otherwise could make sense

  17. Henry Solstice

    Henry SolsticeVor Monat

    Space Force is a great idea. I worked in the USAF satellite field. I don't expect lesser people to understand. This is why I voted for Trump.

  18. Tom Tim

    Tom TimVor 12 Tage

    I know where you live..........

  19. Benjamin Herrmann

    Benjamin HerrmannVor Monat

    Space Force is just Science Fiction

  20. Joey Collins

    Joey CollinsVor Monat

    Unlock the mystery of space? I don't know a lot of scientists who want to militarize there research teams and nothing will be discovered by fighting.

  21. Joey Collins

    Joey CollinsVor Monat

    Space force, cause the air Force wasn't already handling it. "They totally were"

  22. realitycheck 111

    realitycheck 111Vor Monat

    This Space force is a great idea believe it or not.

  23. Danny Gentry

    Danny GentryVor Monat

    I think mike pence is holding back his vomit as he is forced to speak of such stupity

  24. Zeek M

    Zeek MVor Monat

    To the little manbaby Stephan Colbert who stalks President Trump. Why are you still breathing my oxygen mother lover?

  25. Jon Emery

    Jon EmeryVor Monat

    I was in the Air Force---That Sucked !!! I wanna join the Space Force and be in the Vietmars War........

  26. Subhasis

    SubhasisVor Monat

    SPACE FORCE : When you take Avengers infinity war too seriously...

  27. Henk Oosterink

    Henk OosterinkVor Monat

    Maybe Nasa should start a mission to search for intelligent life in the White House.

  28. Vince Parziale

    Vince ParzialeVor Monat

    The only space that needs to be probed is the space between these politicians heads.

  29. johnny Macon

    johnny MaconVor Monat

    just another dumb goverment exspensive white elephant program to justify all that massive overpriced military equipment spending we already have NASA so WTF ??? ⌛🔜⏰😂😂😂💯😈

  30. johnny Macon

    johnny MaconVor Monat

    SPACE GHOST LoL !!!⌛🔜⏰😂😂😂💯😈

  31. amexjam55

    amexjam55Vor Monat

    We have Dumb and Dumber as the leaders our country. Scary.

  32. Red neck

    Red neckVor Monat

    great idea war in space. finally give some fucking peace in middle east.

  33. Anan Muadi

    Anan MuadiVor Monat

    You're a washed off has been jackass

  34. chilo31416

    chilo31416Vor Monat

    Colbert's studio audience is way smaller than I expected

  35. Crystal Logik

    Crystal LogikVor Monat

    Why does nobody mocking the space force idea ever go after Neil deGrasse Tyson who supports the idea?

  36. Holly

    HollyVor Monat

    I lost my brain cells

  37. tweaker1bms

    tweaker1bmsVor Monat

    Shoulda went with: "Two small hands for a man, one giant embarrassment for mankind!" :)

  38. CreditDebitCards CostYouMoney

    CreditDebitCards CostYouMoneyVor Monat

    I nominate George Jetson to be in charge of "Space Force"

  39. CreditDebitCards CostYouMoney

    CreditDebitCards CostYouMoneyVor Monat

    C'mon now.....our government already spends way too much on military stuff...where the hell is the money for space force gonna come from???

  40. NightDreamer231

    NightDreamer231Vor Monat

    Sooo we're making Voltron? :]

  41. Jose Cabildo

    Jose CabildoVor Monat

    I wanna be in that “joint warfighter” task force , I think I’m over qualified for that job, been fighting the joint wars for years now, I’m not even american, but I would fight for any country interested in the joint wars.

  42. Bryan Dehart

    Bryan DehartVor Monat

    "I would join but I have space spurs." Donald Trump

  43. Clint Ladera

    Clint LaderaVor Monat


  44. Clint Ladera

    Clint LaderaVor Monat


  45. Resign Ignoramus

    Resign IgnoramusVor Monat

    MP's new motto is: now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

  46. CoreyZek

    CoreyZekVor Monat

    Oh hey SC, btw, you have like 1.4k haters watching. :(

  47. CoreyZek

    CoreyZekVor Monat

    #SpaceSpurs!!! VBAHAHA :)

  48. CoreyZek

    CoreyZekVor Monat

    As always, a great sketch, Thanks stephen :) :)

  49. Nikolai Korsov

    Nikolai KorsovVor Monat

    So other than the dipshits who think space force is some kind of starwars dream. Whats wrong with taking the space tech branches of the airforce and making it a dedicated entity? Thats all it is. The military will eventually become much more involved with low orbit technology anyway. But hey since Trump suggested it, it must be bad right? Grow up and stop being such pissy little eliteist loosers

  50. m. rude

    m. rudeVor Monat

    And Stevie trys to understand world events....

  51. Farside

    FarsideVor Monat

    Sky Marshall Trump x.x died.

  52. Awkward Silence

    Awkward SilenceVor Monat

    Is there life on Mars? We'll find out under the rubbles after we've blown it up. Oh and Jupiter has nukes let's blow it up as well