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    eh.. the motor right behind the seats, uncoated.. thats a bit too hardcoreish for me..

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    I wonder if John Oliver will ever read this comment? Bernie Madoff. He had no "seat on any exchange". He had no license to deal in securities. He simply took clients' monies and put them into his own bank account. Nor did he use that money to buy securities for his clients. And then he mailed out fake paper statements, he made up with a simple desktop computer and printer. (Most news media refused to report those simple facts. Why?) These are the things "white people" will do who live in a political economy, a theocratic place, where they believe and teach that genetic heritage determines who is, and who is not, a child of Abraham. That is their religion and their politics too. They see others as a resource, and think slavery is a divinely created institution, and not something created by sinful man. They rob children of their humanity before they are even born. Their place is with antichrist, popes, protestants such as southern baptists and mormons, and rabbis - all these who have , and do teach , whilst the breath of life is in their nostrils, Eugenics. They are as those midianites who worshipped a molten calf of gold, who were destroyed by moses, and by those others, who were for the Lord - so that Israel, being purged, might continue, spotless and without rebuke. For behaviour determines genetics, whether you are a child of Abraham, or not, and not genetics behaviour.

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    This show is so awful lmao

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    If you guys want to watch full video on the channel if you’re not in America. Download a VPN. Betternet I highly suggest as I use that to watch every video from LastWeekTonight.

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    How ironic that this is on trending despite being a fragment of a 4 month old clip, because it has blockchain in the name

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    If you want double the ratings, turn show politically unbiased to appeal to Republicans as well. Oh wait, the studio owners won't allow for that.

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    What a dipchit.

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    0:00.... Dan from CH??

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    Was that Dan Gurwerich?

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    Triple ratings.. to the moooon .

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    What a shock John Oliver is number 2 on DE-tube trending.

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    Help me out! Alienware 13 - Saving up

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    So sad. He’s been bought by the elites. To spread horrible things in our minds

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    .com bubble anyone?

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    You are not funny

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    Putting blockchain in the name apparently gets you to number two on trending also!

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    Is that Dan Gurwich (not sure how you spell it)

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    Bitcoin/Blockchain is the matter how the media spins it

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    Trumps keeps on winning ! Bigly ! And the left retards like this keep losing ...,trump 2020 .... Keep turning the country around ! Trump rules ..... Jealous dumb liberals !! Civil war will be so bad for liberals .... They'll piss there pants it should I say dresses corrupt utube .... Soon utube will be nationalized along with social media for lying so badly

  26. Joe Haberer

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    So ill presume and you keep worrying about my spelling.

  27. 2yearoldrustycokecan

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    It is possible to worry about multiple things simultaneously. Things are more complex than you seem to presume.

  28. Joe Haberer

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    Wow. Really ...the tolerent left ....over 30 gender identities in New York ...and your worried about spelling ......#%$^_/&&*&^/& you !

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    English, dude -- learn it.

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    This guy just looks like a dick head. You know he smells like one and no doubt tastes because you are what you eat. It must really suck getting beat up ever day at school and having your lunch money stolen and then beat up and mugged ever day walking to and from work and having your wallet stolen. Only to go home and take it all out on his mother by beating her up. You know his dad went out to buy lottery tickets and never came back 30 years ago. Do everyone a favor and make some use of that stupid tie your mom dresses you up in every day and hang yourself during one of your gay little "daddy left me for lottery tickets 30 years ago rants" and give people who have a life a real reason to watch. Oh. And stop torturing and killing small animals. Pull all tour teeth out.

  31. Joe Haberer

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    What an idiot Oliver is ... Just a really stupid show ....incompetent liar .... A Baffon... A mainstream media lying shrill ......

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    This is why we need bitcoin

  33. Travelling Spud

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    I hate that I go to this guy for the news. Its turning into a goofball show with jokes and fart noises. JUST TELL ME THE NEWS DAMN IT. WHERE THE FUCK CAN I FIND REAL NEWS????

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    This reminds me of "Dot Com" businesses.

  35. Lashan

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    Stock markets try to act like they actually do something of value when really they're really nothing but a glorified, socially acceptable outlet for gambling

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    Babes WHO TimeTravel!!! -

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    Was good vid changed it to 50 second clip. unsubscribe/dislike

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    John Oliver is LIVE on Cryptocora com

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    Blockchain is the new Cajun.

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    Hey there friend scrolling through the comments 👌

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    I like the reasoning; a single server can be hacked because it's in one highly secured location. But a distributed system cannot be hacked because its spread of thousdans of servers that you have no control over what-so-ever. Given the amounts of money involved, it's a matter of time before it gets hacked, if it's not compromized already.

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    Rekt isn't just a crypto term though.

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    The add on this video is for bitcoin. :) :D :P

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    Cuuuuhuuuurennnt yeaaaa

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    Anyone else kinda wanna start up A Joliver Coin? We can use this image for the coin face.

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    Hey! It's Dan from collegehumor!

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    Easy Peasy Toddler Seezee !!!!!!!

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    Forget the fact that "hero" literally starts with HER.

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    0:00 DAN GUREWITCH UP IN THIS BITCH #beefgurewitchlives

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    I’m selling everything I have and investing it all in DogeCoin, maybe a little JesusCoin for luck. They are the wave of the future!!

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    Deep onion....I would imagine that means a mix of deep web and onion routing? Like a sketchy ass currency for the deep web. Cryptocurrencies have a history of sketchy transactions (A la silk road).

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    The word for female heroes is heroines.

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    Wasnt dogecoin intended as a tip

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  60. Davis

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    Thanks for uploading man. Bitcoin is way too slow, high fees and not decentralized at all anymore. I'm all in on Ripple (XRP)! The last message John Oliver gave is so true, never invest what you can't afford to lose.

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    H3H3 Roasted bitconnect first :)

  62. Robace Kai Siang Tey

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    I didn't think Putin's speech was any bad to be honest. It was pretty okay....seriously

  63. Jonathan Ouimet

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    the dude from bitconnect was the reason i skip a part of this show for the first time in my life. Now you know.

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    And what about the proposal of Mr. Trump of imposing trade duties?... Don't you think it is a scaring measure mostly against UE?... personally I feel very worried😟😔😓😫

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    Last Bit Tonight with Block Chainiver! LOLLL

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  68. Tom Strutt

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    The reason these currencies are popping up is that the traditional banking system is the purest, globalized fraud, designed to put the entire world into inescapable debt, thereby creating the massive wealth imbalance under which the world now staggers. It is purpose built to transfer wealth to the .001% and establish a neo-feudal system in which debt, rather than the sword, is the weapon.

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    25:24 "Hey-Heyyyyyy-HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!" Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  70. Sakira Cadman

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    This isnt even funny anymore.

  71. No good deed

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    Omg that creep needs to get fired...what a perv. He grabbed her hand and she was instantly grossed out

  72. Svitojus

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    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. I guess we are in a second stage of Crypto adoption.

  73. arsenic tastes pretty good

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  74. gopalakartik

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    Wait so the big message is be responsible with your money? No way fiscal conservatives will like this wishy washy liberal episode! John Oliver is a libtard

  75. Samuel Craig

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    CBS lmao!!

  76. Bent Neatly

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    27:12 "BIT CONNECTTTTT" Dan, frame up, it looks like a heil!! Frame up!

  77. Drew Dellinger

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    I think John should stop trying to badmouth our government, and focus on his country's rape gangs

  78. Ellen Roberts

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    I am not ready to invest in cryptocurrency, but I don't trust Oliver's explanation because he is very wealthy and in the pocket of big banks. The Fed is terrified of Bitcoin et al because it won't be able to control the economy and create artificial bank runs and wall street crashes like in the past. I suspect that the US govt is behind some of the crashes and the instability of cryptocurrency. In time We The People will prevail coupled with Big Cannabis Co. getting involved and using cryptocurrency to fund it's business .

  79. Maarten Oosterbaan

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    They're waaaaaaay to early to make fun of the Google Glass concept.

  80. Ерали Болатулы

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    Is actually research on foreign language/literature a condition for production of the show? Or is it all about spewing partial B.S., to the extent that it send some people down the spiral of misunderstanding and misconduct.

  81. Tyrone Pearce

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    Any college humour fans freak out when they saw dan

  82. Mallet

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    Doing gods work

  83. Dogphlap

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    The reason cryptocurrencies are booming is that after the global economic meltdown of 2008/9 nothing serious was done to ensure it would not happen again apart from Dodd Frank (which Republicans and some Democrats are currently doing their best to dismantle at the behest of their donors, the banks). Some folks think we are on track for another bigger and better global economic meltdown so they are looking for anything that holds a promise of being a shelter from the coming storm. I have no idea if their fears are justified (I'm guessing yes) or if cryptocurrencies are any kind of palliative (I'm guessing not).

  84. sia590

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    “Blockchain: don’t let them chicken up you nugs.” If they don’t use that slogan then this currency has no hope

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    Thankyou .

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  88. Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro

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    *I really thought they got the BIT CONNECT dude*

  89. Jax

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    The bitconnect guy at the end reminds me of the movie "Rubin and Ed" LMAO

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    Fucking Dan...

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  92. Dan Jimiez

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    lets not call him dan

  93. RCN Media

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    I thought Johnston was Trump for a moment.

  94. creepy truck driver

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    3:10 WTF is wrong with this LWT show ? The guy did not lead that conversation at all, he barely made a statement.

  95. Nulono

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    I'd be a terrible crypto investor. I'd put $5 in, and then sell once it hit $6.

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    Damn HBO just let me watch this legally! I'd gladly watch this on your channel if you didn't block Canada

  97. PHILMKD1995

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    Why is Last Week Tonight John Oliver YT channel blocked in my country, Australia?

  98. L B

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    PHILMKD1995 If you mean the official uploads, we can't watch them immediately but we can after a few months. I think it's just down to licensing issues, same as how it's hard as hell to watch game of thrones legally here.

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    Who knew I'd been part of #Craefulgang for years!?

  100. MEEP0 GD

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    Did he say "ladies and gentlecoins?"

  101. Nulono

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    33:35 Turned out to be what?

  102. TheKimobo

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  103. Rob Knighton

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    TheKimobo Can’t believe it took that long...

  104. sarcasmo57

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    convert your microwave oven into a currency miner, ask me how.

  105. Asehpe

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    "It's like the word "shero", but less ridiculous and actually a word." Now you sound British! :-) Yet I agree...

  106. Yukosan13

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    7:04 I think putin's message might just be badly translated... cuz it doesn't sound that bad 😕 not like those guys from Fox news.. for real creeps. Ugh 😡 but seriously, dudes, shut up..! It's womens day let us enjoy it! You got all the rest of the 364 days! 😡😑😧 Seriously its not like humanity depends on women to give birth, raise your kids, clean your shitty underwear, and make you that damn sandwich..!! opps, 😅 yes... Yes they do. 😥😅

  107. Yukosan13

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    Dranzira one can speak on any day but the chance of others listening is not the same

  108. Dranzira

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    Wow... you seriously don't speak for 364 days out of a year?! Might be time to reevaluate your life... >.>