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Star Stable is the #1 ranked and fastest growing horse game in the world, a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) where players from around the world can play, chat, and explore the magical online world of Jorvik from horseback!


  1. Shnully ;P

    Shnully ;PVor year

    38/5000 When will Gary Goldzahn come back?

  2. Selena Whalenight

    Selena WhalenightVor year

    Hello, I guess you will ignore this message as always, but since this idea is very important, I would love to read it. Training ... I have a good number of horses, but I have other rings and I do not try to train them. Well, as we already have a known Star Stable Horses application, we could use it. It's a boring game on its own, but some upgrades that I'm going to tell you would be most happy! 1. Open Star Stable Horses 2. There will be two options -> sign up -> new game (or something 3. I click on to log in and give my data there (sso data [mail, password] 4. After logging in, I will show you a little horse with a horse on which I sit in the game (on PC), it will be possible to enter the stable - normally as the lower bar (as it is now) I click on it, it will ride it and I will go to the stable --- > I will have all the horses I have in my account. I choose Arabic, I click on him (text: you want to get to '' horse name '') - Confirm. 5. The horse is on the meadow and now there is the top part !! we'll open the bar down again (as we get to the stables) 6. And there will be a map or training image, click and the map with races will appear (as is in the game for PC) 7. I have some figory races and steves race, I choose firgrove, but no ... there are three ---> will choose to choose which race you want to go (each gives a different number of xp), click on the middle and '' I'll run the race on my mobile, some arrows, etc. -> Once I finish the race, I'll see how many xp and money I get (that's my game) and then I can go on. THIS IS A LIFE FOR ALL LONG I WAS LIKE TO TURN THE TRAINING IF YOU CAN USE THE MOBILE GAME FROM WHICH I CAN TRAIN THE HORSES I HAVE ON YOUR COMPUTER! PLEASE, ASK THOSE!

  3. Kat

    KatVor year

    Helloooo SSO HQ Can you guys please make us all Star Rider for at least for a week! I'd love the idea for that so many people can actually be Star Rider for quite a long time. :D

  4. Samuel James

    Samuel JamesVor year

    can you please let people be able to walk there pets like dogs,cats and rabbits PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tanya Benson & Kiddos

    Tanya Benson & KiddosVor year

    Thanks for trying star stable but the new character updates are horrible. The necks are too short and the way the characters walk is too boyish. If this is the way you are trying to add boys to the game, this is not the way. please fix. =) thanks

  6. Elsa sso girl

    Elsa sso girlVor year

    könnt icht am 15 -20 November die großen Uhrpferde wieder bringen möchte so gerne ein uhrpferd haben ihr fragt warum am 15 bis - 20 november weil ich am 15 star coiuns bekommen und da möchte ich ein uhrpferd kaufen die uhrpferde im Shire model mit steh mehne

  7. Stephanie Riverlight

    Stephanie RiverlightVor year

    btw sso is the best but it won't let me go into golden hills, epona, dino valley and it's annoying im level 14!! :(

  8. Stephanie Riverlight

    Stephanie RiverlightVor year

    why can't u put FULL blood thoroughbreds on there??!! I love that kind of breed!! plz add that breed not half like arabian thoroughbred and that stuff!! XD

  9. Equestrian 101

    Equestrian 101Vor year

    I know you probably have had a lot of response about the new necks on the characters and it would be hard to change due to the new updates depending in it, but if you could possibly make them look more natural by, for example, tipping the heads slightly forward so they do not look like they are trying to look up, or moving the heads back on the neck, I know a lot of people would appreciate a somewhat casual yet realistic look to their characters. The faces look somewhat unrealistic as well, with a somewhat anime look, so if you could make the makeup blend a little more and give the heads a less round shape, players would have a more realistic character they would appreciate.

  10. slide shows sso

    slide shows ssoVor year

    and can u let starders at least have 700 star coins plzz becuse

  11. slide shows sso

    slide shows ssoVor year

    can u let us trade things and add boy body because my brother wants to play and could u get more hair and clothes

  12. noa maggen

    noa maggenVor year

    kun je zeggen wat je moet doen bij de missie zombiepaarden versus graafmachines en waar je naar toe moet gaan

  13. Ricciardo AO

    Ricciardo AOVor year


  14. Tanya Benson & Kiddos

    Tanya Benson & KiddosVor year

    when will star stable shop be back up

  15. ANNA

    ANNAVor year

    I want to see in game : boys Tennessee walker horses Paddocks Paddock Blankets More of these new running pets Different western moves Percheron horses Fix old friesians Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase U are the best game ever but these things are missing ! :D

  16. ang75158

    ang75158Vor year

    dear, Star Stable Online, I have acedently ignored my friend is there a way to unignore?

  17. Christine Dingeldein

    Christine DingeldeinVor year

    Star Stable Online is my favorite game in the universe! I love horses and riding, as well as playing video games, so when you put them all together, best thing ever! Though there are a few bugs and glitches here and there, the game runs very smoothly and I love that about it because some games are very, very glitchy and laggy! Your youtube channel is filled with great advice and tutorials, as well as some Let's Play videos by Stacy, which is awesome! You're always coming out with new quests and races, as well as cool horses, so it's really, really, really hard to get bored. The little animations (For example Happy and Angry) are so cool! It makes it really fun to hang out with friends because you can shortly show your expressions. Some quests are very tricky but others are more simple, and that's why it's a perfect game for all ages! The horses you come out with took loads of time to create, and their all so fun and cute! My personal favorite horse is the Icelandic Horse, but all the horses you guys come up with are awesome! I don't know one game I like as much as Star Stable, no game is more awesome then Star Stable Online! For you people who are reading this but have not made an account, just remember this: "Star Stable Online is the absolute best game in the universe!".

  18. Tanya Benson & Kiddos

    Tanya Benson & KiddosVor year

    please add dressauge on star stable

  19. eleonore lehoux

    eleonore lehouxVor year

    J'adore votre jeu !!!!!!!!C'est un très bon jeu avec parfois des encombrement comme quand on doit avoir un poney pour une quète etre star rider mais au final c'est trèsbien comme ça !!

  20. aesthetic simmer

    aesthetic simmerVor year

    When are the jorvik wildhorses coming back?

  21. Oliviathecupcake

    OliviathecupcakeVor year


  22. Stayin With Kids Universe

    Stayin With Kids UniverseVor year

    and plz add where u can swhitch horses for the day for the day with your freinds without star coins and without starrider

  23. Stayin With Kids Universe

    Stayin With Kids UniverseVor year


  24. Blanka Bitterhand

    Blanka BitterhandVor year

    Sziasztok!!!!!!!!!!! Remélem néhányan vannak Magyarok is azt szeretném kérdezni ti hanyas szintűek vagytok?(én 18) Mi a kedvenc lovatok? Ti már vad lovaztatok?(Én még nem) CSAK ENNYI LETT VOLNA:)

  25. WildFlower

    WildFlowerVor year

    Please let chrome books download sso XD

  26. Tanya Benson & Kiddos

    Tanya Benson & KiddosVor year

    add boys add boys please add boys my brother wants to play i am not kidding. =)

  27. The Equestrian

    The EquestrianVor year

    When are you gonna add more hanovarian colors. Maybe also adding paints into the game because we don't have many paints in the game

  28. maryvonne DEGUICHE

    maryvonne DEGUICHEVor year

    salut je voulais vous dire que j'ai télécharger le jeu mais ça prend vraiment beaucoup de temps.Est ce normal?ça me prend AU MOINS 1 HEURE alors c'est énervant là.

  29. Equi Hope

    Equi HopeVor year

    Je propose une chose qui me tient vraiment a cœur, ce serait de faire un système ou on pourrais ajuster nos rênes, pour le dressage ou les carrousel se serait vraiment génial ! (le blabla en anglais est fait avec Google traduction donc pas sur si c'est bien écris désolé d'avance) I propose a thing that really holds my heart, it would be to make a system where we could adjust our reins, for dressage or carrousel would really be great!(The blabla in English is done with Google translation so not on if it is well written, sorry in advance)

  30. Your Girl Zelda

    Your Girl ZeldaVor year

    Why do we need the hanoverian for the race?!!!?!??!?!?!?!? you know everyone doesn't have the hanoverian or the money to buy starcoins?!?!?!

  31. The Upsidedown Duck

    The Upsidedown DuckVor year

    Can you up the amount of star coins per week? I think it's really unfair to wait for almost three months to get a horse without spending a single coin.

  32. Danielle Nigro

    Danielle NigroVor year

    star stables I did the spy quest and I never got the message from herman to unlock epona and I never got the quest for herman and I don't know why so u need to fix this please because I stayed up all night to unlock it to me I feel like this game is a ripe off because I earned that message from herman fair and square so fix it

  33. Аня Жаткина

    Аня ЖаткинаVor year

    New horst, Orlovsky Trotter. Superinduce in game. Please!!!!

  34. Alexis AppleCake

    Alexis AppleCakeVor year

    Dear star stable team...Hi! thank you for making this game this is the only way i can get close to horses i have never been riding before so THXS!

  35. MrMcbryde84

    MrMcbryde84Vor year

    sso can we be able to recruit more then one friend? pleaaasssssssseeee?????

  36. MrMcbryde84

    MrMcbryde84Vor year

    i think that you should allow more for non star riders i mean after they complete all the levels they can they get a redeem code get to level up for a week then we cant do anything but races?! i mean maybe some people just dont have the money or there parents wont let them cuz its a game i mean seriously!? im sorry if i was rude but hey im not gonna hate on u you guys do a good job and are good at what you do!

  37. My Ginger Ninja

    My Ginger NinjaVor year

    Hey StarStable! I got a new Apple Mac at the beginning of January 2017 and my StarStable worked fine until around March. Whenever i try to open the launcher it says "StarStable Online quit unexpectidly" I've tried many times to try and get it to work but whatever i try it just won't work! At the moment its July almost August of 2017 so I've been trying for a while now and I'm getting tired of trying and trying again. Please tell me why this won't work and how i can solve it. - Sophia Pinkblanket

  38. xMarcepanovaX

    xMarcepanovaXVor year

    Star Stable is the best game :*

  39. xMarcepanovaX

    xMarcepanovaXVor year

    Kto z Polski ?

  40. M.Sisters

    M.SistersVor year

    love star stable :)

  41. The Fantastic Sisters Talkshow

    The Fantastic Sisters TalkshowVor year

    Star Stable why is it so hard to sign up or log in? I want to play but it's not letting me! I'm 11 years old and it's still not letting me play! Your website is soooooooo annoying!!!

  42. Tanya Benson & Kiddos

    Tanya Benson & KiddosVor year

    Dear star stable, I have a few ideas for the star stable game here we go 1.dressage I think it would be fun to do dressage we already have dressage clothes why not have dressage tack and dressage. 2.mabye we could have a place for a person to sleep maybe a house or a farm and maybe a college with dorms and maybe we could go to class and at the college or a high school kinda like the star shine legacy. 3. star stable friends and star stable horses are both for google play and apple app store I have neither I have an amazon fire and I really want both of the apps but I can't instead I have to play it on my mom's cell phone and really don't want to play it on my mom's phone I would rather play it on my tablet please try to make time to make it for amazon fire. 4. here are some new horse ideas, Clydesdale horse, Gypsy Horse, Percheron horse, Knabstrupper horse, Marwari horse Belgian horse, Noriker horse, and Shetland pony. These are all of the ideas I have today. Your Truely, Hannah BraveGarden

  43. Tanya Benson & Kiddos

    Tanya Benson & KiddosVor year

    this was also from HannahBraveGarden

  44. Tanya Benson & Kiddos

    Tanya Benson & KiddosVor year

    Dear Starstable, Please add boys to star stable my brother really loves horses but he has to use a girl even though he doesn't want to. and you also say on star stable that you can use boys but yet you can't. I'm not complaining just putting it out there thank you for your time and have a good day. _ _ ]

  45. Vardaros

    VardarosVor year

    I had a dream i unlocked golden make it come true with some courage :)

  46. lydia kamerman

    lydia kamermanVor year

    when does starstable news come

  47. Victoria Hawkhunter

    Victoria HawkhunterVor year

    Hi um I'm trying to recruit some of my friends but they say they have not got the E - mail. Please send them one! I'm getting impatient!

  48. Jenna Connolly

    Jenna ConnollyVor year

    hi, I have been a star fan for a long time, I have downloaded star stable but when I'm creating my person it is taking a very long time to lode, don't know what to do, and for next season can you please have a star stable online for phone and IPad and all that, so like on the apple store and others, because the app on my laptop isn't working, , I would be very happy if yous did this, please respond back. :D

  49. ShadowMSP xO

    ShadowMSP xOVor year

    Drogi zespole SSO. Przykro mi to mówić, ale kiedyś, na Australijskim serwerze Fire Star był tajemniczy plik - Nightmare Virus, na szczęście istniał tylko 4 dni >.< Wiedzą państwo coś więcej? Proszę o odpowiedź!

  50. Monte Fastnight XD

    Monte Fastnight XDVor year

    Can you make game in Czech language? please. Some peoples cannot understand English.Sorry for my English grammar I am from Slovakia. ♥