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  1. TheNewVocal

    TheNewVocalVor 4 Monate

    Greetings from The Garden City =) =) Wish you a nice day!

  2. Verdeme S. R.

    Verdeme S. R.Vor year

    You must do a song of Dua Lipa!!! Love u guys, from Argentina ♥

  3. Char Williams

    Char WilliamsVor year

    My daughter & I LOVE, love you all! Love the music. Only music we've listened too in over a year now. Thank you!

  4. capy tone

    capy toneVor year

    PLEASE do the ballad version of "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding" your voices and style would serve the meaning so well.... thank you in advance.



    What beach did you film shake it off with the light house in the back ground. I been all over Nova Scotia and PEI and I did not recognize the area. David

  6. Shannon Spencer

    Shannon SpencerVor year

    Any chance you guys will be doing another song with KRNFX? Loved your dancing family member in the background of the new song Hey Yah. I laughed so hard. You all get to have so much fun. Keep up the great work everyone. Loving you, missing you, and waiting for more always yours Shannon Spencer. A.K.A. Wanderlust Jenkins

  7. thedrakenangel

    thedrakenangelVor year

    I would love to hear you do a remake of king of pain by the police/Sting

  8. Walk off the Earth

    Walk off the EarthVor year

    Hey peeps! We have some really cool stuff coming out in the near future. Make sure you are subscribed with your notifications turned on so you don't miss out. Click the bell beside the subscribe button.

  9. Bhimaa _09

    Bhimaa _09Vor year

    i want you to sing the song Adele - Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

  10. SimonSkrlec

    SimonSkrlecVor year

    Hello. I hope you will enjoy my SHAPE OF YOU drum version :) de-tube.com/play-video-CIS9PvXZIdE.html

  11. Mark Bussink

    Mark BussinkVor year

    I was hoping for a Tragically Hip Cover to honour Gordie!!!!!!! PLEASE

  12. Isabel Guerra

    Isabel GuerraVor year

    Pleeeeeeeeease come to Portugal!! I will love to see you in a concert here, as many people will love, I'm sure! ;)

  13. Christopher Andersen

    Christopher AndersenVor year

    Have you guys covered Coconut (Harry Nilsson) yet?

  14. MoDz_YT

    MoDz_YTVor year

    Where did the older guy go???? I haven't seen him in so long....I also haven't been watching the vidoes you guys post...So for anyone who will get pissed off...Thats my excuse

  15. Duy Cuong Nguyen Tran

    Duy Cuong Nguyen TranVor year

    galway girl pls

  16. Caprice Ariston

    Caprice AristonVor year

    Hello! I would love a cover of 'what lovers do' by maroon 5, you would kill it :)

  17. Louise K. Lane

    Louise K. LaneVor year

    God, you are so amazing. I would love to sing alto/tenor to your mezzo/soprano.

  18. Adam Jamhour

    Adam JamhourVor year

    I have a Crazy request .... Could you do a Theme song for my friends at Inland waterways Dubbo NSW Australia .....Please ! facebook.com/groups/1629756810670669/ The people behind it are trying to save our river , and also the committee ! We also have bigger problems with the whole Murray Darling basin !!! Anything you could do would help the fight for our RIVER .....

  19. Adam Jamhour

    Adam JamhourVor year

    I love your music !!! Can you do ? Shiny Happy People By REM please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Choi Chu

    Choi ChuVor year

    wahhhh.. please make a cover of this songgg.. de-tube.com/play-video-DYMrx1d7NXY.html

  21. Andrzej Plichta

    Andrzej PlichtaVor year

    Maybe now "Paper Towns", Sam Bruno - Search Party :)

  22. Savage Montana

    Savage MontanaVor year



    GAME OVERVor year

    I would love for you all to do some 80s music like blue monday, genesis, micheal jackson, Im sure you all would so a superb job!

  24. gfgf gfgf

    gfgf gfgfVor year

    Ребята - исполняйте все вместе, всей группой, это получается у Вас - Блестяще.Не надо отдельного дуэта.В команаде- вы прекрасны!

  25. Nils Nilsson

    Nils NilssonVor year

    Do a cover of Grace VanderWaal's i don't know my name :)

  26. Carolina Vestergren

    Carolina VestergrenVor year

    Me and my kids are totally smitten with you guys, my youngest wants to adopt "the guy with the beard" loads of love from sweden ❤️

  27. Daniel Pinto

    Daniel PintoVor year

    SUBLIME COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Daniel Pinilla

    Daniel PinillaVor year

    Gaaaalwaaaay Girl... Too much Ed Sheeran these days, but man I really want to hear that song!

  29. Kellie Harrell

    Kellie HarrellVor year

    Love all you do. Would you consider doing an older song? Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes? I think that has potential for what you all do with songs. You Rock

  30. Luan Salmon

    Luan SalmonVor year

    You guys are so awesome! My husband and I think some of your lyrics may have deeper hidden meanings. Is this true or are we just imagining things? lol

  31. Shannon White

    Shannon WhiteVor year

    There's a stellar up and coming artist you guys have to hook up with! Her name is Anne Cline from Albany, GA. Check out some of her live recordings on her facebook page. facebook.com/anneclinemusic She does covers and originals and is CRAZY talented.

  32. Delafiori

    DelafioriVor year

    Seu canal Gostei demais do seu canal! Confere meu canal que eu tenho certeza que vai curtir! Valeu.

  33. Wyatt B

    Wyatt BVor year

    hey guys my mom and I love your music and i noticed some of your covers are the same tunes as some of the minecraft songs I like. Maybe you can cover some minecraft music, would be awesome! Hope to hear some soon :)

  34. Prawidana Dwi

    Prawidana DwiVor year

    can you play song from The Killer - Human please

  35. David Scott

    David ScottVor year

    plz do Galway Girl

  36. Ivanmuhammad Fadzilah

    Ivanmuhammad FadzilahVor year

    can you guys cover "thunder" from imagine dragons? Thanks anyway, always support you from indonesia

  37. blueraven62611

    blueraven62611Vor year

    I dont't know if you read these or not, but I really love your band! And for another cover, I was thinking you could do The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This. I think you guys could make an amazing version of this! Love your music <3 keep it up!

  38. Layton Gabriel

    Layton GabrielVor year

    hey!! just want to say, I think you guys should do a cover of house of the rising sun, you would kill it!

  39. james coker

    james cokerVor year

    wow...you guys make music so great

  40. Joshua Fisher

    Joshua FisherVor year

    I'd love to see you guys cover Mayday Parade - Miserable at Best

  41. Symbiosonic rock

    Symbiosonic rockVor year

    hello this is Stéphane from France, you are amazing, i really like what you do. could you hear my album "tout est possible"?I made it all by myself.nobody knows me and if you like it, i will be very proud and happy yyyyyyyyy yyy y :) soundcloud.com/symbiosonic

  42. Atlas studio

    Atlas studioVor year

    hymn for the weekend please :D

  43. zukomomo

    zukomomoVor year

    Seems like everyone is covering the new Coldplay/Chainsmokers collab, and I'd absolutely love to hear what your creative souls could do with it! If you did do it, I know you'd make it fresh and different than the rest, and that would just be a lot of fun. ^-^ Just a thought! <3

  44. Asriel Nightmeuur

    Asriel NightmeuurVor year

    atleast put the beard guy to sing

  45. mini tyrek

    mini tyrekVor year

    Hey guys! If u could make cover of Bastille - No Agels, IT WOULD BE EPIC!!!!!!!!!! sorry for my bad english :__) love u

  46. Brandon Everett

    Brandon EverettVor year

    Hi! My wife and I had our first child (a beautiful, healthy boy) six months ago. Early on I knew I wanted him to experience the dynamic/creative/interactive/expressive essence of music. Needless to say your band's music and videos have been in constant, heavy rotation here. My wife and I just want to thank you for sharing your creativity and vitality with the world. We wish you all manner of success and health. Keep the hits coming!

  47. Atul Tiwary

    Atul TiwaryVor year

    Please do a male cover for elastic heart by sia I really love it .. please include the into music.. please do that music

  48. thepastelkay

    thepastelkayVor year

    Hey guys, I was just gonna ask if you could cover Let Her Go by Passenger? Thank you!

  49. Edmond Ho

    Edmond HoVor year

    Do u guys provide lyrics for all the songs

  50. Subjective Mind

    Subjective MindVor year

    Hello! Jonas & Minaj - Bom Bidi Bom pretty good track! Can you work your magic on it? I bet it would be awesome! Cheers!