2018 Chinese Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Would the Chinese Grand Prix manage to live up to a thriller last time out in Bahrain? Yup!
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  1. 김지훈

    김지훈Vor 3 Tage

    5:20 What a clean drive by both drivers. wow

  2. Alun Churcher

    Alun ChurcherVor 7 Tage

    oh max in a crash again what a shock lol

  3. Harry Chalcraft

    Harry ChalcraftVor 9 Tage

    "See ya fuckin' later son!!!" Too cocky for his own good.

  4. Scofielder

    ScofielderVor 13 Tage

    Its lights out

  5. J.H. Rainman

    J.H. RainmanVor 21 Tag

    Easy for Ricciardo. Bottas just left the door open....Bottas is no real F1 fighter.

  6. Conor G

    Conor GVor 22 Tage

    1:56 gasly crashed in to him and some how it's Hartley fault! Jumped up little twerp

  7. Gab Villar

    Gab VillarVor 26 Tage

    Verstappen is Not a Driver

  8. Cristian Seibriger

    Cristian SeibrigerVor 28 Tage

    I like how Vettel vas wining like a little child when Alonso left him without track. He isn't ,and he never be at least half of a driver that Alonso is.

  9. Orhan Akkus

    Orhan AkkusVor 29 Tage

    I still watch this race sometimes when I'm bored because it's so good...

  10. Yapix Zombie

    Yapix ZombieVor Monat

    Racing or ping pong ?

  11. faraz hussain

    faraz hussainVor Monat

    I wish F1 2018 game could simulate Daniel's expression on the podium in this race.

  12. Ramboo 3005

    Ramboo 3005Vor Monat

    I have a question for the Mercedes fans please answere honer and without arguing its a normal question: so don't you think it would be boring if Mercedes would dominate now the whole time? (if someone is arguing now it's just say that the person is childish) (and sorry if I made mistakes in the the question English isn't my mother language)

  13. Nico Rosberg

    Nico RosbergVor Monat

    Gasly soon will be out of F1.

  14. Fabian MadridReyes

    Fabian MadridReyesVor Monat

    Lol Alonso really hates vettel

  15. jcjcjcjcjcjcful

    jcjcjcjcjcjcfulVor Monat

    mclaren looking good


    KASNOR & RAFIVor Monat

    I hate red bull

  17. Joaquim Méndez

    Joaquim MéndezVor Monat

    I love Ricciardo. What a fantastic guy.

  18. I shoved a lollipop up my ass then sold it

    I shoved a lollipop up my ass then sold itVor Monat

    Clicking on the up next video every 3 seconds It's light's out and away we go!!

  19. Saiye Rugara

    Saiye RugaraVor 2 Monate

    Classic race of 2 halves!!!!!!

  20. Mr. Wig.

    Mr. Wig.Vor 2 Monate

    Good video but all of you watch my videos they are really good Lol..

  21. Tarek El-Maddah

    Tarek El-MaddahVor 2 Monate

    Red Bull should have kept Ricciardo not the young donkey...

  22. NiceGarry

    NiceGarryVor 2 Monate

    Riccardo winning everything, Brazilian and Chinese

  23. C. Sum

    C. SumVor 2 Monate

    Ocon will make things right for Seb lol

  24. Adithya Naren

    Adithya NarenVor 2 Monate

    5:53 Alonso to Vettel:- Hello Bro ! Miss me ?

  25. Lionel Hutz

    Lionel HutzVor 2 Monate

    So much hate, i love the way VER is driving! he is great.

  26. 신주혁

    신주혁Vor 2 Monate

  27. Pietro Perin

    Pietro PerinVor 2 Monate

    Ma chi cazzo ha dato la patente a Verstappen che fallito

  28. NanorVS

    NanorVSVor 2 Monate

    Ricciardo was able to thrash those soft's for the last 20 laps. There was no way he was winning without that safety car were it was, but gotta love the jump on the situation from redbull. Only hope Renault is able to understand the driver they picked up, he's at his best when he's able to go all out, and not worry about wear and his engine breaking on him... Have high hopes for whats to come.

  29. joe8075

    joe8075Vor 2 Monate

    The very first race track was a rabbit track built by the colonial French. During Moas red revolution thousands upon thousands dissidents executed there. Shot back of the head execution with pistol. Maybe is why the Shanghai formula 1 track is shaped like a bunny punching itself? This is the twisted mind of Chinese Communism.

  30. Alex Bensaia

    Alex BensaiaVor 2 Monate

    Verstappen very Very fucking idiots


    ASHOK PANDAVor 2 Monate

    I am happy that vettle lost both this one as well as world champion u can't always cut kimi and get always favour..this is called karma

  32. Gabriel Craig

    Gabriel CraigVor 2 Monate

    Max is too aggressive at times

  33. William Warby

    William WarbyVor 2 Monate

    5:52 I gotta get my eyes checked

  34. Tithes 123

    Tithes 123Vor 2 Monate

    Stupid Verstappen

  35. John Dipon

    John DiponVor 2 Monate

    what happen to vettel

  36. Hardik Makwana

    Hardik MakwanaVor 3 Monate

    Verstapen should die...in crash

  37. Alex Smith

    Alex SmithVor 3 Monate

    The good old days. Sad times now for Danny Ric

  38. Katia Possamai

    Katia PossamaiVor 3 Monate

    Verstappen è un coglione

  39. Danielo Vega

    Danielo VegaVor 3 Monate

    Heineken Shell Petronas Pirelli UBS Emirates Lenovo DHL HTC Rolex Honda Polaroid

  40. Milan The Lad

    Milan The LadVor 3 Monate

    Vettel blames everyone but himself.

  41. Dick Jones

    Dick JonesVor 3 Monate

    I think every team radio ive every heard from vetel is him crying? Best drive from Ricardo, thoroughly deserved.

  42. Oliver Sallmannshofer

    Oliver SallmannshoferVor 3 Monate

    Vettel= 😂😂😂😂👎👎👎👎👎 he is a little Baby!!! 😂😂😂

  43. M&M 123

    M&M 123Vor 3 Monate

    Excellent news and good luck Nasser Qatar dakar rally

  44. M&M 123

    M&M 123Vor 3 Monate

    Excellent news and good luck Nasser Qatar dakar rally

  45. Nilesh Shetty

    Nilesh ShettyVor 3 Monate

    I see many shitheads saying max is a dick head if he wasn't a pro driver he wouldn't have ended in F1 😒

  46. Mohammad Majed

    Mohammad MajedVor 3 Monate

    What verstappen go to do is drive like child😏

  47. 서준원

    서준원Vor 3 Monate

    3:58 조향각 관련 자료조사 ; 4:33 조향각 관련, 오버스티어 드리프트 ; 4:28 속력에 관하여 300km/h 이상 나온다는거 + 그 이후 페들시프트사용;

  48. TheMartieno

    TheMartienoVor 3 Monate

    I giggle to all the people hating at max here after japan

  49. Dave Smith

    Dave SmithVor 3 Monate


  50. Shailedran P

    Shailedran PVor 3 Monate


  51. Kev H

    Kev HVor 3 Monate

    I was at that corner, and I can hear Ferrari fans just went crazy

  52. ShouCleen PH

    ShouCleen PHVor 3 Monate

    Fuck Max Sore Loser

  53. Covers and stuff

    Covers and stuffVor 3 Monate

    Verstappen to Raikkonen, who's old enough to be his dad: see you later, son

  54. Mouloud Meddi

    Mouloud MeddiVor 3 Monate

    The gp where Lewis gets fucked very hard.

  55. Davi Ernest

    Davi ErnestVor 3 Monate

    It's funny that "The Fall and Rise of Daniil Kyvat" brought me here; Vettel mocked again by you know, the man that replaces Kvyat

  56. Big Al

    Big AlVor 3 Monate

    i wanna race F1 so bad im american i prefer F1 over Nascar all day better cars better drivers and better courses

  57. BenjyMaster

    BenjyMasterVor 3 Monate

    Hamilton could of Pitted

  58. Nihar Bendre

    Nihar BendreVor 4 Monate

    Danil Riccardo is a beast at dive bombing

  59. Nihar Bendre

    Nihar BendreVor 4 Monate

    Verstappen will never be up among the legends. His naïve attitude when overtaking a legend like kimi says it all. Entitled rich brat

  60. wasim aqil

    wasim aqilVor 4 Monate

    great race , also check this out play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.formula.one.car.quadbike.racing

  61. mon05

    mon05Vor 4 Monate

    Vettel : I dont think I need to say anything here LMAO

  62. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis RodriguezVor 4 Monate

    Fuck you vettel

  63. Humenszky Arpad

    Humenszky ArpadVor 4 Monate

    That race was the first step for Vettel to lose the Championship in this year.

  64. The Truth

    The TruthVor 4 Monate

    Alonso drove Vettel off the road.

  65. SHAKES

    SHAKESVor 4 Monate

    vettel wot a fucking baby ffs!

  66. saleendriver

    saleendriverVor 4 Monate

    One of the last races the Aussie will ever win. His move to Renault and Kimi's move to Sauber translates to "I'm in it for the money.....I'm OK with never winning again".

  67. Kategorya Entertainment Inc.

    Kategorya Entertainment Inc.Vor 4 Monate

    Verstappen kaptál volna defektet a kurva anyádat.. Kilököd vettelt akinek ez miatt megsérül a kocsija hát mit képzelsz te magadról!?!?

  68. Keven Bens

    Keven BensVor 4 Monate

    vettel is nen bleitsmoel (antwarps) vettel is a whining cunt (eng)

  69. timucin74

    timucin74Vor 4 Monate

    Verstappen ♥️♥️♥️

  70. BicMacAndChips1

    BicMacAndChips1Vor 4 Monate

    this feels like it was last year!!

  71. []

    []Vor 4 Monate

    Why does Verstappen like being such an asshole ?!!

  72. SAM LEE

    SAM LEEVor 4 Monate

    how Mercedes's engine can't beat Aston Martin's

  73. poolfans

    poolfansVor 4 Monate

    Max is the dirtiest driver in the history of F1. 100% true

  74. Yameh Arlette christelle Meh

    Yameh Arlette christelle MehVor 4 Monate

    Bon boulot de Ricardo félicitation a toi!!!

  75. Vlad Iancu

    Vlad IancuVor 4 Monate

    Verstappen is the biggest fucking moron in F1 in the last 20 years, why is he even allowed to race?

  76. 张嘉诚

    张嘉诚Vor 4 Monate


  77. 梅龙

    梅龙Vor 4 Monate

    'keep kimi behind you', botts is a good teammate. the strategy of ferrari is terrible.

  78. Gamer Patil

    Gamer PatilVor 4 Monate

    Fucking verstappen

  79. James Davis

    James DavisVor 4 Monate

    Alonso just showing his greatness again here. aggressive pass on the ferrari

  80. Nick Schueler

    Nick SchuelerVor 4 Monate

    See you Fucking later son

  81. Yas hey

    Yas heyVor 5 Monate

    As the saying goes, enjoy it while you can

  82. Mikey Mercado

    Mikey MercadoVor 5 Monate

    I've have watch, knight rider cars, & the viper tv, series but when comes to speed, F1, still the best;-)

  83. Joseph Coleman

    Joseph ColemanVor 5 Monate

    Max: "He locked up and turned in sharp" Um no Max you plowed into him you big headed twat

  84. Danielo Vega

    Danielo VegaVor 5 Monate

    Pilotos de F1 que saltaron a la parrilla con el GP de China de 2018 2 🇧🇪 Stoffel Vandoorne 3 🇦🇺 Daniel Ricciardo 5 🇩🇪 Sebastian Vettel 7 🇫🇮 Kimi Räikkönen 8 🇫🇷 Romain Grosjean 9 🇸🇪 Marcus Ericsson 10 🇫🇷 Pierre Gasly 11 🇲🇽 Sergio Pérez 14 🇪🇸 Fernando Alonso 16 🇲🇨 Charles Leclerc 18 🇨🇦 Lance Stroll 20 🇩🇰 Kevin Magnussen 27 🇩🇪 Nico Hülkenberg 28 🇳🇿 Brendon Hartley 31 🇫🇷 Esteban Ocon 33 🇳🇱 Max Verstappen 35 🇷🇺 Sergey Sirotkin 44 🇬🇧 Lewis Hamilton 48 🇳🇱 Daniël de Jong 55 🇪🇸 Carlos Sainz Jr. 57 🇪🇸 Sergio Canamasas 77 🇫🇮 Valtteri Bottas

  85. F1 2017

    F1 2017Vor Monat

    Daniël de Jong Sergio Canamasas ????

  86. Sakthi Prakash

    Sakthi PrakashVor 5 Monate

    alonso we miss ya

  87. krishna kanth

    krishna kanthVor 5 Monate

    Ricciardo master of late braking

  88. ZZBossGaming

    ZZBossGamingVor 5 Monate

    The thumbnail made it look like Lewis took out Seb

  89. 이경조

    이경조Vor 5 Monate

    I want to fuck with machine it's so sexy

  90. Christian Loh

    Christian LohVor 5 Monate

    Verstappen should be in formula bumper cars not f1. GTFO

  91. k v N

    k v NVor 5 Monate

    good job chrashstappen

  92. Gelu LF

    Gelu LFVor 5 Monate


  93. Gelu LF

    Gelu LFVor 5 Monate

    Ihave the adesiv that Riciardo have to Raikonen,jajaja

  94. Benny F1

    Benny F1Vor 5 Monate

    Gonna miss Ricciardos redbull days

  95. Shogun

    ShogunVor 5 Monate

    People really like bashing Max. I'd like to see any of you race as well as he does.

  96. Iceman4123

    Iceman4123Vor 5 Monate

    remember Max got only 10 seconds and he didnt finish behind Vettel. Wat a bad decision again by FIA.

  97. ClujNapoca

    ClujNapocaVor 5 Monate

    Give Alonso a good car at 50 yo and he will still be the champion.He is the GOAT of the present!

  98. Lähteenmäki Eino

    Lähteenmäki EinoVor 5 Monate

    Fia its all your fault its all your fault!!!!

  99. Eric Janke

    Eric JankeVor 6 Monate

    Daniels race was absolutely fantastic in my opinion

  100. Choco_ Mel

    Choco_ MelVor 6 Monate

    verstappens mindset still f3 like, always

  101. Tygz Dk

    Tygz DkVor 6 Monate

    Why do teammates block each other?