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  1. 3em3

    3em3Vor 2 years

    Always a pleasure to watch your work! You're doing just amazing!

  2. Aidan Abregov

    Aidan AbregovVor 2 years

    BTW, I think you've attracted a whole new demographic with the spit facts you gave! Good job!

  3. Aidan Abregov

    Aidan AbregovVor 2 years

    The memes of you are friggin hilarious! While on the subject, I think people would be interested in a video about the cause and effect of memes and the psychology behind why some gain traction and others don't. Maybe using a population exposure algorithm similar to that of a virus??

  4. Heather Kiley

    Heather KileyVor 2 years

    I have asked everyone this question, please will you make a video covering this? I'm desperate!!!!! A fly is flying around in a car, the fly never touches any surface in the car only fly’s around in the air inside the car. The car accelerates. does the fly slam in to the rear window. or does the fly continue to fly uninterrupted? If this is the case does the fly have to fly at the same speed at the car?

  5. Berserk Panda

    Berserk PandaVor 2 years

    Hi Michele! Dave here! I have to make a video presentation of a scientific phenomena and I am here to ask if I could use the 3D models that you used in your last video?

  6. Jason Clegg

    Jason CleggVor 2 years

    Could Vsauce please make a video about how a plane propeller and wing work?

  7. hamsifardeekay

    hamsifardeekayVor 2 years

    Hey, when stars collapse into black holes - how do they go from some mass to infinite mass? if the density is infinite, surely the gravity must reach infinity by incremental increase?

  8. Totorus

    TotorusVor 2 years

    Hi Vsauce, just wanted to mention that youtube is deleting subscribers for no reason, i had Vsauce subscription before, and i notice lot of others subscriptions was deleted too by youtube for no reason, this is a really bad behaivior. Now i'm subscribed again. Greetings.

  9. Mozarc2045 Mu

    Mozarc2045 MuVor 2 years

    Please do a video about antigravity maybe, im sure it has something to do with magic number

  10. Mozarc2045 Mu

    Mozarc2045 MuVor 2 years

    please do a video about magic number 54.7356 its the angle where you viewed from an hypercube and it looks like a hexagon its the arctan squareroot of 2 and it has something to do with nuclear stuff as well im not sure about it, but i feel like this number has something to do with antigravity (sounds crazy) I think you have the power to dive deep inside so please do a video about it!!! Thanks

  11. Henry Jackson

    Henry JacksonVor 2 years

    Vsauce, what do you opine concerning the FLAT EARTH THEORY?

  12. Anna & Steve Ladson

    Anna & Steve LadsonVor 2 years

    Could you do a video about the etymology of ginger and how it became a slang word for redheads. Thanks Anna

  13. gamer memayne12

    gamer memayne12Vor 2 years

    you're frigin smart

  14. A Supremely Unremarkable Brick

    A Supremely Unremarkable BrickVor 2 years

    With the changes to DE-tube, how will this channel stay relevant when they only consider watch time and number of video's put out?

  15. Khodakadahmi

    KhodakadahmiVor 2 years

    I'm not subbed to you, please stop having your videos pop up in my subscription feed. It's very annoying.

  16. Daniel Hernando Ochoa Nieto

    Daniel Hernando Ochoa NietoVor 2 years

    Question. What does a mirror look like when no one is looking? Is it even a mirror? We see a reflection based on our angle, but if we're not there, what does it actually look like?

  17. nuni

    nuniVor 2 years

    You scare me.

  18. Flat Earth

    Flat EarthVor 2 years

    Lies Lies Lies Fake Fake Fake

  19. Siddhansh Manikoth

    Siddhansh ManikothVor 2 years

    can you gues that what will happen when 10g of anti mater will be found by humans???????

  20. Natasha Dawson

    Natasha DawsonVor 2 years

    Can you do an episode on wind

  21. The Phoenix-Feathered Raven

    The Phoenix-Feathered RavenVor 2 years

    How fast is the speed of thought?

  22. siddhanta bhatta

    siddhanta bhattaVor 2 years

    Where are you man ? waiting eagerly for your next video.

  23. Ysk88cm

    Ysk88cmVor 2 years

    Hello! Vsauce. I am a Hong Konger, i like your videos! Recently, you had talked about the mars, i raised a question. Is the radio signal able to transmitted messages faster than speed of light? Just like the movie, Starwars the clone wars it simultaneously send out the order 66 to kill all jedi across the galaxy including the outer rim? i mean it is way too more easy to do it compared with the hyperspace technologies which need to accelerate exceed the speed of light with mass, right? Thank you for your times! (it may be a little bit dumb and sorry for my poor englishXD)

  24. tedi veliko

    tedi velikoVor 2 years

    Why don't make a video about murphy's law? :)

  25. Anous Rasta

    Anous RastaVor 2 years

    Hey Vsauce, I have a question which has been bugging for the past hour in the shower: can ideas ever get copyrighted? Can one get sued for implementing someone else's idea in which he gains total or part of the profit? Let me try to illustrate what I mean. Imagine, one day you wake up with a million dollar idea for an app. You have thought through its feasibility and manageability and it all sounds perfect but you have only one problem - you do not know how to make an app. Alright. No big deal. You'll solve this problem and outsource this seemingly challenging and difficult task to an app developer. Then after meeting up with this app developer and sharing with him what you want the app to do, what features should exist and perhaps how the app will work, he comes up with a reason and rejects the job offer. However, a few months pass by and you found out that the app maker has literally taken your idea, your vision and turned it into reality. The app you envisioned has been created by this man himself and he is now earning big bucks from the app he created and from the idea he thought of himself, or at least that is what he claims. Now, this brings me back to the main gist of my question. To what extent, if any, can ideas be copied? Are there any set boundaries to which one can take someone else's abstract, intangible idea and pass it off as their original work? Is there anything wrong to taking someone else's idea and making it yours and then a reality? After all, you did the hard work. Ultimately, can ideas be subjected to the jurisdiction of the state and trialed for plagiarism? It would be very intriguing to me and I'm sure many others as well if you could do a video regarding this topic. I have been a fan of Vsauce, Vsauce2 and Vsauce3 for quite a while now and I would say that all of you have put in an enormous amount of effort in creating these videos and it shows in the content that you upload. You guys are doing great, and have done great so far, and I wish you all the best for the future. Keep doing what you enjoy, and as always, thanks for reading ;)

  26. 1owk3y

    1owk3yVor 2 years

    You guys post wayyyyyyyyyyy too infrequently now. I think you were the first channel I subscribed to. I don't see the point anymore though, the content is so infrequent. It's like you all assume you don't have to do anything anymore because you all got famous. Fame doesn't last. Do something new guys, or get out of the spotlight.

  27. Sri_876

    Sri_876Vor 2 years

    can you make a video on Matrix Universe

  28. Nesslig 20

    Nesslig 20Vor 2 years

    Hey Michael, I have an interesting question that may or may not catch your interest. Can you eat an alien? Of course, currently we don't know of any extraterrestrial life forms right now, but let's assume there were. Us humans and other heterotrophs must survive by eating other life forms. Those life forms we eat are made of individual cells, which in turn is made of lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and nucleic acids as well as other organic or inorganic chemicals and trace elements suspended in a bubble of water kept together by a phospholipid bilayer. All the same carbon-based stuff we are made of and that makes sense, we eat those things because they have the same stuff that our body is made of so we can use what we eat to build our bodies or break it down for releasing the energy that keeps our bodies running. However, what would happen when you eat something alien, that may not be made of lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and it's genetics may or may not be based on nucleic acid? Would it even be carbon based? Would it use water as a solvent for it's chemicals or something else? What are the possibilities of what alien life is made off?

  29. hitman1502

    hitman1502Vor 2 years

    Ok sounds like a stupid but when u break it down can u answer.... What's the difference between electricity and fire

  30. Mohammed Adel

    Mohammed AdelVor 2 years

    A video on the science of gut feelings please.

  31. ScreemingBadger

    ScreemingBadgerVor 2 years

    @Vsauce If the live show does well enough will you and Adam consider coming to Australia


    MIKOSKOPIAVor 2 years

    Hi, If you like science, nature and beautiful videos come to my new channel called MIKOSKOPIA. Please share with me your ideas and suggestions for improving the channel and making awesome new videos :). Of course thank you Vsauce for your amazing videos. Miko

  33. Amr Elsawaf

    Amr ElsawafVor 2 years

    i want you to come Egypt if it possible............

  34. Karthikeya R

    Karthikeya RVor 2 years

    I have a question. If a person is born with visibility in only one eye, will that person be able to have depth perception? Also, if a person loses visibility in one eye during the course of his/her life, how does that person's brain handle depth information? Will that person lose depth perception or will brain somehow handle it based on previous memories?

  35. Jonathan Horowitz

    Jonathan HorowitzVor 2 years

    Can you do a video on the Mandela Effect? Not so much the conspiracy effect but the psychological confabulation of memories, such as entire generations of people remembering the famous lines of "Mirror, mirror on the wall" from Snow White, but the actual line is "Magic mirror on the wall", or "No, I am your father" being the line Darth Vader says yet everyone remembers it as Luke, I am your father"

  36. Vetadore

    VetadoreVor 2 years

    Why the temperature can't go below -273.15 Celsius?

  37. Muhammad Umer

    Muhammad UmerVor 2 years

    Can you please explain einstein's theory of relativity.......

  38. Bird Mom

    Bird MomVor 2 years


  39. King Mongkut

    King MongkutVor 2 years

    Michael, you must have a bunch of random facts that you stumbled upon during your research. Would you make a video specifically about these?

  40. Lewis Vogels

    Lewis VogelsVor 2 years

    hey michael do you reckon you could do a video on size as in like "nothingness" that something cannot be divided into nothingness, like atoms being divided infinitely

  41. yes

    yesVor 2 years

    congratulations on getting this far and keeping things interesting ive been a sub before you broke a million nice job Vsauce gang

  42. Delta Drew

    Delta DrewVor 2 years

    Just throwing this out there. The disco ball moon made this come to mind for some reason. I can't find a single other video about it and it'd be a pretty neat "What if?" video. What if all of the worlds buildings were 1 story high? Not accounting for subterranean structures like fallout shelters, bunkers, and stuff like that.

  43. Roman Miticky

    Roman MitickyVor 2 years

    Maybe this is the stupid question but: Will we ever be able to make a detailed and accurate 3D map of our galaxy considering that all its stars and planets are moving around? Does it mean it would have to be updated after some periods of time? (I know this movement is really insignificant in vastness of universe but lets assume that the map should be really accurate)

  44. Ty Infinite

    Ty InfiniteVor 2 years

    Vsauce do "Why do we get dizzy?"

  45. Ray Mr333

    Ray Mr333Vor 2 years

    Hey Michael, I don't know if you read these... but if you do, thank you for all of the great vids. My kid thinks you are a superhero. I do too.

  46. TTToT96

    TTToT96Vor 2 years

    Why do we love music? (i mean they are just waves, but we can enjoy them somehow)

  47. over powered

    over poweredVor 2 years

    Whats the fuss. No offence I love V sause and even subscribe, however there is an apparent lack of dedication. Clearly. Before you say it, his content is amazing but there are other channels that post amazing content too and more regularly for example Film theory/ game theory with MatPat. If you guys are interested with theories and science go check his channel out its fantastic.

  48. Steven Lozano

    Steven LozanoVor 2 years

    What gives us taste? If taste is just information why does my brain choose certain things to like? Growing up as a child how to my tastebuds change and come to be? Is it possible for taste buds to die? Who started milking cows and drinking it?

  49. Toby Brooks

    Toby BrooksVor 2 years

    i was randomly unsubbed !

  50. Titus James

    Titus JamesVor 2 years

    I think that you and Mat Pat From Game Theory and Film Theory. Should make a video together. You have channels that seem very unrelated. Yet I recently watched your Ted talk about questions and found that you guys do the same thing Just for mostly different audiences. If they were completely different I would never be able to interest you in this wonderful opportunity.