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  1. IDEK Creations

    IDEK CreationsVor 2 Monate

    Hella dope video!

  2. EclipZe Muzik

    EclipZe MuzikVor 3 Monate

    dope page!

  3. Alus

    AlusVor 9 Monate

    awesome!! pls check out my covers on my channel!

  4. flawless851

    flawless851Vor year

    hey good day i like your page may we can collab some time

  5. Kidd Wes

    Kidd WesVor year


  6. CCGtv

    CCGtvVor year

    I just checked out your video, dopeeeeee, stay blessed !!!

  7. CCGtv

    CCGtvVor year

    I just checked out your channel, dopeeeeee, stay blessed !!!

  8. Haus Toys

    Haus ToysVor 2 years

    Cool video! (^.^)(^.^)(^.^)(^.^)

  9. Vinal Inigo

    Vinal InigoVor 3 years

    Love the videos! When are you going to upload more videos? Cheers! :d

  10. Shayma Zakraoui

    Shayma ZakraouiVor 4 years

    You should do a live stream! Like if you want the Fine Bros. to do a live stream!

  11. AngryKid2008

    AngryKid2008Vor 4 years

    Teens/DE-tubers react to Kid Snippets. Grown-up situations as imagined by kids.

  12. Vincenzo Di Giuseppantonio

    Vincenzo Di GiuseppantonioVor 4 years


  13. Alan Ramirez

    Alan RamirezVor 4 years

    do a react to dead island 2 the trailer

  14. Ben george

    Ben georgeVor 4 years

    Teens react to jackass 3d

  15. Kristoffer bergström

    Kristoffer bergströmVor 4 years

    Teens react to Steel Panther- Gloryhole

  16. Rithy Heng

    Rithy HengVor 4 years

    Watch dogs pls either kids or elders

  17. Mia Green

    Mia GreenVor 4 years

    Teens react to Yugioh season 0

  18. eli

    eliVor 4 years

    Show them Halo reach!!! plz +TheFineBros

  19. IbbyGaming99

    IbbyGaming99Vor 4 years

    Teens React To MunchingBrotato

  20. pwing711

    pwing711Vor 4 years

    Teens React TO Maon Kurosaki: Magic World please!

  21. chillertal333

    chillertal333Vor 4 years

    Teens React to Dragonball

  22. Joe Barr

    Joe BarrVor 4 years

    Kids React to Hulkamania

  23. Mola Luku

    Mola LukuVor 4 years

    kids react to babymetal

  24. Paige Me

    Paige MeVor 4 years

    Everyone react to 5 seconds of summer

  25. Balasz Thomas

    Balasz ThomasVor 4 years

    Teams react to sky does minecraft its so awesome:)

  26. Seiko Shinohara

    Seiko ShinoharaVor 4 years

    Could you do a Teens react to "Japan earthquake 2011" please....? (╯_╰)

  27. jovan lim zhengyu

    jovan lim zhengyuVor 4 years

    teens/ youtubers react PSY - HANGOVER feat. Snoop Dogg M/V

  28. Blaise Evora

    Blaise EvoraVor 4 years

    Teens react to The Hacks of Life

  29. Brina D L

    Brina D LVor 4 years

    Psy Hangover reactions!!!

  30. Petru Cassius

    Petru CassiusVor 4 years

    Elders react to QWOP

  31. andrewszombie

    andrewszombieVor 4 years

    Teens react to Eminem - Headlights :D

  32. Adriana Castillo

    Adriana CastilloVor 4 years

    teens react to ihascupqake

  33. Ze-Fandoms

    Ze-FandomsVor 4 years

    teens react to markiplier draw my life (or markiplier normal then draw my life)!

  34. livealovelife

    livealovelifeVor 4 years

    youtubers and elders react of "The Last Lick (Last Moments #1)"

  35. Winter Is The Best Season

    Winter Is The Best SeasonVor 4 years

    Elders react to Gorrilaz music videos.

  36. AlmondMender2

    AlmondMender2Vor 4 years

    kid react to old TV

  37. AlmondMender2

    AlmondMender2Vor 4 years

    teen react to Watsky- Dent in the Moon and Watsky- IDGAF de-tube.com/videos-UCLJcVCVvcD802r80B9oaM3A

  38. AlmondMender2

    AlmondMender2Vor 4 years

    Teens react to Game Theory de-tube.com/videos-UCo_IB5145EVNcf8hw1Kku7w

  39. MewStashe

    MewStasheVor 4 years

    DE-tubeRS REACT TO: [Vinesauce] Joel - Windows XP Destruction. PLEASE

  40. PTulini

    PTuliniVor 4 years

    I want to see "Kids React to: Old Video Game Systems." (NES, SNES, Genesis etc.)

  41. Chloe Park

    Chloe ParkVor 4 years

    Please do teens react to Puella Magi Madoka Magica

  42. Capes Segal

    Capes SegalVor 4 years

    DE-tubers react to dark sauce 1 and 2. It's a random animation parody

  43. Syahmi Sazali

    Syahmi SazaliVor 4 years

    Teens react to markiplier


    AMP3DUPGUYVor 4 years

    The youtubers should react to Serega Chernii Bumer its a russian song

  45. Fernando Herrera

    Fernando HerreraVor 4 years

    Teens react to icejjfish LOL

  46. animegamer blue

    animegamer blueVor 4 years

    kida react to Caramelldansen dubsetep and roblox

  47. tron198

    tron198Vor 4 years

    Request: Die Antwoord "Fatty Boom Boom"

  48. Joy Gregorio

    Joy GregorioVor 4 years

    DE-tubers react to Crack Kid

  49. Razer213666

    Razer213666Vor 4 years

    kids react to Ich lieb dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht

  50. ElCaptainBazooka

    ElCaptainBazookaVor 4 years

    DE-tubers react to the asdf movies