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  2. Nebiy Entertainment / ነብይ መዘናግዒ ማእከል

    Nebiy Entertainment / ነብይ መዘናግዒ ማእከልVor year

    hi hope music entertainment do you have email adress or phone number i want send audio and cover pic .send answer to my email isaiashadish@gmail.com

  3. Grizzly Beatz: Type Beats & Instrumentals

    Grizzly Beatz: Type Beats & InstrumentalsVor year

    Dope Channel

  4. CCGtv

    CCGtvVor year

    Hey, I just looked at your channel you have some dope content ! Check out some of my videos and sub if you like the content. Thanks for your time !!!

  5. Story and Blue

    Story and BlueVor year

    Hey, Would you mind watching my cover combo of WALK THE MOON's Shut Up and Dance and Dancing On My Own by Robyn. We'd really appreciate the support! :)

  6. MenesheePro

    MenesheeProVor year

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  7. Abel Dinku

    Abel DinkuVor year

    asge asge mnden nw tolo belu engi endeeeee really love HOPE

  8. haylat begashaw

    haylat begashawVor 2 years

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  9. דאבל הפקות Double production

    דאבל הפקות Double productionVor 2 years

    Good channel

  10. Henok Wolde

    Henok WoldeVor 2 years

    i like hope music ethiopia channal

  11. Adamu Mekonen

    Adamu MekonenVor 2 years

    great channel..keep going..thanks

  12. Wang Zheng

    Wang ZhengVor 3 years

    It attract my mind. Take me stand My mind is also at here Link: de-tube.com/play-video-yK2O6vntasc.html

  13. Rahama Tussa

    Rahama TussaVor 4 years

    So I just seen your video about how Ethiopians hate Somali's, The only thing I do agree with is where you said it's all political the rest is crap in my opinion. I'm an Oromo/Eritrean but I still have love for my Ethiopian people and not all Ethiopians are the same or think like there forefathers therefore you shouldn't talk shit about Ethiopians. Seems like you have hate for Ethiopians yourself even though you probably won't admit it on media!.I also have Somali friends, but your just tryning start some war that happened long ago, But you wouldn't like it if I had talked crap about Somali's. I'm not trying to threaten you or anything but you should just watch what you say. Luckily for you, I don't know you and you don't know me on a personal level. Karma is a B#&$H.

  14. Hotboytrue

    HotboytrueVor 5 years

    Hi I just watched one of your videos im African American but I like how you put things, also I think you are very beautiful you have pretty eyes. A beautiful, pretty, intelligent , smart Somalian woman God bless you

  15. GDV Daily

    GDV DailyVor 5 years

    Wow. Just Stopped By To Say What A Great Video

  16. GDV Daily

    GDV DailyVor 5 years

    Awesome Video keep making videos. Cool Channel. u tubetoolboxssecrets (.)com

  17. Johon Peter

    Johon PeterVor 5 years

    e the ethiopan musicI lik

  18. BahreNeGash

    BahreNeGashVor 6 years


  19. iloveschool

    iloveschoolVor 6 years

    sis I love n admire your courage. ethis are disgusting and smelly

  20. WTFisUtube

    WTFisUtubeVor 6 years

    I just want to make my anonymous request; send me a PM.

  21. Yared Kinfe

    Yared KinfeVor 6 years

    hey i just wanna tell yhur ass to stfu..you what the heck you taking about. you need to educate your self before you talk ight. I am etiopian my self and i dont hate somaliis or any other race. So just wanna tell ya not to take shit about Etiopians.


    ALIENSHADZ 13Vor 6 years

    2264fe4b - ADDM E :)

  23. Mahder Seyoum

    Mahder SeyoumVor 6 years

    hi, i just hapen to wtch ur video and i totaly disgree bcause i am ethiopian and all my friends r somalin so i think ur just making a big del out of some stupid rasists people, nd i wnt u to remember that in every country there are people whod think they love their land but abviously they are hating others so i will tell u that atleast the people i know don't hate u somalian but ctully i live the thing aroung ur head which most people don't and i thik that is most people kinda show some weard look, just proud to be differen and don't take it serious just ignor them. any ways don'y hte any one

  24. Naberius1™

    Naberius1™Vor 6 years

    great music on your channel peace and respect