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The American way of life is under siege by a group of activists who want nothing less than to not be shot.
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  1. I ate all the lucky charm marshmallows

    I ate all the lucky charm marshmallowsVor 7 Monate

    Samantha Bee is an I C O N

  2. MITUCLA is a dirty word in Urundi Burundi

    MITUCLA is a dirty word in Urundi BurundiVor 8 Monate

    so uncomfortable watching all those people squirm. to be fair, it's the PC culture that created the wimpy squirm but a sqirm nonetheless

  3. Khatijeh Kattan

    Khatijeh KattanVor 8 Monate

    Someone explained it to me as, when you hold a rally to support cancer treatment, you're not saying sufferers of other diseases don't matter, you're just focusing on cancer for right now. Calling attention to the needs of the black community doesn't mean others don't matter. It's just time to examine how police target the black community, and what can be done about specific problems affecting the black community. When people say all lives matter it's basically refusing to acknowledge that the black community suffers a particular plight.

  4. Lazlo Vesuvius

    Lazlo VesuviusVor 9 Monate

    the problem is....that "the white man" has had no repercussions from what the forefathers of this country did hundreds of years ago to indigenous nations in order to build this country. there has been no compensation to and no penalty for. there is no justification in being ignorant. its past time to pay up, payment overdue and is in default.

  5. Mr O

    Mr OVor 9 Monate

    "White folks are getting close to being woke". Great.😑

  6. MrYogShoggoth

    MrYogShoggothVor 9 Monate

    This video is depressing in retrospect...

  7. Can us Normal folk do it? Gina Marie

    Can us Normal folk do it? Gina MarieVor 9 Monate

    What is interesting is that the people all say the same thing...that they know nothing about why black lives matter really exists. That they are so removed that they don't even know how to communicate to another race. It's interesting. Not unnerving. It's info I wld use if I was someone interested in changing minds

  8. Rami Emad

    Rami EmadVor 10 Monate

    The first alphabet was invented in Syria btw (the name "Aleph Ba Ta" are the first three letters, like ABC)

  9. Swanky Pants

    Swanky PantsVor 10 Monate

    though this was going to be a hateful attack at the response to BLM, instead was kinda heartwarming

  10. Swanky Pants

    Swanky PantsVor 10 Monate

    that one black guy in the cowboy hat. "no comment"

  11. Ricardo and Shae

    Ricardo and ShaeVor 10 Monate

    For more than 400 years, it was popularized that black lives didn’t matter. That we only counted as 1/3rd of a human. So BLM is NEEDED to WAKE UP America. The agenda isn’t saying that “Only black lives matter” we are saying “Hey!! Black lives matter TOO” and the all lives matter is just a protest to our protest. They are the ones with no agenda. We have one, they just don’t want to see it. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. melissa saint

    melissa saintVor 11 Monate


  13. jthornt01

    jthornt01Vor 11 Monate

    Republicans are saying I don't know anything about this movement, but I know I don't like it. That makes no sense at all. I know almost nothing about the country of Azerbijan, except that the capital city is Panem. Actually that's not true. I don't know the name of the capital city. Panem is the fictional country in the Hunger Games movies, but how many of you thought I was serious? I don't have enough information on this country to form an opinion about it, so why would I hate it?

  14. Tiia Mannix

    Tiia MannixVor 11 Monate

    "So learning more information wouldn't change your mind?" "No." ... Wow that's depressing.

  15. mostly cats 222

    mostly cats 222Vor 11 Monate

    Whoa Steve king is a hybrid u know...

  16. Rochelle Eskue

    Rochelle EskueVor 11 Monate

    And these people breed. They pass down their ignorant, uneducated opinions to the next generation who in turn do the same and before you realize it the numbers are staggering.

  17. earth ocean

    earth oceanVor 11 Monate

    Shamefully, I was once one of those people saying ALL lives matter, but then again, I'm a white girl who has also been harassed and wrongfully convicted by police, so while I can empathize, most the white folks I know don't have experience with this pervasive problem. I stand strong with my fellow American's who suffer this abuse daily. #BlackLivesMatter

  18. joe sunshine

    joe sunshineVor year

    Blm needs a maryter to figure head. I’ll do it

  19. TheBlender

    TheBlenderVor year

    This is the far left.

  20. Zetrax

    ZetraxVor year

    She's terribly unfunny

  21. Churlz

    ChurlzVor year

    I feel like all this misunderstanding with #BLM would be solved if people just said #BLMToo

  22. Bob Derple

    Bob DerpleVor year

    "No other group of people has contributed more to society than white people." ... what about writing, math, education, irrigation, architecture, paper, explosives, kites, hot chocolate, and the wheel?

  23. Amy Stringer

    Amy StringerVor year

    How to set up Alexa

  24. So Ni

    So NiVor year

    This was freakin beautiful. Well done.

  25. Celisar1

    Celisar1Vor year

    1:24 and following Mesopotamia and the Iraq are inhabited by white people. The Arabs are counted as dark Europeans or dark Kaukasians

  26. Free Speech

    Free SpeechVor year


  27. kyle robinson

    kyle robinsonVor year

    Question should have been does black lives Matter matter?

  28. blunt rapture

    blunt raptureVor year

    If you don't like change, maybe you should change.

  29. Pranay

    PranayVor year

    US cops are all liars. And all trumptards are racists.

  30. Oghogho Asemota

    Oghogho AsemotaVor year

    that made me tear up

  31. Cherry! Bomb

    Cherry! BombVor year

    This is horrifying how hardheaded these people are. But its cool that they cant help but realize how silly they sound ...some of them. Keep up the good work Sam B and crew!!!!💜💜💜

  32. Raoul Fleckman

    Raoul FleckmanVor year

    Was that a convention to celebrate double digit IQ's? These idiots put him in office.

  33. Kajol

    KajolVor year

    2:23 Get out!

  34. Eric Ragnar

    Eric RagnarVor year

    writing was invented in Iraq, but they're still caucasians...

  35. Fritz Lipmann

    Fritz LipmannVor year

    I like the elephant guy.

  36. Ben Strawbs

    Ben StrawbsVor year

    This video is fantastic! The only way we can possibly move forward is just by talking and forming relationships. Like the end showed, when people start to get to know members of other groups, they are less likely to believe racist fear mongering and fake news. Thank you Samantha Bee and your whole team for such great work!

  37. Zer0

    Zer0Vor year

    Black lives matter, white lives matter, purple lives matter. And in the case of the latter, they're choking, help them!

  38. Harry K

    Harry KVor year

    white people built the pyramids and the great wall of china! oh and they came from africa. so they were... once black????!!?!?!!?!

  39. Jwbmanman

    JwbmanmanVor year

    2:20 wait wasn't this guy on SNL in the rnc trumpemon go segment?

  40. ZiBRA Counselling Solutions

    ZiBRA Counselling SolutionsVor year

    I will never get the lack of understanding of the complicity and privilege that 'whiteness' casually takes for granted, when such obvious abuse of the 'other' is so rampant in our countries. It astounds me how much indifference there is among so called intelligent human beings. First to protest if and when it happens to themselves, yet the last to acquaint that with a shared distaste of the experience, of racial abuse. Racism should never be a tolerance. Systemic racism must always be challenged and then dismantled, for all our sakes.

  41. Larry White

    Larry WhiteVor year

    These people hate everyone except people who look like them.

  42. nico odin

    nico odinVor year

    Nice ..

  43. Dave Dee

    Dave DeeVor year

    If your narrative for a story about a police shooting goes like "WHITE cop shoots "BLACK teen" then yeah, you're the racist. For me, it's Darren Wilson shoots Mike Brown and there's no mention of race involved.

  44. Sly Ricketson

    Sly RicketsonVor year

    This was very nicely done. Great Piece

  45. Phoebe Nocera

    Phoebe NoceraVor year

    Black Lives MATTER

  46. Jack Bullets

    Jack BulletsVor year

    I love the black guy's smile.

  47. T Graham

    T GrahamVor year

    I had so much respect for the way the Bee's correspondants gently nudged people towards thinking more critically about what they were saying and got them to admit how they feel. And it shows that much of the problem comes from fear (which leads to anger), guilt and not knowing how to reach out and communicate in a loving way with one another. And as a reporter (who has covered many events by the far left of democrats and covered rural republican trump country) I have seen this on "both sides".

  48. Tee Lee

    Tee LeeVor year

    ha ha. they don't even no what blm is about or why it was started. so much for reading or doing a little research. they get all there info from faux news and tucker carlson

  49. Elizabeth Roman

    Elizabeth RomanVor year

    Black guy:"we need to stop labeling black lives, cop lives" White Chick:"How many times you've been pulled over" black Guy: "No comment"

  50. Gisele

    GiseleVor year

    The irony of the 'gentleman's' hat that says, "To make what is right , fair again". How about making "what is fair, right again!" ?!?!?!?! One is a celebration of a faux supremacy, while the other is actually right.