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    Love the Content on this Channel

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    Good day, I just looked at your channel you have some dope content ! Check out some of my videos and sub if you like the content. Thanks for your time !!!

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    Didn't get your newest video in my sub list.... If your views are down you know why.

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    This story happened in my home town Norfolk, VA. Three men shot while streaming on Facebook.

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    Phil is still the true BAMF.

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    The clickbait is good here.

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    Can you not rein in the youtube drama coverage already? It wasn't news to start with and it's growing to completely consume the show. Why do people care about which celebrities are slagging each other off?

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    A Book: In the beginning there was Bob. Bop lived in a boring universe with nothing in it. One day he farted and the gas coalesced into suns and there was light. For a long time that was all there was. He soon grew bored of just stars and made planets. These planets amused Him for a time.While messing around with water 'n shit, on a planet called Earth, He spilled some RNA or something in a nearby lake, and it made a copy of itself. After a real long time the RNA or something turned into germs. After another long while one of the germs turned green. A while later the green germs turned into seaweed. Another germ turned into a fish. Seaweed washed up on the shore becoming trees and stuff, a fish crawled up on land to eat the trees, some shit happened, a hairless ape bashed another ape in the head with a rock, said "Waz good son?", and such humans were born.The humans fucked, hunted animals, and ate wild plants for a while. Then they fucked, farmed, and discovered sciency shit. A few hundred years after the discovery of sciency shit, they all killed each other. The End.

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    Phil, Hey, Good Day. Can you shared this to nation " Thanks.

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    Holy shit, you're like the Buzzfeed of youtube. Beyond garbage. Keep up with the clickbait, shitty videos though.

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    I know this is a bit old, but can you please talk about "#BlackLivesMatter leader recently invited to White House charged with pimping underage girl" this is outrageous and not enough people are talking about it. As a since able man, I thought you might. It's a serious topic in today's time with all the race wars going on. Black Lives Matter has gone too far.

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    We need to talk? I don't know what about and I don't want to add to the views, but if it is about minorities growing tired, scared and frustrated about how they are being treated, viewed, killed and beaten.... you are are part of the problem and this is sadly what happens when people refuse to listen.

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    Hey Phil, you're almost as bad as the Keemmanstar.

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    Phil, have you seen this video in response to the Louisiana shooting?

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    you late on your vid :/

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    you look like Edmure Tully from Game Of Thrones

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    After sooo long I've being subscribed and watching your vids of gotta say goodbye because almost everything you post now is just clickbait...

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    Welcome back!

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    Hello Phil :D I like your videos, you make news and politics more enjoyable while still being educational! I know this is anoying but I would love a shoutout for my channel *insert shameless plug here* haha Honestly I will be astonished if you even read this comment deep within a sea of comments, but yeah worth a try ;) btw your son is the cutest thing in the world :3

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    you are a badass

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    Phil, please talk about the Canadian Pride Parade that happened on Sunday. There was a lot of good things like Justin Trudeau being the first Canadian Prime Minister to participate and the largest turn out for Canada's pride parade ever, likely in support of the Orlando shooting. But there was a 30 minute delay due to another group making demands.

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    Philip deFranco spotted in Dublin, Ireland

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    Phil, if you haven't seen it; there's a gofundme set up for this lady's 13 year old cat. Apparently her roommate beat him so bad it broke his jaw and made him blind in one eye. They're in the process of trying to save him now, but the medical bills are already half of what was collected thus far for him. They have a warrant out for the dude's arrest. (Warning: Graphic photos, viewer discretion is advised)

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    this channel is dead. no more interesting content. rip

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    Make sure you check me out at ET TV

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    I like ur vids :D

  30. Jaydub IV

    Jaydub IVVor 2 years 100hour burning fire was finally put out in a building in hong kong

  31. Hewholimps Martin

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    You hear about what happened in my home city, during the weekend?

  32. Julian Vegt

    Julian VegtVor 2 years

    Hey Phillip, So i´ve been a fan of your channel for quite a while, and i normally wouldn´t do this but friends of mine need media help. The refugee crisis has sort of fallen out of media attention but it is most definitely not over. On an island called Lesbos the refugees come in on rubber boats but once they are there they are mostely starving/traumatized. Erik and Philippa set up a station to guide the boats in and to help the refugees with food and clothing. But the Island has turned against them and they are receiving death threats. They are doing this from (little) donated money but mostly out of their own pocket. They don’t have a lot of money because their store is being boycotted by the island. Please do a quick story about them. They need more people on their side in this dark time Contact me if you need more info SPREAD THE WORD

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    Oh this channel is still a thing...

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    DoucheBag of the day Phil?

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    i've been watching this channel for age but i just subbed today

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    GradeAUnderA sent me, you fucking sexy badass. :)

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    i'm waiting for that friday recap. you are awesome my friend watch you every morning! ~From Alaska

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    hey man you are basically a god damn hero to me. This may sounds super suck hole and i hope you dont take it as that. Your a guy who is not afraid to say what he thinks, i would really appreciate your opinion on the up coming Australian election. I am my self informed but would love to hear your take on it for the other aussies of the nation. PS. the nation is the best, even if they disagree with me, i always have a place to have an opinion, cheers mate thanks for the laughs

  39. Omega Winner

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    hey phill great show and good job with the news. i would like to hear your opinion on the statistics made after the brexit referendum. the ones about the votes based on age categ. and the fact that the propaganda for the voteleave campaign was wrong

  40. Matthew Hanson

    Matthew HansonVor 2 years

    I recectly heard about a tragedy in oaxaca mexico I've looked on youtube and there is very little attention on this could you please look into this event and report to people the news that really needs to be seen

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    Hey Phil, my name is Justice Peters and I am reaching out you to ask for a favor. I have a friend named Christian Mayberry who was dramatically injured in an ATV accident a few years back, which you can read about here. I am asking you bring light to this situation and help bring attention to his family's GoFundMe, linked here. tytytytytytyty, Phil, and thank you so much for putting effort into this channel for so long. it really does make my day a little better. :)

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    Yo Phil, WatchMojo got hacked, check out their page, nearly all their videos sport the same title!

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    Was told by GradeAUnderA to tell you how much of a sexy badass you are for FUPA. So keep it going you sexy badass!

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    You should talk about Guccifer 2.0

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    Phil since you love lil' Dicky you should watch his Trojan condoms ad.

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    your such a fucking super sexy bad ass Phil

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    please check some of my videos out

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    Got to check this care about a guy called Anxiety War on YT, he is standing up against a pedofile, but now the pedofile is suing him for slander and such. But Anxiety War can't afford attorney. Maybe you could shine some light on him to help him out? The pedofile has also bailed himself out, and is now after Anxiety War.

  50. xNiitrogenQc

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    story about a youtuber being sued for exposing child predators on youtube, might be an interesting case to cover