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    ROB TRAMONTEVor 8 Monate

    I just found your channel and subscribed. My goal right now is 1000 subs so any help towards that is much appreciated as well. Looking forward to the next vid

  2. 鸟人

    鸟人Vor year


  3. Kevin Lemoigne

    Kevin LemoigneVor year

    Something for 1M ?

  4. Ghosting

    GhostingVor year

    hello there

  5. Venkat Kamath

    Venkat KamathVor year


  6. ebuxo

    ebuxoVor year

    You look like a big adventurer.


    AKU LAHTINENVor year

    When do you start a new auto project? I saw the picture of what Jaguar F-type R. Is that right?

  8. Mark van Beek

    Mark van BeekVor year


  9. Tony Carroll

    Tony CarrollVor year

    Hejjj Dude Stort stort Grattis Till dig/Janni On yiur engagement About time!!! well done Wishing you Both My warmest wishes and regards!!! Hugs tony C Uk Hope you get this >>>>

  10. Vesso Vit

    Vesso VitVor year

    "we are getting married" vlog incoming :D

  11. Niels Renssen

    Niels RenssenVor year

    I would literally do anything to go with you on a trip like the one that you took to build that school! I love that you don't just donate money and leave little of it to trickle down to those who need it most. The fact that you went there and did it yourself is incredibly inspirational! You changed some lives over there... THANK YOU!

  12. Aldo ROVIRA

    Aldo ROVIRAVor year

    the only channel i follow, awesome

  13. Aldo ROVIRA

    Aldo ROVIRAVor year

    you should post a video today legend!!!! from Spain

  14. Alexander Törnqvist

    Alexander TörnqvistVor year

    I am shore u have been asked this before but whats the name of editing program u using? And thank u, u given me so much insperation when it comes to editing and filming. Keept it upp u Jon and Bendji !!!!!

  15. Agnes Mårtensson

    Agnes MårtenssonVor year

    rich man

  16. bob

    bobVor year

    big fan!!!!!

  17. Pieter Balliere

    Pieter BalliereVor year

    Jon, when are you going to Dubai?!! U STILL NEED TO LET MARCUS JUMP OUT OF A PLANE! anyway, team overkill is doing a great job. Keep the good work up!

  18. Jari Pestelacci

    Jari PestelacciVor year

    ​Please help a start Up to grow:) follow OXO MG and looks the videos 😃 thx

  19. Elben Shaw

    Elben ShawVor year

    Still no video... guys you are making us wait for this one... your guys okay?

  20. Christoff Marais

    Christoff MaraisVor year

    Jon please please dont become casey neistat and only start uploading like once a week. We beg you.

  21. Sachith Chathuranga

    Sachith ChathurangaVor year

    Does he stop vloging?

  22. Juhamies

    JuhamiesVor year

    OMG! 5 days and no new video, i been hitting refresh for the last 3 days, maybe i should go outside first time in 3 days and get some fresh air :)

  23. Paul Simon

    Paul SimonVor year

    He's alive! From Jon's instagram page: jonolsson1I always aim for the stars but sometimes you need to stop and appreciate the life you live! When I told myself that it was ok to sleep in a bit and set the alarm for 05.40 instead of 05.00 and cant even rember what countries I have seen in the last month I realized that I might have set a pace that makes it impossible to take it all in! So I am taking a Vlog free weekend to just enjoy life a little after 455 Vlogs with never more than a days break! So see all of you on Monday again, time for Mr Olsson to (try) to relax a little! 😃🙏🏼💯 #TakingABreakIsHarderThanWorkingHard #WhyIsItSoHardToFindAHappyMedium #ScrewMediumAgainOnMonday #FirstWeekEndInAYearAndAHalf

  24. Jared crowle

    Jared crowleVor year

    Uplods ?

  25. Amine -R

    Amine -RVor year

    no video?? you said daily video

  26. Łukasz Lipski

    Łukasz LipskiVor year

    we miss you jon!!

  27. Tropictank

    TropictankVor year

    The last video 5 days ago! What is going on????

  28. Monica Nagy

    Monica NagyVor year

    I miss the gang!! No video in 4 days; I hope everyone is all right!!!

  29. Rob Berendse

    Rob BerendseVor year

    I really hope the videos come soon

  30. Andrew White

    Andrew WhiteVor year

    Hey Jon, Where is your skiing career currently at as well as your Race Car driving career? Have I missed a vLog :o I think you should try and do as much Skiing and Driving while you can now that you are still young and when you're older you can do the vLoging, there is no optimal age on vLoging although there is an age on Skiing and Racing

  31. J LIN

    J LINVor year

    How much for a date with Janni??

  32. Armando Rivera

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  33. Bradley Hunt

    Bradley HuntVor year

    one million giveaway?? x

  34. Kwan hee Lee

    Kwan hee LeeVor year - This link video - It looks like you edited this link image, but the original link is not available. As a fan I'm subscribing to, I can not just go over.

  35. ViralMedia

    ViralMediaVor year

    you are a fucking cheap swede. go back to fucking ikea!

  36. lIlIlIlIlIl IlIlIlIlIlIl IlIlIlIlIlI lIlIlIlIlIlI

    lIlIlIlIlIl IlIlIlIlIlIl IlIlIlIlIlI lIlIlIlIlIlIVor year

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    lIlIlIlIlIl IlIlIlIlIlIl IlIlIlIlIlI lIlIlIlIlIlIVor year

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    lIlIlIlIlIl IlIlIlIlIlIl IlIlIlIlIlI lIlIlIlIlIlIVor year

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    SURF THE EARTHVor year

    Ok, this is what you were looking for:

  40. Loïc ALI BACO

    Loïc ALI BACOVor year

    Hello, I just saw your very interesting video on the secrets of DJI SPARK It is a drone super, I wanted to ask you even if I know that it does not happen, but can you offer me your drone, because I find it super beautiful and since I can not afford to to buy one An answer from you will be welcome. Cordially.

  41. Holger Daube

    Holger DaubeVor year

    Hi Team Overkill, after you moved from Mac to Windows, which Editing Software are you using on Win10 ?

  42. ItsYaBoiDoi

    ItsYaBoiDoiVor year

    pakyu ka gago



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  44. Haroun Kerouache

    Haroun KerouacheVor year

    hey jon can you se my vedio

  45. Ann kristin Powell

    Ann kristin PowellVor year


  46. Ann kristin Powell

    Ann kristin PowellVor year

    Liker bildene dine,ser herlig ut.Får du noe ut av det jeg skriver til deg?Ser at du er fornøyd med livet,å det er bra.Janni DELER.

  47. Ann kristin Powell

    Ann kristin PowellVor year

    takk for opplysningen,men jeg har annet jeg må forholde meg til også.Fine bilder.Caset NEISTAT .

  48. Viet Nguyen

    Viet NguyenVor year

    Good morning Jon & Ben, how r u? i'm still waiting for your video last couple days but I don't see. Actually, Mr. Harvey Hurricane in Houston just left our city (Houston, Texas) last night. Well, i hope i will see your Vlog today or tomorrow. thanks Victor

  49. Afonso Gonçalves

    Afonso GonçalvesVor year

    Here you can have the mercedes G 4x4 (it's portuguese)