i am sia, i was born from the bumhole of a unicorn named steve.


  1. Guillaume Dussau Doumenge

    Guillaume Dussau DoumengeVor year

    Hi, is it possible to find a live performance by Sia of "My Love", one of the most beautiful song ever wrote ?

  2. bristpab12

    bristpab12Vor year

    Hello Sia, I'm working on a song and I want to use the whole Chandelier text and name it Sia - Chandelier ( remix.....). I really hope you see this comment and will answer.

  3. Dan N N

    Dan N NVor year

    For the love of god, someone get this lady to do a collaboration with "Loe Moracchioli" Pls!!!!

  4. Jacques LESCUYER

    Jacques LESCUYERVor year

    it would be nice if you sing a song in several languages for the new year 2018

  5. EMØGO

    EMØGOVor year

    Sia you will lose the channel in Vevo now that is in Warner?

  6. Caliko

    CalikoVor year

    Hey Sia; if I ever see you out there, I won't ask for an autograph or a selfie with you. I just want a hug... and dinner. I'm buying, thanks.

  7. Byron Clown

    Byron ClownVor year

    The Bumhole of a Unicorn name ????? What!!!... Australia.. Look" I'm sorry you'd said that.. I was Depressed ... Satan-God... say something other then that.. Thanks for turning up'' there was problems happen at the time.. Just change that will Ya''... Your a great artist.. and your music A 1... Steve.

  8. Mike nazzal

    Mike nazzalVor year

    Siaaaaaaaaaa please see my comment! I love you soooo much! <3 <3 please come to Istanbul-Turkey one day!

  9. RAJ god

    RAJ godVor year

    i loooooove you sia

  10. elnubnub

    elnubnubVor year

    ill try to write a song like Sia, you take a word or expresion are and write around it; you try your fancy bread, trying to choose which side to spread 1,2,3 untwist the cap , 1,2,3 untwist the cap IIIIII,m gonna spreaaaaaad the peanut butter , the peanut buuuuuytteeeeer, er Choose any word or expression with a particuliar sound ,idk, like "marmelade" or "repertoire" it need s to have a unique around it, you'll get a million dollar song choose a word that makes you sound smart, even if the lyrics around it are pretty basic

  11. Meowsa-Chan

    Meowsa-ChanVor year

    Sia I love you so freaking much like I even listen to your songs every day you are so amazing I really don't know what to type omg😍😍😍😍💋💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💘💞💟

  12. 카질

    카질Vor year

    I have never seen anyone like you. I know this year, but now I'm really glad to know. I want you to be active long and healthy.

  13. Andy Namailinga

    Andy NamailingaVor year

    i think i am addicted to the song never give up. i have played it 78 times in 24 hours so you have any song i can use for rehab ?and please not another addiction hey....mega love

  14. Crown of Christ

    Crown of ChristVor year

    Judgement is comming soon.

  15. 000o000 ooo0ooo

    000o000 ooo0oooVor year

    sia i love you kamal from marocco

  16. Tina Velikova

    Tina VelikovaVor year

    Thank you that you were born.

  17. Libi

    LibiVor year

    I love you sia,your songs are good!

  18. Vicente Lizana

    Vicente LizanaVor year

    Hi Sia, I hope you are well, I write to tell you that I like your songs very much and your voice is very beautiful, your music transports me and I hope you come to Chile someday it is a very beautiful country especially the island of chiloe, hopefully someday Come even if it's a vacation, a big hug

  19. Nicholas Peyer

    Nicholas PeyerVor year

    sia i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  20. Tairica Brown

    Tairica BrownVor 2 years

    I'm deaf. Happy Birthday.

  21. Debby Collins

    Debby CollinsVor 2 years

    What an awesome voice and you are beautiful

  22. hou ssem

    hou ssemVor 2 years

    sia i love you BIG KISS

  23. Alina pile

    Alina pileVor 2 years

    ты где

  24. Anas Chino

    Anas ChinoVor 2 years

    Sia i want to publish Your lyrics in my channel if you want ?

  25. Ирис Леви

    Ирис ЛевиVor 2 years


  26. Florian Bartsch

    Florian BartschVor 2 years

    Is there somewhere a list of all live artists that are seen in youtube videos with live gigs?

  27. Ирис Леви

    Ирис ЛевиVor 2 years

    What is this new clip

  28. Максим Макус

    Максим МакусVor 3 years

    Welcome Sia I really like your songs a big thank you for them especially the ones that Tansu Maddie Ziegler she created for your Pesia Golas your grace and her facial expression is simply a masterpiece more such masterpieces!

  29. Irina Zueva

    Irina ZuevaVor 3 years

    thank you for your music!

  30. Marco Florian

    Marco FlorianVor 3 years

    +Sia Kate Isobelle Furler

  31. Marco Florian

    Marco FlorianVor 3 years

    Hi Sia . Can I publish one of your songs only with audio ? Write me soon early , thanks

  32. Charles Courtois

    Charles CourtoisVor 3 years

    Hi Sia! Let me tell you that I'm such a huge fan, real artist are so rare nowadays that I couldn't be more honored to know one. Your last album is so powerfull... I hope you'll come to France once, I'd love to hear you there :)

  33. Tony Mada

    Tony MadaVor 3 years

    Go watch my remix of "Big Girls Cry" !

  34. Endiik CZ

    Endiik CZVor 3 years

    Hi Sia. I really hope if you answer my question. Do you plan a concert in Europe? In Czech republic or Slovakian republic? I would like to go to your concert because your songs are so beatiful. I would like to see you live. Love you! :)

  35. Angela Lovell

    Angela LovellVor 3 years

    Hey mate, don't get scared. Or worried. Most important, don't get stuck on anyone's misjudgement or ignorance because you are a fantastic artist, an Aussie as well which is important because we need positive people representing our culture, and Elastic Heart was beautiful in audio and video format. On all levels, in all ways. It made me feel humble, grateful and very respectful of your vulnerability, courage, in putting your life out there in your art. The same feelings for both Maddie and Shia. Top rate, absolutely top rate. It's a shame you have to take the backlash of the terror we inspire in ourselves but it's not really on you, love, and a new fear will arise elsewhere soon enough. Buggers that we are. Keep going, anyway, you bloody beauty. Turn your head if you will but stay in the light for us. I <3 Sia x

  36. glenda heath

    glenda heathVor 3 years

    I came on to see what the big deal was. I just don't get it. That was a beautiful video. I watch Maddie every wk on D.M. She's a fantastic dancer. I enjoy watching her dance because she doesn't get nasty. All u see on videos these days is tongues hanging out & twerking. People who think this is worse are just haters. Don't ever apologize for your art & that's what this video is. A beautiful work of art. I love this song, video & Maddie, do your thing girl. Great job!!

  37. Sonja Duchesne

    Sonja DuchesneVor 3 years

    El duende

  38. Sonja Duchesne

    Sonja DuchesneVor 3 years

    This is real passion right here...real accomplished artist. On my knees

  39. Angel Ayala

    Angel AyalaVor 3 years

    Maybe you won't ever know how many hearts have been touched by your music, how many people have found peace because of you, but i'm pretty sure of something, from now to the end you won't ever be alone because always, someone, in some place of this world will be thinking of you. God bless you beautiful lady and beautiful being.

  40. Katherine Plaza

    Katherine PlazaVor 3 years

    Elastic heart is the most beautiful song i have heard in a long time. The words, melody, tempo...everything, Sia's beautiful voice...WOW. Sia you didn't have to apologize for the video that was made because I didn't even know that was a 12 year old girl...and guess what her mother i'm sure gave consent to her doing the video and there was NO SEXUAL PEDOPHILE message or content.. it was passionate if anything and thats exactly what the video needed. If anything Maddie, you are a beautiful dancer and artist you have a strong future ahead of you, dont let the ENTERTAINMENT/HOLLYWOOD INDUSTRY lead you astray. Why don't you morons focus on the VIDEOS that have girls TWERKING(i hate that sh** ) yeah my 8 and 6 year old daughters trying to TWERK... i'll TWERK your fricken necks...the most negative attention getting thing to do ESPECIALLY for my 2 BEAUTIFUL daughters. Really..most of the female artists these days are NOT BEING VERY GOOD ROLE MODELS TO THE CHILDREN WHO ARE OUR FUTURE. GET YOUR ACT RIGHT ON PEOPLE....OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES AND SEE THE REAL PROBLEM IN THE ENTERTAINMENT/HOLLYWOOD Industry. Tv, computers, laptops, iphones, tablets..yada yada yada, were ruled by technology of electronics that can be useful and cool....but it numbs people..controls them and not in a good way. Can we go back to little house on the prairie days???? Sia, Maddie, and Shia I think that was a beautiful video and I think people OWE YOU an APOLOGY.

  41. rara mami

    rara mamiVor 3 years


  42. Aldofv Navarro

    Aldofv NavarroVor 3 years

    Estoy muy inconforme porque el individuo que aperturo la pagina de SIA no nos permite poder disfrutar el video por este medio (DE-tube) niguno de la cantante ya escrita en párrafos anteriores. Me gustaria saber porque es la causa de este atropello en especifico, donde cita la frase que "EL USUARIO QUE HIZO ESTA PAGINA NO PERMITE QUE SE VEAN EN TU PAIS". Pues exijo saber porque este acto de falta de educacion e inculto(a).

  43. ian D

    ian DVor 3 years

    Really beautiful Music you make :) It's not even music, it's more like an allround-art-sensation! Great job!

  44. Александр Бочков

    Александр БочковVor 3 years

    здравствуйте ваше видео великолепный видеоряд огромная музыка прекрасные танцоры и актеры могучие хореографы а Вы ангел

  45. i'm trash

    i'm trashVor 3 years


  46. Rita Dragomir

    Rita DragomirVor 4 years

    Hello Sia! I'm Asia, and I really love Chandelier, you're my favorite singer! I can't stop listening to it! I hope you'll read this comment and know that not care if you don't show your face, because you're amazing!!!

  47. Manda Adrian

    Manda AdrianVor 4 years

    Hello. I'm Manda, a young MC and producer and composer from Romania. I'd be interested to know if I could have the agreement and access to instrumental track 'Big Girls Cry' to work and collaborate on a song with the same instrument. Give me a sign when you see the message. Peace!

  48. Cyn dee

    Cyn deeVor 4 years

    Sia! You have changed music and art for me, for ever. Hide your face forever I don't care, but PLEASE keep writing and singing. My life fell apart in 2008 this I believe is the only way I missed your work. I'm all caught up now, you are an inspiration.

  49. Emma M

    Emma MVor 4 years

    Loving the new album so far - you just get better and better! Come back to Oz and do some gigs!

  50. Sergio Soto Leiva

    Sergio Soto LeivaVor 4 years

    I just want to thank you, you have helped me going through some difficult situations during my life (and oh god if I could tell you), thank you, I met your music thanks to Zero 7 and have been a fan ever since, stay strong and keep making awesome music.