Trump’s Anti-Press Press Conference & Jeff Sessions’s Forced Resignation | The Daily Show

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Following the Democrats’ midterm election wins, Trump seizes control of the news cycle by attacking the media in a wild, confrontational press conference, then by firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, leaving the Mueller investigation in danger.
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  1. Ernest Themadhatter-2-

    Ernest Themadhatter-2-Vor 5 Tage

    God i jusr hate looking at this dude's orange face

  2. Soha Aijaz

    Soha AijazVor 8 Tage

    He said, “Border is eventually going to be militarized and defended or the United States, as we have known it, is going to cease to to exist....And Americans will not go gentle into that good night. Patrick Buchanan. The great people of our country demand proper border security NOW!”

  3. Soha Aijaz

    Soha AijazVor 8 Tage

    I found this tweet from Donald Trump today. I think you should tell the audience and the whole world about this one, but this may make everyone have a good laugh from your jokes cuz you’re my favorite comedian

  4. Soha Aijaz

    Soha AijazVor 8 Tage

    Because Trump May be stupid and dumb, but still doesn’t be supportive to anything like donating money, I also heard how stupid it was when trump announced about money before he even had a dumb idea to build a stupid wall

  5. Soha Aijaz

    Soha AijazVor 8 Tage

    Trevor my name is Soha Aijaz and I love your show. My friends and I watch your show a lot and love how funny you are when you make fun of Trump. Plus I have a question for you to answer. Trump has been promoting gun violence, is it true that he doesn’t mention anything about biefing up the laws to prevent gun violence?

  6. Team Cyborg

    Team CyborgVor 11 Tage

    I personally disagree with the idea that trump's a white nationalist. He's obviously an orange one.

  7. BE KIND

    BE KINDVor 5 Tage

    I was about to comment before I finished but 😂

  8. Fayolah Clapp

    Fayolah ClappVor 6 Tage

    Team Cyborg 😂🤣😂🍊

  9. Matthew Pool

    Matthew PoolVor 12 Tage

    It is really scary because Trump is obviously willing to do whatever it takes to keep his power. He's throwing tantrums and threatening the entire world.

  10. Matthew Pool

    Matthew PoolVor 12 Tage

    "You don't have to file for a horse." 😂😂😂

  11. Kris

    KrisVor 16 Tage

    "-Donald, I vant divorce!! -I don't understand what you're saying..."

  12. Ben George

    Ben GeorgeVor 22 Tage

    U r really funnyyyy... I get all your jokes....

  13. Lynette Danley

    Lynette DanleyVor 24 Tage

    Never was a “poor” Sessions defender. He achieved this administration’s goal to bring back Black codes and to reinforce criminalization of poverty of Black folk and other people in blighted areas.

  14. Monique Hill

    Monique HillVor 24 Tage


  15. Research0digo

    Research0digoVor 24 Tage


  16. T. Shrine

    T. ShrineVor 25 Tage


  17. Charles Agulanna

    Charles AgulannaVor 26 Tage

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  18. pritam de

    pritam deVor 27 Tage

    White supremacy all the way

  19. Aposo Ba Film Production

    Aposo Ba Film ProductionVor 29 Tage

    And he actually is blaming the democrats for the shutdown now..

  20. Vieve

    VieveVor Monat

    Why you have such a thing with baby gap lol

  21. Orchid Braid

    Orchid BraidVor Monat

    6:28 That's so funny. Imagine Trump being able to pronounce a word with more then three syllables.

  22. Thomas D

    Thomas DVor Monat

    Trevor you are a racist and that is best thing I can say about a very bad person. Whoever brought you up is terrible parent or your just a bad seed. I usually call people I disagree with a buffoon, but I can’t use any other term than the equivalent of a KKK member who gets to air his racist rhetoric live daily. This may have been okay in that country your from but that crap doesn’t fly here. This is not a free speech thing this is throwing gas on a fire that you keep feeding for your own monetary gain. Hannity has his opinion and a person could agree to disagree but you are a disgusting despicable racist human being.

  23. Gary Ray

    Gary RayVor Monat

    pre-existing conditions = "The Sick" Why do we allow such twisting of the facts... The Sick needs health care ... I do not like how we allow both sides to use a term like "pre-existing conditions " as if it is something that it is not.... "the Sick" people wanting health care

  24. Niamh Corrigan

    Niamh CorriganVor Monat

    This was literally the day after and it was so pathetic and petty and rambling that even with nothing else to focus on at the dentist's, I still zoned out

  25. chase latham

    chase lathamVor Monat

    Trevor “Obama slaps his dick against my ass-hole every night” Noah



    i love this channel

  27. Nmethyltransferase

    NmethyltransferaseVor Monat

    America only knows that "racist" is a bad word, but they don't understand _why_ racism is a bad thing.

  28. MissNebulosity

    MissNebulosityVor Monat

    LMAO Trevor, you're so brilliant.

  29. Melind Mccluske

    Melind MccluskeVor Monat

    Super funny!!!very deep insight trevon.

  30. Trishy Freitas

    Trishy FreitasVor Monat

    Honestly don't know how I'm going to tell my kids this guy was ACTUALLY president like my kids won't believe me

  31. Deangelo Maddox

    Deangelo MaddoxVor Monat

    How this guy got a show is beyond me. I really miss John Stewart, atleast he was actually funny.

  32. Dennis Harrell

    Dennis HarrellVor Monat

    I am appalled that Trump and the Republicans have brought our country down to these depths. An insane racist madman is openly breaking our laws, and the sleaziest people in our country are cheering because women and children are being gassed.

  33. Jaime German

    Jaime GermanVor Monat


  34. Mike Stevens

    Mike StevensVor Monat

    the press is simply reporting , it's tawdry, it's uncouth , it's needs the brakes. fixed ! let's make the omletts , let's crack some eggs , jail now : asap , orange , jail jumpsuits. for all. , no money down ! free ! housing ....

  35. JatskiTheOne

    JatskiTheOneVor Monat

    Too be fair I couldn't understand a word of what the asian guy said

  36. Cause Effect

    Cause EffectVor Monat

    ...10:53 Lohrd! Chills down my back. Winter is coming! Pay Attention!

  37. Ruel Lindsay II

    Ruel Lindsay IIVor Monat

    Trump 2018: There Will Be Blame

  38. Adam Jenkins

    Adam JenkinsVor Monat

    If my boss acted the way Trump did, I resign.

  39. Yan Akatsuki EA Benitez

    Yan Akatsuki EA BenitezVor Monat

    Trump is bicth.. Just covering this russian hoe ass

  40. William Burton

    William BurtonVor Monat

    Blue Wave Music Forever. We are just getting started! We have added music to the Party!

  41. West Coast Experience

    West Coast ExperienceVor Monat

    Trump is right, the press are lying dogs trying to take him down, like the democrats don't blame Trump for EVERYTHING. Reprehensible

  42. West Coast Experience

    West Coast ExperienceVor Monat

    Vile racist unfunny douche spreading complete lies about POTUS. LAUGH NOW,, CRY LATER..🤣🤣🤣

  43. Bodil marie Challand

    Bodil marie ChallandVor Monat

    What is wrong with him ...he looks like a albino Racoon ...he is nuts 😫🤐🤐

  44. Janet Doe

    Janet DoeVor Monat

    What a fucking disgusting pig! How humiliating & embarrassing that this asshole is actually President- (NOT MY PRESIDENT!) to those who voted for this - WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING??? This shit isn’t funny anymore. He is a dangerous & *EVIL* narcissist. The donald needs to be impeached & committed to an insane asylum.

  45. Nitin Kataria

    Nitin KatariaVor 2 Monate

    I heard that question answer session. The reporter indeed was very rude. Trump is a businessman. He is working hard to make US better and end unemployment. Nobody asks questions such harshly in India to Modi. You folks must help him help you. Hillary Clinton would have destroyed US. Look how many US centric decisions has he taken already - banning immigration from terror base countries, sanctions on Iran, Visa rules, duty on Chinese goods, ban on illegal immigrants, stopping the unfair money aid to Pakistan as they cause terrorism and lowering the numbers of highly skilled Indian and Chinese migrant workers indirectly. What else do you want in such a small span ? I think he is doing a wonderful job for the US. He acts a little animated at times but don't you idiots see a real patriot businessman in him. No president DARED to mess with China yet, you just had playboys or heirlooms as of now. He is a real saint for US businesses. Stop judging him, see his works and at least behave when he is trying to make US better, though I don't think it was poor earlier.

  46. Fatma Hure

    Fatma HureVor 2 Monate

    I am in love with Trevor people 🙄 Hope he sees this

  47. Eric Collin

    Eric CollinVor 2 Monate

    Guys. Trump is insane. I have never seen such a president who responds to everything like as if he is talking through his arse. I love him.

  48. Tyrone Norwood

    Tyrone NorwoodVor 2 Monate

    Can't wait to read Session's book

  49. Alex Honap

    Alex HonapVor 2 Monate

    It's November !!!! Be safe in Pakistan, Pakistan government is conducting terrorist attack in other country. Pakistan funded terrorist attack in below country:- 1. Australia 2. France 30/11 3. Germany 21/11 4. USA 9/11 5. India 26/11 6. Russia 19/11 7. Brussels 10/11 Trump: Pakistan is terrorist safe heaven Osama bin laden.

  50. Jean Martin

    Jean MartinVor 2 Monate


  51. Christopher Richardson

    Christopher RichardsonVor 2 Monate

    Don’t forget, the Caravan rhetoric has dropped ~95% since the Midterms

  52. Robert Beck

    Robert BeckVor 2 Monate

    I wish one of the reporters would respond you fat bald little dick cheating on your purchased wife scumbag