Jim Yosef

Electronic music producer from Sweden
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  1. Michi

    MichiVor year


  2. SUPERTELL vlogs-challenges-karate-reviews-how to

    SUPERTELL vlogs-challenges-karate-reviews-how toVor year

    I like your work.

  3. Debate Me

    Debate MeVor year

    Hey we have the same name, and similar looks lmao. Nice music -a fellow Yosef

  4. Earnest Achayo

    Earnest AchayoVor year

    i like your tracks so much! i wanna see the person behind them.

  5. EDMislife77

    EDMislife77Vor year

    jim yosef i am going to make a song combo with falcon & aldeeran is that ok?

  6. EDMislife77

    EDMislife77Vor year

    jim yosef you should collaborate with elektronomia...

  7. EDMislife77

    EDMislife77Vor year

    like that you have the deep roots of EDM. It's the only kind of music i listen to.

  8. TransquitOfficial

    TransquitOfficialVor year

    Jim, all the vocals in you tracks sounds similar :D are they your voice?

  9. Luc Tran

    Luc TranVor year

    face reveal Pls at 30k subs

  10. EDMislife77

    EDMislife77Vor year

    a...LOT of friends, keep up the great work!!! :)

  11. EDMislife77

    EDMislife77Vor year

    all of my friends love your music, and believe, i have some friends

  12. EDMislife77

    EDMislife77Vor year

    i am making a whole playlist devoted to you on soundcloud, hope you like it

  13. EDMislife77

    EDMislife77Vor year

    i am a huge fan, i love EDM!

  14. Chronotides

    ChronotidesVor year

    Hi, Jim, big fan! Quick Question: Could you provide me with the name of the software and, if you want, the synthesizer you use? I would be most appreciative!

  15. Phoenix Nebula

    Phoenix NebulaVor year

    What does it take to make digital music like this? I've been very interested in doing it myself one day.

  16. Hieu Le Duy

    Hieu Le DuyVor year

    I'm a bit surprised of how scarce amount of subs you have :(

  17. H H Backup

    H H BackupVor year

    Jim Yosef - Eclipse [NCS Release] is it still copyright?

  18. Swer28

    Swer28Vor year

    I love your house music! I hope you won't show no signs of slowing down! Excellent!

  19. The Beast

    The BeastVor 2 years

    hi jim just wanna say love your songs keep it up :)

  20. KSG

    KSGVor 2 years

    Awesome Music :D

  21. NDL Sounds

    NDL SoundsVor 2 years

    Very good your music

  22. HP West

    HP WestVor 2 years

    You should be renamed "King of Drops" ILY

  23. HardwareInside.de

    HardwareInside.deVor 2 years

    Answer me senpai :D

  24. Eliya Amsalem

    Eliya AmsalemVor 2 years

    (jim are u juesh? (yosef its an joes name

  25. ToiYeuYAHWEH

    ToiYeuYAHWEHVor 2 years

    Dude, you ROCK, man!! Keep up the excellent work!!

  26. iQwex_

    iQwex_Vor 2 years


  27. The Waddle Dee Lawyer!

    The Waddle Dee Lawyer!Vor 2 years

    Hey Jim, I just wanted to let you know that your music... Is... AMAZING!!!! Despite the fact that I hate electronic music, yours is somthing else! Like I can't tell you how it motavates me to continue!! I think that you are... just... AWSOME!!! So I brag to all my friends that I listen to you!!! keep up the good work!!!

  28. Synthesia Poland

    Synthesia PolandVor 2 years

    Can you make Can't Wait instrumental? plz

  29. Devonte Richards Gaming No Copy Right Songs

    Devonte Richards Gaming No Copy Right SongsVor 2 years


  30. VEGN

    VEGNVor 2 years

    Hi I sent you an email for the design of your channel :) Check it :)

  31. Radical

    RadicalVor 2 years

    why is Hazardous not in the Friends list

  32. Endless Music

    Endless MusicVor 2 years

    skype ?

  33. NoMansDream

    NoMansDreamVor 2 years

    hey Jim, could we get a peek at your next release? I am so hyped.

  34. JLJoe_

    JLJoe_Vor 2 years

    why is the "Selected channels" tab in swedish?

  35. Anton

    AntonVor 2 years

    Thank you Jim for your creativity, you create the perfect sound that sounds in harmony with my soul, by the Russian soul.

  36. Miles Hacker

    Miles HackerVor 2 years


  37. Electrifying BLightning

    Electrifying BLightningVor 2 years

    yosef i was wondering if i could use a part of Orion for my new youtube account starting soon

  38. Dimas Dhiaurahman S.

    Dimas Dhiaurahman S.Vor 2 years

    I'm requesting lyrics on the End Of Time!! x)

  39. sebastiaan kalkhoven

    sebastiaan kalkhovenVor 2 years

    jim Yosef your music is amazing !!!!!!! i love it

  40. Didac Bisbal

    Didac BisbalVor 2 years

    Really I'm listening your music all time, my favourite!! Doing an Spanish fan club!

  41. Jan Landschof

    Jan LandschofVor 2 years

    What plugins do you use?

  42. cungalunga

    cungalungaVor 2 years

    Congrats on 10k subs Jim!!!!! :D

  43. Biolko

    BiolkoVor 2 years

    thanks for your music

  44. Trocas HD

    Trocas HDVor 2 years

    Does he stop making music?

  45. Yiggs

    YiggsVor 3 years

    Your music is amazing, keep it up :3

  46. Juan'sTheName!

    Juan'sTheName!Vor 3 years

    You are my one and only favorite dubstep maker dude please keep creating dem dubsteps!

  47. RacegDoce

    RacegDoceVor 3 years

    Nice job pal, you are good!

  48. Nightshrike

    NightshrikeVor 3 years

    Loving your new song Firefly!

  49. PriceOfficial

    PriceOfficialVor 4 years

    hi, can you please send me the Flp of heart of courage

  50. Stormoo

    StormooVor 4 years

    Hi :) Can you please send me FLP of Hearth of courage? :) Thank you and have a nice day ;)