TDH Film

TDH is a privately owned media company that was founded in 1999.
While assuming the right of ownership of the best Iranian and International movie titles in Iran, TDH has purchased, produced, and distributed over 1500 movies and animations as the sole-representative of SONY PICTURES so far. For the first time in Iran, TDH produced "The Frozen Heart"; a TV show for home viewers' Network.
TDH Distribution, a subsidiary of TDH, is also the first specialized center to weekly distribute cultural products in a capillary action all across the country. Today, through signing agreements with major global movie producers such as Eros International Media LTD, VIVA Entertainment, Golf Films, Pgs France and reputable Iranian film makers and producers, TDH supplies Iranian and international movies in DVD and VOD format to Farsi speaking viewers worldwide.
Headquarters: No25,17th Fath, Fath Road, Tehran, Iran
Tel: +982166786195


  1. amir Aghaei313

    amir Aghaei313Vor 5 Monate

    قسمت ۹رو میزارید شما یا شما میخاید سییس کپی رایت رو بگیرید حق قانونی از این کسشعر ها رو بگید

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    سلام قسمت 3به بعد چه جوری میتونم گیر بیارم؟

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    قسمت 8 خیلی طول کشید فک کنم ترافیک تحریم ها گیر کرده خخخخخ

  4. Hamed Biranvand

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    سقمته شیشم ساخت ایران کی میاد پس؟؟؟؟؟