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  1. Mick Young

    Mick YoungVor 4 years

    Just love Pixar, I don't even have kids but love it when the godchildren come over

  2. Rishi Choudhary

    Rishi ChoudharyVor 4 years

    Toy Story 2,Toy Story 3,Monsters Inc,Nemo,Brave,Incredibles,Ratatoulie,Brave,and MU are my favorites.I want to work for Pixar when I'm older.I wanna follow there foots steps.

  3. 9813

    9813Vor 4 years

    I'm really expecting of 'Inside out'

  4. Arnold Cheng Ki Lim

    Arnold Cheng Ki LimVor 4 years

    Do you have Finding Dory's trailer?

  5. Haziq Haiqal

    Haziq HaiqalVor 4 years

    Finding DOry I coming right?

  6. Jerry Vong

    Jerry VongVor 4 years


  7. T.J. Mulvaney

    T.J. MulvaneyVor 4 years

    Longtime fan since the day the world first saw toys comes to life! Keep up the good work, DisneyPixar!


    RETSNOMVor 4 years

    Wall-E 2?

  9. Milan Jamito

    Milan JamitoVor 4 years


  10. LotnictwoTV

    LotnictwoTVVor 4 years

    Great work! Nice channel

  11. BattellefieldTHEBEST

    BattellefieldTHEBESTVor 4 years

    Oh Fantastic! I'm very happy to say that this youtube channel it's very complete and well done. W PIXAR and disney too!

  12. LEGO MAN 5000

    LEGO MAN 5000Vor 4 years

    @DisneyPixar When is there going to be A Bug's Life 2

  13. lukwisnie

    lukwisnieVor 4 years

    @MultiGamer20211 Well, Pixar didn't make Planes, so they didn't upload the Planes trailers. You can find them on Disney channels.

  14. Surprise Toy Collections

    Surprise Toy CollectionsVor 4 years

    Love this channel :]

  15. Disney Pixar

    Disney PixarVor 4 years

    planes toon

  16. Coco the Mailbox King

    Coco the Mailbox KingVor 4 years

    Where are all the planes trailers?

  17. SingHeySongs

    SingHeySongsVor 4 years

    What amazing work.

  18. Evaldo Devellis o Guitarrista . com

    Evaldo Devellis o Guitarrista . comVor 4 years

    Pixar always does a wonderful and remarkable job! I´m a number 1 fan!

  19. LEGO MAN 5000

    LEGO MAN 5000Vor 4 years

    Pixar's the best

  20. LEGO MAN 5000

    LEGO MAN 5000Vor 4 years

    Pixar is the best! |:)

  21. rosaliesaysrawr

    rosaliesaysrawrVor 4 years

    I've been making a ton of "Disney Look" videos! Where I recreate a Disney Character or Princess or inspired makeup, hair, and outfit! Anyone is welcome to check them out and You are more then welcome to let me know which Character or Princess I should do next! n.n God Bless <3

  22. Harvey Garlson

    Harvey GarlsonVor 4 years

    I ❤Pixar 👍

  23. Speyer Family

    Speyer FamilyVor 4 years

    when are you gonna make the good dinosaur trailer?

  24. Lorraine Spence

    Lorraine SpenceVor 4 years

    do you think there is a possibility of The incredibles 2 ? I've been waiting so long now !!!

  25. Vincent Vega

    Vincent VegaVor 4 years

    truly digging your stuff man :D

  26. paperjammeddipper

    paperjammeddipperVor 4 years

    u rock !!! make a bugs life 2! plzzz!

  27. SoupProductionz

    SoupProductionzVor 4 years

    If you guys are not too busy with other ideas, it would be awesome to see a sequel to "The Incredibles" from you guys. The original was amazingly well done.

  28. Luke Yannuzzi

    Luke YannuzziVor 4 years

    Why don't you uncancle Newt for a new year rather than last year, okay? The Good Dinosaur will still be the next Pixar film in 2014.

  29. LiamTehMemer

    LiamTehMemerVor 4 years

    Can you Make Liam's World The Movie "Tjdrum's DS" clip?

  30. Videogamer96

    Videogamer96Vor 4 years

    @Mah Cj: This is Pixar, not Dreamworks...

  31. Mass Vue

    Mass VueVor 4 years

    Nice Channel

  32. Charles N.

    Charles N.Vor 4 years

    I am watching monsters university right now in the movies

  33. Simon Lenthen

    Simon LenthenVor 4 years

    I heard that monsters university was not that good. I was also dissapointed with Cars 2. Will you guys STOP making sequels and get back to doing original awesome stories!!!

  34. Mah Cj

    Mah CjVor 4 years

    when the shark tale's 2 start?

  35. Taylor Hurst

    Taylor HurstVor 4 years

    i love Disney!

  36. PureJuiceful

    PureJuicefulVor 4 years

    Slap my hand! High five in other words!

  37. JU JU

    JU JUVor 4 years

    AWESOME Channel i can't wait to see Monsters University!!!!

  38. Surprise Toy Collections

    Surprise Toy CollectionsVor 4 years

    Great Channel :]

  39. kidsarthub

    kidsarthubVor 5 years

    I LOVE PIXAR! you are amazing team and all you movies are amazing! :-))

  40. Rocky Kamen-Rubio

    Rocky Kamen-RubioVor 5 years

    This movie comes out the day of my orientation at Cal

  41. Mark Borromeo

    Mark BorromeoVor 5 years

    Make a movie of toy story the roundup gang

  42. prabhjot bains

    prabhjot bainsVor 5 years

    please guys! make a bugs life 3d re release the fans want it come on!

  43. Diamond Tankard

    Diamond TankardVor 5 years


  44. Doreen Roberts

    Doreen RobertsVor 5 years

    I am looking for the full Disney short movie called Boundin' Released with the (The Incredibles movie)

  45. SingHeySongs

    SingHeySongsVor 5 years

    Really great work !

  46. englishcreamcakes

    englishcreamcakesVor 5 years

    i want a wall-e 2!!!

  47. acw02

    acw02Vor 5 years

    We want MU!

  48. Snotty James

    Snotty JamesVor 5 years

    Monsters University

  49. Juan Sanchez

    Juan SanchezVor 5 years

    Fabuloso :)

  50. Kevin Crawford

    Kevin CrawfordVor 5 years

    appreciate ya thank you for your time!

  51. daniel edewor

    daniel edeworVor 5 years

    i am a huge fan pixar

  52. daniel edewor

    daniel edeworVor 5 years

    i am huge fan of pixar

  53. GregoCatal

    GregoCatalVor 5 years

    Would you be able to have a behind-the-scenes look with Patrick Doyle when he was composing the soundtrack to "Brave?" I was really hoping for that when I bought the Collector's Edition BluRay/DVD. You have everything else in that collection except a look at the making of the soundtrack and songs for "Brave." Please, guys. It would be a real treat for aspiring singers.

  54. moviencartoons3

    moviencartoons3Vor 5 years

    When will you release the new trailer for "Monsters University?" I must know & I want it NOW!!!

  55. Dafne Farias

    Dafne FariasVor 5 years


  56. Aryan Varma

    Aryan VarmaVor 5 years

    Seen every single Pixar film except Brave. I am a huge fan of Pixar Animation Studios.

  57. John Francis Mercado

    John Francis MercadoVor 5 years

    This Pixar Most Great i see Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales

  58. acw02

    acw02Vor 5 years

    I love your hidden easter eggs, Pixar.

  59. acw02

    acw02Vor 5 years

    What up fishes?

  60. acw02

    acw02Vor 5 years

    Yeah Monster's University ;)

  61. Alwyn Mar

    Alwyn MarVor 5 years

    Anyone knows the song from Brave's Trailer? Its the trailer with the hardcore celtic song in it I want.

  62. Mike Stratton

    Mike StrattonVor 5 years


  63. blfs13

    blfs13Vor 5 years


  64. Kain Kim

    Kain KimVor 5 years

    La Luna Short

  65. acw02

    acw02Vor 5 years

    I just can't get enough of you, Pixar.

  66. acw02

    acw02Vor 5 years

    Can't wait to see more footage of your new upcoming movie.

  67. Protect America

    Protect AmericaVor 5 years

    We love us some Pixar! Best thing to ever happen to the world of cinema!

  68. acw02

    acw02Vor 5 years

    I'm exciting to see an update on Monsters University. Keep up the good work, Pixar! I'm a really big fan! :)

  69. Rebecca Benson

    Rebecca BensonVor 5 years

    toy story

  70. ale arcanu

    ale arcanuVor 5 years

    i like disney

  71. somedudenamedmilan

    somedudenamedmilanVor 5 years

    If Finding Nemo 2 comes out, Crush should be in it.

  72. Joshua Farrugia

    Joshua FarrugiaVor 5 years

    dear mrrandoms well i think nemo 2 will need a new voice for nemo and cars 3 there has been to much cars movies and i like to stick with 2 and the rest im fine with

  73. Aaron Brown

    Aaron BrownVor 5 years

    Fun and entertaining stuff here. Loving it!

  74. eagc7

    eagc7Vor 5 years

    i wish you guys one day decided to release 2 or 3 films per year (3/2 original/sequels/prequels films i mean, not a original/sequel/prequel film and w or 3 re-releases) :p

  75. clarrise mae fajela

    clarrise mae fajelaVor 5 years

    Can you upload in Wall.E 2 ?

  76. Mass Vue

    Mass VueVor 5 years

    Hey, DisneyPixar Great Video, Wow Awesome Channel! massfacebookfans(.)com

  77. Connor Goff

    Connor GoffVor 5 years

    you guys need to make a mario movie because iv seen the bowser you did in wreck it raplh and i think you guys would make a great movie about it and mario does have a lot of fans you would get a lot of money and make a lot of people happy so at least think about it plz

  78. Cead mile failte

    Cead mile failteVor 5 years

    make brave 2

  79. lord3zz

    lord3zzVor 5 years

    day and night

  80. Malia Saez

    Malia SaezVor 5 years

    i dont know which one is better, pixar or dreamworks... HMMMM

  81. Malia Saez

    Malia SaezVor 5 years


  82. Vinayaka Halemane

    Vinayaka HalemaneVor 6 years

    You've got a great channel here!

  83. Luis Santos

    Luis SantosVor 6 years


  84. adritomasi

    adritomasiVor 6 years

    し◯√ Ξ♥【ツ】kiss from BRAZIL Adri:)

  85. gwhizkids

    gwhizkidsVor 6 years

    Just downloaded "The Best of Pixar" CD! Love it! Great songs for great movies!

  86. tailsandferb4

    tailsandferb4Vor 6 years


  87. Jasmina Kesic

    Jasmina KesicVor 6 years


  88. Donzan

    DonzanVor 6 years

    pixar short night and day

  89. rfp415

    rfp415Vor 6 years

    I dont care if it already exist. . make a BETTER "Where the WIld Things Are". .lol

  90. Steven

    StevenVor 6 years

    I love your movies and shorts

  91. ifitsgotwheels

    ifitsgotwheelsVor 6 years

    Toy Story is my favourite film of all time!

  92. ifitsgotwheels

    ifitsgotwheelsVor 6 years

    I can't believe I am not watching Cars or Cars 2 right now. Such good films. Thanks for making them.

  93. Familia C

    Familia CVor 6 years

    hola mi bebe de 2 años le facina cars y otras de sus obras gracias por hacerlo feliz

  94. nickshugg

    nickshuggVor 6 years

    I love you guys, I cant wait to work for you, I want to be a character designer or a story border or just put it this way I want to work for you guys so badly I would be the cleaner if I had to!!!

  95. PeytonsAntique

    PeytonsAntiqueVor 6 years

    Loved tangled. New favorite disney princess.

  96. anhonuevo

    anhonuevoVor 6 years

    otro. para vos Gisela.

  97. tarakya naman

    tarakya namanVor 6 years


  98. Elisa Fdez

    Elisa FdezVor 6 years

    esta divertido

  99. Bonnie Chester

    Bonnie ChesterVor 6 years


  100. Elvira

    ElviraVor 6 years

    So when do we get an awesome Brave trailer like Japan? I'd like to hear the original voices!

  101. Thomas G. Steffens

    Thomas G. SteffensVor 6 years

    I love Pixar!

  102. RoyalEpicClothing

    RoyalEpicClothingVor 6 years

    ur stuff is legit

  103. Jayaram Prabhu Durairaj

    Jayaram Prabhu DurairajVor 6 years

    cannot wait for her action !

  104. Bilal Khettab

    Bilal KhettabVor 6 years

    Great channel ! I hope you more 25 years

  105. vmagroup

    vmagroupVor 6 years

    Just stopping by to show some channel lovin' lol! I noticed you all have done almost every classic cartoon from the earlier years, but when are you guys going to do Captain Planet! I think that would be a nice look on the big screen.

  106. Change Games Entertainment

    Change Games EntertainmentVor 6 years

    great work!

  107. serap pamir

    serap pamirVor 6 years

    I love pixar animations!!! II am whishing with all my heart and soul to work for pixar animations one day!!! It is my dream

  108. Rizky DP

    Rizky DPVor 6 years

    please disney ,release more video remix from pogo :D

  109. Aleex RB

    Aleex RBVor 6 years

    Can you Upload the "One Band Man" video plis. Im asking you from Argentina

  110. linkinpop13

    linkinpop13Vor 6 years

    your videos are the best in the world

  111. clarice byrne

    clarice byrneVor 6 years

    :) Love it !!

  112. soundtracks881

    soundtracks881Vor 6 years

    ...waiting for "Brave"...

  113. TheJADFilms

    TheJADFilmsVor 6 years

    can i please please please please have a tour of the studios for my birthday present? My birthday is in less than a week. I know a guy that did work for you on Toy Story. I want to work at pixar studios. it would make my life amazing. please?



    PIXAL ME !

  115. Beatriz López

    Beatriz LópezVor 6 years

    Great work. Like very much Cars, better than Cars2

  116. Focom99

    Focom99Vor 6 years

    Thaks to everybody at emeryville. you are making this world better. well.... i thinks lol each pixarian is making a great jobs. And when lasseter will come to the pixar podcast it will be so cool for the fan comunity France wish you to have a nice week =)

  117. 1976partyhat

    1976partyhatVor 6 years

    Love disney!!!

  118. Clarissa A

    Clarissa AVor 6 years


  119. Warfu ­

    Warfu ­Vor 6 years

    in a world of pure imagiination

  120. Jeffrey Chan

    Jeffrey ChanVor 6 years

    the next one will be brave then monsters university ( monster inc 2 )

  121. MESlaboratory

    MESlaboratoryVor 6 years

    This is the best channel ever.... can you send me all your short animated films are so funny luv them :DD

  122. Jesse Damiani

    Jesse DamianiVor 6 years

    They need to make (A Bug's Life 2)!!!!!!

  123. Gabe Deschamps

    Gabe DeschampsVor 6 years

    John Of The Jungle It's so funny

  124. jvfunn3000

    jvfunn3000Vor 6 years

    How come there's nothing from Bug's Life?

  125. Lesław Skuza

    Lesław SkuzaVor 6 years


  126. OSYR797O

    OSYR797OVor 6 years

    hey dineypixar love your animation!!! check my channel out!!!!!

  127. MrsSvarky

    MrsSvarkyVor 6 years

    I extremely want cars 3! I very hope- that it will be ... that will be sequel of this awesome movie ! I send big greeting from the Czech Republic and Russia to You:-))

  128. 三本いさお

    三本いさおVor 6 years

    Wonderful World ♪♪♪

  129. Émilie Tremblay

    Émilie TremblayVor 6 years

    I am only 14 and my dream is to animate for Pixar! Thank you for being so inspiring! :)

  130. linkinpop13

    linkinpop13Vor 6 years

    PIXAR you are the best

  131. kandy Castillo Flores

    kandy Castillo FloresVor 6 years


  132. Yowyuan Chang

    Yowyuan ChangVor 6 years

    this is so lovely ,i can't stop dreaming!

  133. tallplaypix

    tallplaypixVor 6 years

    Thank you for keeping the old DE-tube channel format! (The new one sucks!)

  134. masatokunn1

    masatokunn1Vor 6 years

    I look forward to the next new product.

  135. sunnydale22

    sunnydale22Vor 6 years

    I LOVE DISNEY PIXAR FILMS WITH ALL OF MY HEART! I'm 16 now, but I've been watching them for most of my life and I know that I will for as long as I live. There is so much to admire and enjoy in your brilliant animating skills, selection of music, heartfelt and unique stories and plots... Pixar films are some of my very favourite movies, they are classic, unspeakably fun and they change the world! Can't wait for all the great movies to come, Pixar! ♥

  136. Mark Cabaniss

    Mark CabanissVor 6 years

    Happy 25th anniversary, Pixar. Keep on going!

  137. Astro Joey

    Astro JoeyVor 6 years

    I'm a big fan of Monster Inc!!!!!:)

  138. Ter Ang

    Ter AngVor 6 years

    exactly.. i miss incredible.. and the response to the movie has been good. i hope there is a sequel to it..

  139. queendsheena1

    queendsheena1Vor 6 years

    Pixar, you are an amazing company full of talented and dedicated people.

  140. Baby Cheese :D

    Baby Cheese :DVor 6 years

    LOOOOOOOOOVE PIXAR PLEZ MAKE A TOY SORY 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16...... well u get the point!lol!

  141. Ahmad Osama

    Ahmad OsamaVor 6 years

    pixar are the most best animation company !!x"D

  142. Gary Romain

    Gary RomainVor 6 years

    good job very good job on the design of the cars like franseco berlonni and flinn mac missile

  143. Gary Romain

    Gary RomainVor 6 years


  144. Gary Romain

    Gary RomainVor 6 years

    yeah good job

  145. Jadyn Mollet

    Jadyn MolletVor 6 years

    Brilliant work Cars 2!!! Absolutely LOVED the movie!! Keep doing a good job and maybe make some more Cars short films!

  146. SingHeySongs

    SingHeySongsVor 6 years

    Is there going to be another Incredibles?

  147. TheMudkip12345

    TheMudkip12345Vor 6 years

    I can't wait for Monster University :) Please make Finding Nemo 2 and The Incredibles 2!

  148. What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism?

    What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism?Vor 6 years

    Thank you! just THANK YOU for giving me a great childhood!!

  149. PhiWrestlingShowcase

    PhiWrestlingShowcaseVor 6 years

    I <3 Pixar

  150. Archery Tag®

    Archery Tag®Vor 6 years

    Great channel! So excited to see traditional archery in so many of your upcoming movies!

  151. Gabriel Duarte

    Gabriel DuarteVor 6 years

    Love Pixar !

  152. SingHeySongs

    SingHeySongsVor 6 years

    Fantastic work Disney !!!

  153. Cayby J

    Cayby JVor 6 years

    When does a new Cars toon, Mater Wars comes with the movie Brave?

  154. Ricardo Alzate

    Ricardo AlzateVor 6 years

    Excelent CAnal!!!

  155. Jürgen R. Schreiter

    Jürgen R. SchreiterVor 6 years

    GREAT CHANNEL - Lovely!!!

  156. dmandelux

    dmandeluxVor 6 years


  157. AnArtFreak17

    AnArtFreak17Vor 6 years

    I love Disney pixaar!! My all time dream to be an animator!!!

  158. Dis411

    Dis411Vor 6 years

    We love Pixar -- thanks for sharing all that you do with all of us!

  159. Jim Brenneman

    Jim BrennemanVor 6 years

    Love everything you do. Okay so maybe not everything but I do love your animation. I don't know you well enough to say everything.

  160. TheNanaBunny

    TheNanaBunnyVor 6 years

    Hi Disney, Nice animation on the Pixar films :)

  161. Mar Jaeweny

    Mar JaewenyVor 6 years

    where is wall e ....???

  162. Carlos Sea

    Carlos SeaVor 6 years

    Pure "Innocence In Imagination", ALWAYS KEEP THAT CHILD ALIVE INSIDE YOU ! ! !

  163. SingHeySongs

    SingHeySongsVor 6 years

    Your work is Awesome !!!

  164. Sarah Nerwinski

    Sarah NerwinskiVor 6 years

    nice make

  165. DarkWhisper11

    DarkWhisper11Vor 6 years

    I love The Incredibles

  166. TumblrMemeTees

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    GCWavesVor 6 years

    I love you PIXAR.

  168. Sheriff Doodle

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  169. NeoNovastar

    NeoNovastarVor 6 years

    How hard is it to get a job with you? I'm willing to study day and night and move to California to work with your amazing team, and I love to create new characters all the time.

  170. ToolboxMachinima

    ToolboxMachinimaVor 6 years

    Please make more short films and post them on youtube :)

  171. Holly

    HollyVor 6 years

    Make another toy story film. Pretty please.

  172. SingHeySongs

    SingHeySongsVor 6 years

    I really enjoy your work !!!

  173. Kyra Le

    Kyra LeVor 6 years

    :D love pixar movies!!!! they just capture your attension no matter what! i am not really interested in cars, or michanics, so when i was going to watch cars, i thought i wouoldnt like it, well it ended up being awesome! but my favorite one of all time is Pocahantas! love her!

  174. gari

    gariVor 6 years

    I heard there's gonna be a Toy Story 4. Is it true? :DDD

  175. carmen imperial

    carmen imperialVor 6 years

    love you

  176. lawnceWOO

    lawnceWOOVor 6 years

    oh hey disney, sup? u come here often?

  177. David Jordao

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    I love you, Pixar... :)

  178. Jay Silver

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    PIXAR IS EPPIIIIIIIIC! Check out my channel peeps :D

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  180. AffleckDavid

    AffleckDavidVor 6 years

    I love so much Toy Story. Thanks for uploading the vid!!!! ツ Best regards from Madrid, Spain

  181. Graham Abraham

    Graham AbrahamVor 6 years

    What will be the scariest monster in Monsters University?

  182. MichaelSar12IsBack

    MichaelSar12IsBackVor 6 years

    You guys make great movies! Personally, I can't WAIT for your new ones to come out.

  183. swainer25

    swainer25Vor 6 years

    hey guys im a big fan of your work and i would like to know what you use to make movies/animations i am staring autodesk maya and ive done a bit of 3d max plus do you have any tips for a newbie?

  184. linkinpop13

    linkinpop13Vor 6 years

    This channel is so awesome and pixar is the best

  185. Zoe Loggia

    Zoe LoggiaVor 6 years

    will "small fry" play in latinoamerica too?

  186. Phantøm OSTs

    Phantøm OSTsVor 6 years

    Cars 2 was awesome, I don't know why critics were so harsh!

  187. Elif Tan

    Elif TanVor 6 years

    Pixar is the best animation company ever !

  188. Gabriel Duarte

    Gabriel DuarteVor 6 years

    Brave 15 de junho nos cinemas, meu aniversario e dia 14 de junho, a pixar e meu grande presente ;D

  189. EverythingFilm

    EverythingFilmVor 6 years

    I really love the channel. You have some amazing talent. Please check mine out as well and subscribe if you like!

  190. Lilly Lu

    Lilly LuVor 6 years

    Thank you. Thank you to John Lasseter. Thank you to all at Pixar Thank you for the joy. Thank you for the fun. Thank you for all the laughs But most of all.... Thank you for the looks on my children's faces when they watch a Pixar film.

  191. Thorsten Sellheim

    Thorsten SellheimVor 6 years

    cool! Mc Queen rockt

  192. Zoe Loggia

    Zoe LoggiaVor 6 years

    SMALL FRY!!!

  193. LMJCreations

    LMJCreationsVor 6 years

    Thanks For Accepting I Hope Once I Receive My BFA I Will Some Day Be Hired As An Animator For Pixar. One Of My Biggest Career Goals. :)

  194. 7ristan

    7ristanVor 6 years

    I'm gonna work for Pixar when I grow up!

  195. coolbeans123726

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  196. legendariers

    legendariersVor 6 years

    Make a movie with the two robots from Portal 2, Atlas and P-Body!

  197. ToyPitStop

    ToyPitStopVor 6 years

    Awesome Channel!

  198. SingHeySongs

    SingHeySongsVor 6 years

    My daughter loves Mater !

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    cool cool cool

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