Van Jones Can't Stop Laughing by Dave Chappelle MOCKS Trump’s Meeting with Kanye West

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Van Jones Can't Stop Laughing by Dave Chappelle MOCKS Trump’s Meeting with Kanye West
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  1. Trill God

    Trill GodVor 4 Tage

    Dave just knows Kanye well enough to know that if you call him a "genius" first, you can say anything else you want. Just as long as his ego heard you called him a genius.

  2. Adrienne Wright

    Adrienne WrightVor 5 Tage


  3. Sojourn R&R

    Sojourn R&RVor 18 Tage

    15:03 An example of a murder is feeding someone a GMO that gives them an ailment such as diabetes etc.. Annd then prescribing them a prescription poison that kills them... They die in large numbers = Mass Murder

  4. William Keys

    William KeysVor 18 Tage

    OMG, listening to Ben Jealous and Dave Chapelle makes us realise that Black America really is just an extension of black Africa. Political failures at any level.

  5. William Keys

    William KeysVor 18 Tage

    Wow! The irresponsibility of Dave Chapelle talking about drugs is horrible. What is that matter with African-Americans? They seem incapable of self-discipline. Chapelle doesn't help.

  6. William Keys

    William KeysVor 18 Tage

    Ben Jealous and Van Jones are Marxist sympathizers and they don't even know it. If Dave Chapelle thinks that these men are winners, then he is an IDIOT comedian.

  7. William Keys

    William KeysVor 18 Tage

    Dave Chapelle is funny, however, his characterization of Donald Trump makes me sick. Trump is a brilliant and great President. Chapelle is a talented comedian. No comparison.

  8. Garrickson

    GarricksonVor 27 Tage

    that handshake with the white dude was hilarious

  9. Franz L.C.Kappus

    Franz L.C.KappusVor Monat

    Man, Vince Vaughn really let himself go.

  10. Freedom Cobra

    Freedom CobraVor Monat

    I wish I was black so my teeth looked super white

  11. Rob

    RobVor Monat

    "Genius Artist" is not necessarily "Genius Everything Else"...

  12. Rob

    RobVor Monat

    Dave Chappelle.. *actual* voice of a generation.... "I'm Rick James!"

  13. Grim Reaper

    Grim ReaperVor Monat

    Such irony......"Don't make fun of the black folks it's RACIST.....BLAH BLAH BLAH" but if your skin tone is white everything is fair game.......imagine if that was whites tearing up you stores would burn and streets closed for your inability to be civilized like every other race.......

  14. Ricardo Hoyos

    Ricardo HoyosVor Monat

    Love all these comments!! MAGA mofos!!!

  15. IamHumanRU

    IamHumanRUVor Monat


  16. Eugen Lang

    Eugen LangVor Monat

    I would love to be a friend and talk to Dave chappelle, he is smart and has a strong character.

  17. luis contreras

    luis contrerasVor Monat

    Everybody going crazy over a Trump but look at all the bad things your past president literally have done in history okay they might have been better speakers but look at the actions that they have done you guys are so blinded with who likes who when it comes to the president I don't care if I like you and I long as you running things and handle it like they're supposed to that's what matters. You guys act like presidents or supposed to be your superheroes get a life and grow some balls. Dave Chappelle also something really funny about you you talk about you don't like politicians even in your old stand up show but now you selling yourself for this guy once again but you come out talk about Kanye West supporting Trump that's the same thing you're doing you supporting the next why do that you don't even know what is his hanging that's because you think you like somebody doesn't mean you know what they're all about every president that gets up there going to be corrupted or we need to find somewhere that's going to make us better and have more value than what we have right now



    Wow! Dave Chappelle's father was on brown at 15....

  19. Totostacos

    TotostacosVor Monat

    I would have loved to see Dave and Neil talking together on that stage , damn ...

  20. Kerry Dennard

    Kerry DennardVor Monat

    That is not Dave Chappelle wake up dumb people

  21. Matt Brothers

    Matt BrothersVor Monat

    Dave is a genius. Kanye has never been anything but an angry narcissist (just like trump) Dave is so smart, he seems to see everything most of us miss and articulate it in a way, he leaves you saying "why didn't I think of that?" Dave seems to see through all the b.s. I hope he doesn't crack up due to understanding so many things that the rest if us just dont think about.

  22. onexcox6

    onexcox6Vor Monat

    Trump reminds me of the Joker smiling as he does evil

  23. Rel One

    Rel OneVor Monat

    I have examined historical records that present that "Governing People" does not to work. I believe most people want individual freedom to live, produce, create, protect, and survive. Too much is levied onto people to accept this social control concept of "Goverment". It results in extreme greed, dishonesty, plundering, punishment, mismanagment, and corruption. What makes some of us believe we are "Free" and "Brave" because we now pay to be slaves. The irony is, we complain that our shakles are too heavy or not fancy enough. If we "Elect" someone but can't "Select" someone how can we trust it, that's like hiring the guy that broke into your house, to install your alarm system.

  24. Mary Grant

    Mary GrantVor Monat

    White dude and Dave seem to coo.. watch the greeting at the beginning..

  25. bamadeadhead

    bamadeadheadVor Monat

    0:18 👍🏼😂👍🏼 watch him look around, good morning NERDS! the News LIVE!!🤣😰🤣

  26. espinozapor ever

    espinozapor everVor Monat

    . Dave. !! Great. Job. My brother. !! Appreciate. Your. Talk. N. To show. Everyone in life and any walk of. Life ,. We are more smarter than. People think!! We are. Mexicans n. We want what. You want. Work hard. For are familia s,. And To live with one another n. Chill !!

  27. Sierra Cantu

    Sierra CantuVor Monat

    Doesn't even sound like Dave Chapel.👌🏽 He's to fat,🐽got ppl fooled.😂

  28. Lior Horst

    Lior HorstVor Monat

    This is daves clone , bad one he does not sound like the old dave

  29. J. Noyo

    J. NoyoVor Monat

    Trump isnt the problem,it's the democrats n liberals that don't know how to lose like an adult thats the problem.They lie about Trump on the daily,they cry relentlessly non stop,they blame Trump for the reason their lives are so fkd up.They believe everything the lying media saids about Trump evrn though 99.99.of the things they say are lies.Its a known fact the media targets the younger generation,the poor ,bumms that have no job n the people who are about as dumb as rocks...They have no integrity,they have no morality,they have no respect for the office,they are low life scum of the earth n most importantly they have no chance in winning come 2020 because they have no one that wants to step up to the plate to run against Trump because no candidate that's actually respectable that stands a chance against Trump.Why?Because that person doesn't exist.Anyone with any kind of brains at all that doesn't want to see America get destroyed are fleeing from that party.Trump is doing a great job as president n if u can't see that,you're an idiot n are in denial.These people hate truth n the more a society drifts away from truth,the more they despise those who speak it.

  30. Erik Hopkins

    Erik HopkinsVor Monat

    Dave been smoking too many cigarettes.

  31. ChuNk Norris

    ChuNk NorrisVor Monat

    Van high af

  32. pastense

    pastenseVor Monat

    Seriously....when referring to Kanye, everyone suddenly becomes expert musicians lol fucc outta here! don't have to agree with his political ideas or crazy antics. If you really know music, and you separate his personality from his music, then you'd understand why many regard him as a genius. His own peers, who obviously don't agree with him either, would agree. Dave included. Did anyone really even watch this video?? smfh

  33. Kevin Oshiro

    Kevin OshiroVor Monat

    I dig Chapelle! Don Lemon & ESPN's Stephen A. Smith

  34. jeremy bryant

    jeremy bryantVor Monat

    This ain't Chappelle clone where is dave

  35. Señora Cheapee

    Señora CheapeeVor Monat

    Chapelle looked so high😎

  36. Darnell Hendeason

    Darnell HendeasonVor Monat

    Dave sells out.

  37. Darnell Hendeason

    Darnell HendeasonVor Monat

    After everything Dave went through he still stabbed Bill Cosby in the back.

  38. G GG

    G GGVor Monat

    When people come to USA and try to take over It pisses me off.

  39. G GG

    G GGVor Monat

    Thank GOD Trump is guarding the boarders. Or else it would be terrorist more so and Dave that's not funny. He should go home and help his people. 👋

  40. OMALIE 360

    OMALIE 360Vor Monat

    Kanye is simply trying to protect his business. Maybe trying to friend Donald to get some tax pardon. I guess that’s genius.

  41. Joseph Malone

    Joseph MaloneVor Monat

    Maybe people dont trust scientists because you lied to us and work for fake groups like un and atlantic journal. Fake news, fake science, where is your proof? Only people who care about climate change is rothschileds. They are the ones who burns forests and blame lightning or nature. They are the polluters/ worship plant club sierra fucks. They ionzed the atmosphere and caused earthquakes, mudslides, and temperature change. Funny how you are all going to be either working for me or killed off by the elite.

  42. Joseph Malone

    Joseph MaloneVor Monat

    Dave is a fucking genius and im still an elephant

  43. D B

    D BVor Monat

    Damn. This isn't Dave Chapelle. I wonder if the real Dave still alive or just being held somewhere? This dude looks like Faizon Love........

  44. Wutterya Dewin

    Wutterya DewinVor Monat

    what even is this title

  45. anita hargreaves

    anita hargreavesVor Monat

    His voice changed

  46. Eddie Dawkins

    Eddie DawkinsVor Monat

    Chappelles voice is so different

  47. EightEzbarbiE #1

    EightEzbarbiE #1Vor Monat

    That's not D Chapelle I'll bet my left breast...

  48. Timothy Smith

    Timothy SmithVor Monat

    Oppression is bipartisan. Reagan got caught bringing in drugs that decimated my people and Clinton called those victims "Super Predators" and sent babies and fathers to prison under the 3 strikes law, whether they were violent or not. You can't win if your opponent changes the rules when they start to lose. The best that you could do is NOT PLAY.

  49. Brian Hayes

    Brian HayesVor Monat

    Anybody count how many times he said daunting?

  50. burmaman

    burmamanVor Monat

    with all due respect, Ben Jealous is a system guy. he will say anything to get elected. once elected, he will simply be Ben Jealous. we live in a nation where "community activists" and tv personalities can launch to the white house. honest politicians come are few and far between.