hey i'm diplo.


  1. Alus

    AlusVor 2 Monate

    amazing. pls check out my channels covers!!!!

  2. Dot Snipper Official

    Dot Snipper OfficialVor 6 Monate

    He is the god of fear, the worst shit in history I prefer Zomboy

  3. Mladen Mladenov

    Mladen MladenovVor 8 Monate

    What is the song in the end of ep.5 of "What would Diplo do?"

  4. Intensely Alive

    Intensely AliveVor 8 Monate

    Hello, I am a Brazilian producer of electronic music and would like to know if I could free myself to do a remix of the Brazilian style of the track "Be Right There"? without any profins. I await a response, thank you in advance greetings.

  5. sinyo isa

    sinyo isaVor year

    i like this :)

  6. daniela avila

    daniela avilaVor year

    te amo ademas eres guapisimo

  7. daniela avila

    daniela avilaVor year

    te amo y eres guapisimo

  8. jose antonio torres machado

    jose antonio torres machadoVor year

    el mejor y major lazer tambien los amos

  9. Colonheiser

    ColonheiserVor year

    i is here


    MIKEYSTEPVor year

    yo diplo can u let me use one of your songs to put it in my channel and thx

  11. Nicole Lea Moseman

    Nicole Lea MosemanVor year

    Diplo is the boss, love in all the right places

  12. TrilagyShots

    TrilagyShotsVor year

    yo diplo can i use one of your songs in my video i will put your channel in the describtion also its a remix of your song Revolution Please may i use it ?

  13. jeiimii Hernandez

    jeiimii HernandezVor 2 years

    Diplo¡ deberías venir a mexico, darías un consiertaso de poca <3 <3

  14. jarod watss

    jarod watssVor 2 years

    Diplo Dj hello my name is Michael I really like what you do with your music I would love to hear some of my songs I'll give you the name of my song: OUTSET (DJ MIKEE) I would greatly appreciate it.

  15. DestoExo

    DestoExoVor 2 years

    you and skrillex should come to Detroit

  16. Jammers Gofawkurcouch

    Jammers GofawkurcouchVor 2 years

    i thank you for bringing me and my teen girls closer, im 37 so i grew up loving rap and hip hop i thought this is great i bet my kids and me will have they same intrest in music ..nope they love k pop and koren rap.but then you came into our life and we love everything you are involved with ...you are blessed

  17. Ryder Borawski

    Ryder BorawskiVor 2 years

    im a kid whos a dj im serious i am

  18. Dirty Noize

    Dirty NoizeVor 2 years

    Este es su canal oficial?

  19. Yensy

    YensyVor 2 years

    Porque no lanzas una musica electronica buena como skrillex ,Dj snake, Dillion Fracis ?

  20. Patryk Cygan

    Patryk CyganVor 2 years

    what do you use to make your music

  21. Lloyd'sSounds

    Lloyd'sSoundsVor 2 years

    hey diplo watch my video? energyV - OMG! (this!)

  22. WolfvineGaming

    WolfvineGamingVor 2 years

    How does Diplo not have one of those checkmark squares to the right of his channel?! His music label does and he's popular!

  23. Trap Bandicoot

    Trap BandicootVor 2 years

    Check this out! Jack Ü TRIBUTE <3 soundcloud.com/trap-bandicoot/jack-u-tribute-adrian

  24. Djemte e Aventurave

    Djemte e AventuraveVor 2 years

    you are the next living Legend!

  25. Anna Viol

    Anna ViolVor 2 years

    Hello, Diplo!

  26. Anna Viol

    Anna ViolVor 2 years


  27. Anna Viol

    Anna ViolVor 2 years

    I like your video, It's cool!!!!!!!!!

  28. madcatlady

    madcatladyVor 2 years

    I only found out you subscribed to me last week and it was 4 years ago, a brush with fame I missed LOL!

  29. Trap

    TrapVor 4 years

    diplo and friends radioshow is the best thing ever existed in this universe

  30. michael nelson

    michael nelsonVor 6 years

    best dj serious best producer to

  31. иazaxprime

    иazaxprimeVor 6 years

    I found something and I instantly thought of you. I've no doubt you will remember this one... watch?v=GXJN7sCFoW I'm also, still not able to grab us some suits yet, so while we are waiting here's something else to tie us over. Its from my boy Christian Mochizuki out of Hawaii. He goes by the handle Glitchdick. watch?v=-oiF-p_n_MU Thanks again, brother.

  32. иazaxprime

    иazaxprimeVor 6 years

    Thank you, brother. I do believe I owe you a suit. One fine day...

  33. L A

    L AVor 6 years

    CHASING THE DRAGON is still my favorite mix! Love all those 60's garage rock throwbacks.

  34. DasJus Mean

    DasJus MeanVor 7 years

    come to my channeld for lolz

  35. Rheyne

    RheyneVor 7 years


  36. Dubroar

    DubroarVor 7 years


  37. Matthew Mcgrath

    Matthew McgrathVor 7 years

    who else bends genres with his bare hands till they break'

  38. xo0r

    xo0rVor 7 years

    hey diplo are you listening hardcore now? I'm a very big fan of old tracks and your set in miami reminds me a lot the oldschool US Hardcore scene... watch this video de-tube.com/play-video-XI-fpKbYQt0.html fits very well with your style... send me a message if you like it :)

  39. Maria Karla Paulo

    Maria Karla PauloVor 7 years

    I really do hope this channel will be up to date and have a nice background.. ^_^

  40. Liz Eyas

    Liz EyasVor 7 years

    You are awesome and gorgeous and amazing... <3 Keep on creating!!!

  41. creaturesk8r14

    creaturesk8r14Vor 7 years

    Haha thats crazy. I would of never thought you knew who eric wareheim was.

  42. hudmohockey

    hudmohockeyVor 7 years

    you're a True G for liking 2ne1.

  43. Isarah Decker

    Isarah DeckerVor 7 years

    like you know anything, diplo produced M.I.A.'s music, stupid fuck, you shouldn't make comments you know nothing about. he's awesome, don't hate....

  44. L

    LVor 7 years

    you lie so hard that u believe ur own lies. You got a serious problem in ur head. That video with M.I.A. is fake...

  45. Wout Wout

    Wout WoutVor 8 years

    Yo Diplo you gotta produce some dubstep tunes! You rock! Greets from The netherlands!

  46. sriracha2009

    sriracha2009Vor 8 years

    you are the best! I absolutely love your work so mad eccentric, stay fresh

  47. Guele pega

    Guele pegaVor 8 years

    me gustas tanto

  48. L' abeille

    L' abeilleVor 8 years

    I L O V E Y O U D I P L O !

  49. Andrew Aguilera

    Andrew AguileraVor 8 years

    Your so good!

  50. djrydak

    djrydakVor 8 years

    dont forget the to tear the sky