A Japanese Take on American Sushi

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  1. JunsKitchen

    JunsKitchenVor 9 Monate

    Thank you so much for watching and the support on patreon ( www.patreon.com/JunsKitchen )! Next video is going to be a normal recipe video and I used my drone again! The intro is already done and I think it’ll be one of my favorites so far! :) Japanese sushi focuses on “enjoying the pure flavor of ingredients that are in season (because that's when the ingredients are in their best condition)” and American sushi seems to focus on “the combination of flavor.” Japanese sushi finishes with a little bit of soy sauce so you can enjoy how it brings out all the good flavors of ingredients, whereas American sushi can be very tasty and flavorful without using any soy sauce (instead using bunch of other sauces and spices and all kinds of toppings). I miss American sushi when I’m in Japan and I miss Japanese sushi when I'm in America! I love both Japanese sushi and American sushi. :)

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  10. Kaito Kun [Ancient of Gods,Son of Kronos]

    Kaito Kun [Ancient of Gods,Son of Kronos]Vor 5 Stunden

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