My Best Friend Turned Out To Be Toxic

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Meet Jenny. Sometimes people are not who they seem to be, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Her story is about a person exactly like that.
About a year ago, Jenny’s family moved to a new city, so inevitably she had to adapt to a new school, and the hardest part was making new friends. Jenny got along with her classmates, but not to the point where she actually became friends with them.
That all changed during one of her classes, when she sat next to Rachel. She stood out compared to the other kids - she dressed differently, talked differently and seemed much smarter than everybody else. Jenny really wanted to get acquainted with her, but didn’t know how. Luckily enough though, Rachel did it herself!
One day, she passed a note to Jenny with a question: “what’s your favorite band?” She gave her answer, and then Rachel wrote her favorite one. They kept exchanging little letters like this, and it was a very cute way of getting to know each other, especially when you’re bored in class.
Long story short, Jenny learned that they had a lot in common, and they immediately hit it off. In just a few weeks they became best friends. Soon everybody took it for granted that Rachel and Jenny were always together - at school, outside school, and if someone invited one of them to a party, they knew that both of them would come. It was magical! Jenny looked up to Rachel - she knew everything, from fashion to movies and art. She wanted to be a little bit like her. What could go wrong?
But soon, the first warning signals began to appear. Jenny had been saving money for months to buy these new awesome sneakers, and she was super-happy when she could finally afford them. She proudly went to school in them, and she couldn’t wait to show them to Rachel!
Jenny expected that Rachel would be happy for her, but instead she just said: “Oh, finally I won’t be ashamed to be seen with you in public!” Um, okay, that was weird and not what she’d expected, but okay, it was a joke.
"But then it happened again, and again - she made snarky comments about Jenny’s looks, her taste in music, and even about her in general. Every time she made it look like a joke, but Jenny still noticed her sarcastic smile and how she rolled her eyes every time something was said that she didn’t like.
And if Jenny got upset or tried to confront her, she always said: “it’s just a joke, stop over-reacting.” And what can you do in response to that? It made her paranoid. She kept thinking - maybe she was too touchy about it, and she should take it as it was apparently intended, as a joke?
When they were with other people, Rachel’s comments would get even worse, and yet she still took it all without any objections.
Then she started bailing on Jenny regularly - for example, they were meant to meet at the mall to go to a concert, but she didn’t show up and then said she had forgotten. It happened a few times, sometimes even during the same week.
At first, she was upset, but then she realized that by this time she had made a lot of other friends, so she started hanging out more with them and less with Rachel. She even met a guy who she liked, and she thought that he liked her as well.
And you know what? All of this made Rachel increasingly reveal her true self. She started sending her angry texts about how Jenny had betrayed her and wasn’t a real friend...then begged forgiveness, saying that she was very lonely and couldn’t live without her. Jenny thought to herself: “enough is enough”, and told her that she was not okay with the way she treated her and that she didn’t want to be friends anymore. She called her 20 times in a row but Jenny blocked her, because by now she knew that Rachel didn’t respect her.
Funnily enough, the story didn’t stop there. Jenny started dating the boy she liked, and everything seemed good until she noticed that he was talking with Rachel at school. Jenny assumed the worst and asked him what she had said to him.
It turned out that Rachel had said that he should stop dating her because she was a horrible person and would betray him the same way Jenny had betrayed her. Jenny asked if he believed her, and thankfully, he laughed and said ""of course not".
Jenny’s still a bit upset about Rachel being such a toxic person, but she’s glad that she noticed it soon enough and didn’t let herself be manipulated.
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    My story... So last year I made a new friend, and let's just call her Clove, and she was PERFECT... For a small amount of time. Although we had some differences, we had a lot in common, and we got along quite nicely. But the one big difference between us is that... I understood things better than she did.... I don't want to brag or anything but I was.... I... understood how to learn and stuff, better than she did. But, she was more beautiful than me. I helped her a lot with school work, but she started expecting me to do it for her, and do all of it for her. Most of the time I didn't refuse, I wanted her to be happy... I wanted her to be happy too much that I forgot about myself. I was stressed everyday, knowing I had to do all her school work for her, and she got really bossy and whined a lot. She also started getting physically violent towards me. The next school year came, and I realized she was getting chubby... More chubby than me. We are both overweight, but she was slightly bigger than me, and complained about it a lot, that I was "Skinner, smarter, and overall better than her" she didn't want me to be better than her. I wasn't trying to, I was just being myself, but she didn't accept that. I started getting more strict with her, and I didn't want our friendship to end. "I can still fix it," I thought to myself often. She knows now not to be that harsh with me, but I've seen her been rough with another girl, we'll call her Ray, she's been more rough on Ray than she ever was to me. I started standing up for Ray because I knew how she felt, and I wanted to help her. Based on what Clove's been telling me, she says Ray just doesn't react to anything, she might make a face or sigh or give out a little scream, but she doesn't really stand up for herself..... But she does when I'm around. And that's all. I'm still friends with Clove today, she is still rough on me and Ray, buy not so much on me anymore. I hope things work out, and honestly, I won't care if Clove and I aren't friends in the future anymore. Just as long as I don't get treated badly, I'll be fine.