Arab Kenyan Food - COCONUT GRILLED FISH + Tour with Chef Ali Mandhry in Mombasa, Kenya!

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One day during my trip to Mombasa, Kenya, I had a chance to hang out with Chef Ali Mandhry, a local from Mombasa, host of a variety of tv shows, writer, and an all around amazing guy to hang out with and eat with!
We first stopped off at Mama mbaazi, a lady who sells Mombasa style pigeon peas in coconut milk to be eaten with mahamri. We saved it for later when we returned to the house, but it was excellent, and amazing combination.
We then continued on to the main market in downtown Mombasa, a bustling fruits and vegetables market, full of friendly vendors, and all the ingredients you need to cook Kenyan Swahili food - which is a mix of Arabian, Indian, and local dishes. The main dish that we bought all the ingredients for was to cook a dish called samaki wa kupaka (grilled fish with coconut sauce). The fish was grilled first, then Chef Ali cooked a coconut milk sauce with garlic, curry powder and lime juice to baste onto the grilled fish. It was sensational.
Azad Ice Cream Shop - First, before getting back to the house to start cooking, we stopped for a classic Mombasa faluda.
The entire meal Chef Ali and Fiza cooked was incredible. I especially enjoyed the Swahili grilled fish and the rice pilau.
Huge thank you to Chef Ali Mandhry for this amazing day of Swahili Kenyan food in Mombasa, Kenya! Again, check out Chef Ali’s channel ( and Instagram (
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