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  1. legit jesus

    legit jesusVor Stunde

    Oh yeah yeah

  2. Nolan torgesen

    Nolan torgesenVor Stunde


  3. Priyanka Sharma

    Priyanka SharmaVor Stunde

    Come to India

  4. Flame Runners

    Flame RunnersVor Stunde

    Wadsworth Ohio I am a big fan

  5. Doge King77

    Doge King77Vor Stunde

    Hay can you please come to West Virginia it is amazing

  6. Alex Avramchuk

    Alex AvramchukVor Stunde

    Kiev, Ukraine maybe?

  7. Σπυρος Παπαδιας

    Σπυρος ΠαπαδιαςVor Stunde


  8. Ethan B

    Ethan BVor Stunde

    Come to keno, oregon

  9. Dongus Gaming

    Dongus GamingVor Stunde

    Come to the Philippines🇵🇭 where the most popular here in imus is the TRAFFIC 🤣🤣

  10. Riley Reacts

    Riley ReactsVor Stunde

    Chicago pls come to Chicago

  11. Tiffany Hwang

    Tiffany HwangVor Stunde


  12. Mark Baumann

    Mark BaumannVor Stunde

    Please come to vienna or munich

  13. GraesonRealm MC

    GraesonRealm MCVor Stunde

    Go to nebraska

  14. Tejas 10

    Tejas 10Vor Stunde

    Dubai please

  15. haidog colt

    haidog coltVor Stunde

    come to indi i live close

  16. TheExoNinja

    TheExoNinjaVor Stunde

    Dude. MALAYSIA 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  17. Adam Van Thomme

    Adam Van ThommeVor Stunde

    Des Moines, Iowa

  18. Chase Pid

    Chase PidVor Stunde


  19. Tiffany Hwang

    Tiffany HwangVor Stunde


  20. Shlok Raval

    Shlok RavalVor Stunde


  21. Tiffany Hwang

    Tiffany HwangVor Stunde


  22. Elvin Yeung

    Elvin YeungVor Stunde

    Come to Hong Kong

  23. Tiffany Hwang

    Tiffany HwangVor Stunde


  24. Tiffany Hwang

    Tiffany HwangVor Stunde


  25. MrHellboy 24

    MrHellboy 24Vor Stunde

    What about Germany? 😂😂

  26. Tiffany Hwang

    Tiffany HwangVor Stunde


  27. Maximilian H.

    Maximilian H.Vor Stunde

    Come to hamburg,Germany

  28. Tiffany Hwang

    Tiffany HwangVor Stunde


  29. Pratima Devi

    Pratima DeviVor Stunde

    Pwediepie is a racist

  30. Tiffany Hwang

    Tiffany HwangVor Stunde


  31. Márton Kollerits

    Márton KolleritsVor Stunde

    Come to hungary🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺

  32. Joseph Harding

    Joseph HardingVor Stunde

    The most ad friendly channel getting a paid program lol

  33. Spaceblade12321

    Spaceblade12321Vor Stunde

    Thanks for nothing

  34. Sting Bros342

    Sting Bros342Vor Stunde

    San Marcos California

  35. Maninder Singh

    Maninder SinghVor Stunde


  36. Josh Brown

    Josh BrownVor Stunde

    dang it.... i don't have cable!

  37. The_BigDog_ 10

    The_BigDog_ 10Vor Stunde

    netherlands. friesland. beetsterzwaag

  38. The Rippers

    The RippersVor Stunde

    Des Moines IA

  39. Yologames

    YologamesVor Stunde

    Come to Holland plzzzzz

  40. Asteroid Steel

    Asteroid SteelVor Stunde

    Come to El Paso, Texas

  41. Ayesha Eriksrud

    Ayesha EriksrudVor Stunde


  42. Alex Nair

    Alex NairVor Stunde

    I'll wait in Malaysia.

  43. Albert van Zyl

    Albert van ZylVor Stunde

    Come to South Africa!

  44. tech gamer

    tech gamerVor Stunde

    Please pakistan

  45. Dawn  Renegar

    Dawn RenegarVor Stunde

    Charlotte North Carolina

  46. Zane Totten

    Zane TottenVor Stunde

    Regina Saskatchewan Canada it's small but it has some of the best people ever

  47. Cameron Mcmanaman

    Cameron McmanamanVor Stunde

    Lincoln Nebraska the bay skate park plz

  48. aditya Karkate

    aditya KarkateVor Stunde

    Come to India

  49. Camryn Jackson

    Camryn JacksonVor Stunde

    Las Vegas

  50. Daivyan Benavidez

    Daivyan BenavidezVor Stunde

    Denver, Colorado