Magnum Productions

"Our Work Is Crafted With Passion, Integrity & Style"
As a brand-name, Magnum was conceived in 2010, derived from the Latin word "Magnus," which means great.
While filming one of the biggest productions in the Middle East, both founders, Hesham Tahseen and Ramy Imam, were setting the lead role of Magnum, as it was always at the background pushing its way out to rock the industry.
In year 2015, the dream came true and the name idea was finally born. When both partners looked at the current situation of the cinema and drama industry in the region, they realized the need to get in and add a Game player in the market.
Magnum was built to exert the needed efforts and endeavor relentlessly to grow the art vision of cinema and drama.
We'll passionately excel to achieve a leading role in the Middle East to bridge the East and West art culture gap.