Simon's Cat

Simon's Cat is an animated series featuring the mischievous and often hilarious antics of a fat white cat and his owner Simon. Our mission is to make you laugh and brighten your day. We're definitely a channel worth subscribing too. 😻
The channel includes:
Simon's Cat Shorts - Funny animations that observe life as a cat owner.
Our Simon's Cat Extra content includes:
Simon's Cat Guide To - The world from Simon's Cat's eyes.
Simon's Cat Logic - A fun and informative series that looks at why cats do the silly things they do, and what we can do to help them live happy and healthy lives.
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  1. Jacky The Hat

    Jacky The HatVor 7 years

    These are the best shows about cats eva! P.S were do you get the books?

  2. Tuff Zig

    Tuff ZigVor 7 years

    i love your videos, you need more

  3. Fortheloveofwhales

    FortheloveofwhalesVor 7 years

    i love your videos sooo much ! your a genius

  4. Nova de La Guancha

    Nova de La GuanchaVor 7 years

    I just love your Videos and the's so realistic. You are great!!!!

  5. sshelget

    sshelgetVor 7 years

    What I love: Simon's cat smacks the kitten! HA HA! I laugh because that's what cats do. Also love the hissing! And the kitten's side walking! Just fabulous!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these videos. The creator is a genius! I always laugh at these videos! They're funny and adorable and "right on!"

  6. DeathLock

    DeathLockVor 7 years

    jajajaj i love minute 2:16

  7. Jj Ballantine

    Jj BallantineVor 7 years


  8. David

    DavidVor 7 years

    This really does make me smile, and the frightening thing is it's what a cat would actually do !!! Great!!!

  9. Kuccy24

    Kuccy24Vor 7 years

    lol what a nice cat!!! very funny!!!

  10. Riff Raff

    Riff RaffVor 7 years

    I have subscribed now, do the same

  11. UsiSuki

    UsiSukiVor 7 years

    What's Simon's cats name?

  12. CommanderMutze

    CommanderMutzeVor 7 years

    I Love Your Vid's Regards From Germany

  13. Theatriics T

    Theatriics TVor 7 years

    I love how your videos havent changed in over 2 years! (:

  14. Valéria Chendes

    Valéria ChendesVor 7 years

    I like them, salut from brazil.....

  15. Sophia Marie

    Sophia MarieVor 7 years

    I've had a pretty crappy morning until i watched these videos.

  16. Caoimhe Kitten

    Caoimhe KittenVor 7 years

    don't know if you've done this already but you should do when the cat locks onto a piece of your body and the second you move her pounces for it! x

  17. FekLeyrTarg's Videos

    FekLeyrTarg's VideosVor 7 years

    Kitties rule.

  18. Tulsa Nadezshda

    Tulsa NadezshdaVor 7 years

    Hey!! Love this cat, so need to know it name! he can´t be just Simon´s cat! n_n Best regards from Mexico! TULSA

  19. Axe2ify

    Axe2ifyVor 7 years

    So true.

  20. rackboy619

    rackboy619Vor 7 years


  21. MaronHime

    MaronHimeVor 7 years

    so cute i love Simon's Cat. Is just like my own cat :) It has simple animation and great concept ^ _ ^ hope more videos will come.

  22. LingoPete

    LingoPeteVor 7 years

    =3 You win at the internet!

  23. Firefly1358

    Firefly1358Vor 7 years

    Great channel!!! I ♥ It:)))))

  24. Victoria Scurfield

    Victoria ScurfieldVor 7 years

    Absolutely brilliant!

  25. kuisinebykaren

    kuisinebykarenVor 7 years

    That is the funniest thing and so true!!!! I love it!

  26. MsOnoria

    MsOnoriaVor 7 years

    great videos

  27. Joriup

    JoriupVor 7 years

    cuuuuuuuuuuuuuttteee!!!! nice vids

  28. Art Starts With an Explosion FanArt

    Art Starts With an Explosion FanArtVor 7 years

    what program are you using??????

  29. Acciuga

    AcciugaVor 7 years


  30. matthew hughes

    matthew hughesVor 7 years

    seriously in double trouble wouldnt the big cat just stomp on the pussy cat when it was eating its food?

  31. MiladyRose66

    MiladyRose66Vor 7 years


  32. 1996KarateKid

    1996KarateKidVor 7 years

    Awesome videos! Keep up the good work :D

  33. Angie Ortiz

    Angie OrtizVor 7 years

    Double Trouble is totally mine and my roommates cats, spot on and so hilariously true!!

  34. ArkheEnki

    ArkheEnkiVor 7 years


  35. zoltakaczuszka

    zoltakaczuszkaVor 7 years

    I love it! thats sooooo cute :D

  36. OSKKilljoy

    OSKKilljoyVor 7 years

    Wow you joined on my birthday.......:)

  37. miamihumor

    miamihumorVor 7 years

    I love your videos. I just got a kitten too! I hope simon's kitty is here to stay. Check out our cute little kitten in slow motion.

  38. Jeremy Simes

    Jeremy SimesVor 7 years

    So simple yet awesome Idea! Awesome videos! Jay

  39. remus grrrl

    remus grrrlVor 7 years

    Oh god!......another fab one. Keep them up, you capture the essence of cats so have seen mine do some of this stuff. Nice to know that I am not the only one with crazy ones.

  40. NonnyMouse

    NonnyMouseVor 7 years

    Why hasn't this channel gotten more subscribers? There are over 160 million views on here?!!

  41. angelicwolf3

    angelicwolf3Vor 7 years

    Omg i lov u! u r such a wonderful animator and know ur cats very well! great work mr tofield!

  42. Catie Richthofen

    Catie RichthofenVor 7 years

    their all so accurate of what cats do!!!!!!!!! and so adorable

  43. steve moron

    steve moronVor 7 years


  44. Danni Yeo

    Danni YeoVor 7 years

    i LOVE simons cat, i watch them over and over and they never fail to make me smile!!!!!!!! what a lovely person you are and myyyy godddd you have cats sussed! it's just like watching my own two on screen! Please continue to make more and more!!!!!!!!!! BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Danni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

  45. 1ballerina

    1ballerinaVor 7 years


  46. BackflipinBrandon

    BackflipinBrandonVor 7 years


  47. GasWizard

    GasWizardVor 7 years

    you portray cats very accurately :) made my day

  48. Liz Zee

    Liz ZeeVor 7 years

    Why hasn't this channel gotten over 1mil subs yet? :(

  49. Roberta de Lacerda Medina

    Roberta de Lacerda MedinaVor 7 years

    Please give us some more!

  50. Cherie Salzman

    Cherie SalzmanVor 7 years

    these are so cute!