Pacquiao vs. Broner: Highlights | SHOWTIME PPV

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All-time great Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao cruised to a comfortable unanimous decision over Adrien “The Problem” Broner to defend his WBA Welterweight World Championship on SHOWTIME PPV® Saturday night in front of a sold-out MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.
#SHOSports #PacBroner
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  1. King Fiya

    King FiyaVor Stunde

    One day AB gonna realize He Has to Throw Punches to Win Fights. Can't Land 50 punches in 12 rounds and say you won.

  2. ☻Here's My Opinion☻

    ☻Here's My Opinion☻Vor Stunde

    Pacman 💪💪🏆

  3. Blank

    BlankVor Stunde

    Oh yeah yeah

  4. rico dynamite

    rico dynamiteVor Stunde

    A B stands for A BUM

  5. riptorn

    riptornVor Stunde

    the asian hope does it again

  6. SoCal Code 3

    SoCal Code 3Vor Stunde

    Broner the biggest sore loser in the boxing game.

  7. Donovan Whitley

    Donovan WhitleyVor Stunde

    Broner is trash, he’s too scared. Not for the big boys, he’ll forever be the bum fighter he is. His ego is bigger than his talent.

  8. Top - 5 - TV

    Top - 5 - TVVor Stunde

    Good fight !!!

  9. Joseph Xavier

    Joseph XavierVor Stunde

    Broner needs to man the hell up, drop all the antics and act like a man. He has no clue that if he dropped the clown act, and threw his hands, even if he got knocked out, he would gain so much more in respect. Stop placating to these ignorant fools that just want to see a ni**er get beat. If he drops the act and then goes out there like a man, he wins regardless of the result. AMD by the way. We see through the whole, "I'm a changed man" act he keeps trying to sell before the fight, because he acts the same way before, during, and after each fight. Do some real change.

  10. Abdullah B

    Abdullah BVor Stunde

    Oh yhea yhea

  11. Eazy account

    Eazy accountVor Stunde

    Oh yeah yeah. Maximilianmus army will never stop. Oh yeah yeah

  12. Jamal Thomas

    Jamal ThomasVor Stunde

    See what happens @Broner when you talk shit @Pacman owned that bitch but I wanna see a part 2 of this because I feel like Pacquiao got 1 more fight in him

  13. PROD. July

    PROD. JulyVor Stunde

    40 year old senator with flu vs Kevin Hart impersonator 😂

  14. Gage DeSpain

    Gage DeSpainVor Stunde

    Oh yeah yeah

  15. Thanos Oh yeah yeah

    Thanos Oh yeah yeahVor Stunde


  16. EddyliciousTV

    EddyliciousTVVor Stunde

    Manny Pacquiao 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Btw subscribe to my channel because why not 😁😁.

  17. Vizion Jrod

    Vizion JrodVor Stunde

    We have taken over youtube

  18. P.J. Lee

    P.J. LeeVor Stunde

    Nope. Rematch.

  19. Hyper Dank

    Hyper DankVor Stunde

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  20. King Of Ragnarok

    King Of RagnarokVor Stunde

    Oh yeah yeah

  21. Kicking it with Alvin Kinds

    Kicking it with Alvin KindsVor Stunde

    What a knockout.

  22. Pedro Espinal

    Pedro EspinalVor Stunde

    What a bad highlights

  23. Joe Whiteside

    Joe WhitesideVor Stunde

    The only "problem" with Briner is that he's not that good.

  24. Dino Derp News

    Dino Derp NewsVor Stunde

    My honest opinion: tACo BeLl InvItEs You tO a WOrLd

  25. Fapper Napper

    Fapper NapperVor Stunde

    Broner more like boner! OH YEAH YEAH.

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  27. Game Box

    Game BoxVor Stunde

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  29. rise our fellow brothers!!!!

    rise our fellow brothers!!!!Vor Stunde

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  30. Daniel Nava

    Daniel NavaVor Stunde

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  31. Kneegrow 0

    Kneegrow 0Vor Stunde

    Ha broner looks like Bonner

  32. Trai Moore

    Trai MooreVor Stunde

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  33. Paranormal Pros

    Paranormal ProsVor Stunde

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  34. Byron Farley

    Byron FarleyVor Stunde

    Im from cincinnati, young bruh let us down tremendously!!

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  38. Swaggidy

    SwaggidyVor Stunde

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  39. suporta tabang

    suporta tabangVor Stunde

    Broner unggoy

  40. Donald Johnson

    Donald JohnsonVor Stunde

    I like Pacman

  41. Sonnylee yt

    Sonnylee ytVor Stunde

    Yup i knew Pac man was gonns get it

  42. Yul Olaivar

    Yul OlaivarVor Stunde


  43. Hami GR

    Hami GRVor Stunde

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    chef gusteauVor Stunde

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  45. Jordan Lopez

    Jordan LopezVor Stunde

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  46. NPC #9943

    NPC #9943Vor Stunde

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  47. xdezakx

    xdezakxVor Stunde

    Pacquiao still got it. Man I want to be that athletic when I'm his age!

  48. MOIST

    MOISTVor Stunde

    Oh yeah yeah

  49. infinit sky

    infinit skyVor Stunde

    Chicken Floyd vs Manny II.

  50. I love Rykeem Doggy Dogg

    I love Rykeem Doggy DoggVor Stunde

    HA! WHAT A LOSER!! 😂😂😂



    I read broner as boner